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  1. Taabu Azurine Blue Low Waist Striped Bikini Panty
    5 (1)
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  2. Taabu Ballet Pink Low Waist Striped Bikini Panty
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  3. Taabu Salmon Peach Low Waist Striped Bikini Panty
    5 (2)
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  4. Taabu Windsurfer Blue Low Waist Striped Bikini Panty
    5 (2)
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  5. Taabu Surf Blue Animal Print Polyamide Bikini Panty
    4.2 (142)
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  6. Taabu Cinnamon Brown Low Waist Striped Bikini Panty
    3 (1)
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  7. Taabu Double Cream Soft Elastic Full Coverage Bikini Panty
    4.9 (7)
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  8. Taabu Pastel Lilac Line Print Polyamide Bikini Panty
    4.9 (154)
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  9. Taabu Molten Lava Red Soft Elastic Full Coverage Bikini Panty
    4 (5)
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  10. Taabu Pale Pink Heart Print Polyamide Bikini Panty
    4.4 (151)
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  11. Taabu Camellia Orange Soft Elastic Full Coverage Bikini Panty
    3.8 (5)
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Taabu Panties for Women 

Mix and Match your lingerie choices with Taabu panties for women. Shop the cosiest panties for women with Taabu. Find out why you should always pair your Taabu bras with Taabu panties for women now. 

Taabu Underwear Online Shopping: Features You Deserve 

Isn’t it enough to wear normal cotton underwear? Why do you need to invest in different panty coverage? Find out the style benefits Taabu panties for women provide below. 

Taabu Women’s Panties: Fabric

Yes, cotton panties are absolutely comfortable there is no argument there. Taabu panties on the other hand are made with nylon and spandex. Do you know why? Cotton loses shape pretty fast, colour fades faster and the fabric goes hard with constant washing. 

Women need panties that can handle stains and still look fantastic after a dozen washes. Period or white discharge stains can be washed off spandex and nylon fabrics easily. They are flexible, cool, and comfortable too. You can opt for plain or printed panties with or without lace and mesh designs. 

Taabu Panties for Ladies: Panty Coverage 

Women’s panties have different coverages similar to bras. Hipster panties are the usual panties with full coverage. They cover your entire derrière offering a bounce-free experience. Bikini panties have comparatively less coverage and offer a buxom shape to your back adding to your sexiness. 

Apart from coverage, high waist, mid waist panties, and low-waist panties decide where your panty elastic will sit. Women who want to hide their tummies should always opt for high waist panties. The mid-waist panties are for the ones who want to let their tummy free but still want to cover as much as possible. Low waist panties make wearing low waist outfits a pleasurable experience. 

Taabu Panty Best Price

Taabu panties for women are a tad bit more expensive than other products on Shyaway but it does offer luxury at the cheapest possible price compared to the market average. Make use of our year-round offers, festive deals/coupons to save a few extra bucks.  

Shop Taabu Women’s Panties Online

Just like Taabu bras, Taabu panties for women are only available online. Shop sensational panty styles to match your bras. Get luxury delivered home with Shyaway.