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Training bra - Take a leap of faith into womanhood in our promising teenage bras. They will give you the best experience and make you settle for nothing less than excellent. A training bra is a lightweight bra designed for girls who have begun to develop Breast. Shop Beginner Bras online here!

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As the name itself suggests, these would be your first time wearing a Bra, although beginner bras are not full-fledged bra as their structure and construction are a lot simpler. The beginner bra helps to protect, conceal, and provides subtle support to your breasts. This is exclusively for growing breasts,   not developed ones. Unlike the regular bra which has adjustable straps and a stretchable band to keep your breasts in position, the teenager bra has a basic spaghetti strap or non-adjustable straps and doesn’t have a band. It is called a training bra because wearing it gives you a sense of how it really feels to wear innerwear around your chest. It familiarizes you with how it is to be in a bra. Young girls can begin to wear starter or Beginner Bras once their breasts begin to develop. Changes can be noticed around adolescence. The starter bra protects and supports developing breast tissues and prevents damage during strenuous activities.


The most basic method of discovering your size is to first measure it yourself or with the assistance of someone. Follow the instructions given on the size chart on any one of the beginner’s bra and find your matching size. Even if you do not find the exact measurements, you can round off one or two centimeters, but not more than that as beginner bras are itself not very snug, wearing a different measurement may not serve the purpose. There are four common sizes available; XS, S, M & L. If the largest size in this doesn’t fit your measurement, then we recommend you try an Everyday Bra.


Breast growth is not the same for every girl, it doesn’t hit everyone like a storm. But maybe it does for some. Either way, it has to be dealt with. When you see significant changes in your breast size it is time for a bra. It depends on the size of which bra you should wear.  


Like some misconceptions, teenager bras are not boring, there are many cool types and styles under for training bra sizes online in India.

Racerback Sports Bra: Well, these are again not the regular Sports Bras worn by all women. The reason its called sports bra is because they have racerbacks and are meant for smaller breasts. They are wider straps and holds your breasts well. This also serves as a proper sports bra so it can be worn during physical activities for extra comfort.

Bralettes: You might be surprised to see bralettes in this category because they are usually for older women, but the construction of a bralette is very similar to a teenage bra’s. It gives minimum support and provides a good foundation for outerwear without contracting your breast tissues.

Lined Bras: The teenage bras are not seamed because the adolescent breasts are not fully developed and don’t need shaping in that stage. Although the bra is still lined with a thin layer to cover and hold the breasts, keeping them in position.

Cami Bras: The most comfortable and ideal of all the types, the Cami Bra is stylish, well constructed, and will make you feel great. They have spaghetti straps, they are super soft on the skin and are highly functional. Wear these under T-shirts or uniforms for an even and presentable look. What's cooler is that they are convertible straps! This option expands your wardrobe to umpteen options.


  • Do not be deceived by the cool trends, choose something age and body appropriate.
  • Embrace the size you are, you are beautifully made.
  • Don’t wear sexy and cool, wear comfortable.
  • You are not growing older, you are growing wiser
  • Bras are not a nuisance, they are very empowering, so don’t let an ill-fitting bra frustrate you forever.