Women's Sports Tops

Women's Sports Tops:  Sports Tops for women are essential components of any active wardrobe, offering a multitude of benefits that enhance both comfort and performance during exercise. Whether lifting weights or doing high-intensity cardio, wearing the appropriate workout top may have a big impact on how someone feels and performs. Sports tops assist in controlling body temperature and preventing discomfort during demanding exercises, thanks to features like moisture-wicking materials that ward off perspiration and thoughtfully placed ventilation panels that encourage airflow. Shyaway women's sports tops are also available in a variety of styles, to suit varied tastes and training regimens, such as sports bras, tank tops, and gym t-shirts.

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  17. Shyle Pale Rosette Pink Half Sleeve Overlap Mesh Back T-Shirt
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Women Sports Tops - Your Best Companion for Fitness Days

Women's Sports Tops give you the best comfort and support during your workouts and athletes. Women's Sports Tops are specially made with highly durable fabric that withstands low, medium, and high-impact workouts. You can wear our sports tops for running, walking, jogging, stretching, yoga, Zumba, or gymming. Activewear works as a protective layer while boosting your motivation and confidence.

Different Types of Women Sports Tops 

Do you know what makes a perfect sports top? Crop tops, t-shirts, tank tops, and various kinds of sports tops come in different styles and patterns specifically designed for women. Also, you can pair your sports tops with your favourite bottoms like pants, leggings, etc. Here, we provide you with a list of sports tops that help you with perfect comfort and fit. 

Tank Tops 

Tank tops are most commonly made up of lightweight fabrics like spandex, cotton, or nylon to keep you calm and cool during workouts. It has enlarged armholes that provide you with the necessary ventilation and maximum freedom of movement. Tank tops come in various colours, designs, and patterns to make you look stylish. And you can pair them with high-waisted leggings. 


T-shirts are the best sports tops you must have in your activewear wardrobe. Use cotton or spandex workout t-shirts that wick away moisture and keep you dry throughout. You can opt for a round neck or v-neck t-shirt with short sleeves which are popular in India.

Crop Tops

The crop tops are ideal for both workouts and other occasions. It gives you confidence and keeps you more comfortable during your workout sessions. These sports tops are shorter than other tops, but they provide effective muscle support. The trendy tie-knot given in the front ensures you a perfect fit and shape. 

Sports Jackets 

Jackets provide you with the extra warmth and as well as the comfort you need. Women's sports jackets are mostly used in cold climates for workouts. Most probably, jackets come with full-length sleeves with thumb holes to keep your sleeves from rolling up.


Hoodies are one of the perfect options for workouts if you prefer something stylish and trendy. They keep you warm and help maintain the temperature after an intensive workout. Wearing a hoodie after a workout helps muscles relax slowly while attaining maximum efficiency. It also prevents muscle stiffness and promotes good blood circulation.

Fabrics used in women's sports tops 

We have now seen the types of workout tops for women and now is the time to understand different fabrics suitable for all kinds of workouts and Indian weather. As a leading athleisure retailer, we have sportswear available in different materials.


For workout tops, pure cotton or cotton blend fabrics like cotton spandex are ideal. This type of fabric is mostly skin-friendly, breathable, and moisture-wicking and it helps regulate your body temperature as well. 


Modal fabrics are designed for natural breathability and regulate absorption and release moisture, which is most important in workout tops. This moisture management prevents you from discomfort caused by sweat and also keeps you cool. 


Polyester is a synthetic fabric that excels at wicking moisture away from your body and helps you stay dry and comfortable during your workout sessions. It also reduces the chances of chafing. 

Not only this, but at Shyaway we have workout tops in many different fabrics like nylon spandex, polyester spandex, and polyamide spandex. 

Benefits of Shyaway Sports Tops 

Enjoy the Range of Motion 

Experts recommend everyone wear sportswear to get the fullest potential while working out. Wear a Shyaway workout top and enjoy the free range of motion that allows your body to move around freely. Our tops, also provide you with enough freedom so that you don't have to worry about restricted movement.

Less Skin Irritation 

Choose our workout tops if you want a rash-free and irritation-free workout. We use lightweight and highly durable fabric that fits like your second skin while you are busy at the gym. We also make sure the workout gear doesn't disturb your performance or cause any kind of discomfort.

Enhanced Flexibility

Stretch and bend without worrying about the gear because our workout tops are stretchable and they hug your body naturally allowing it to highlight your curves.


Another important benefit of wearing a Shyaway workout top is the moisture-wicking property. They motivate your performance by keeping you dry for long hours. They are also anti-bacterial and odour-resistant.

Warm in Winter, Cool in Summer

Always choose the right workout tops that adapt to the outside temperature. For example, we have products that keep you warm in the winter and cold during the summer. It also helps maintain your body temperature reducing the risk of overheating.

How to Wear Workout Tops?

You can easily wear our workout tops by choosing the right size and style. Measure your sizes and know your size based on our size chart. Choose the right fit and do not go a size up or down.

Why Shyaway is best for Sports Tops? 

Our sports tops guarantee both comfort and style. We have high-quality products that have excellent moisture absorption properties ensuring a fresh and dry feel all day long. In addition, our workout gear is made up of breathable fabrics that minimize skin irritation and allergies. We have a wide range of collections in different colours, styles, and prints. As a size-inclusive brand, we have sportswear in different sizes. Choose your favourite from our vast collection now.