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Wedding round the corner? A Transparent Bridal Bra and a matching Lace Panty will do all the magic. Secure the Babydolls for the most-awaited evening.

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Whoever said “beautiful begins underneath” is to be greatly appreciated. How true these words are, aren’t they? May be it was a Transparent Bridal Bra in mind when he/ she said these candid words. Gone are the days when Push-Up Bras were the only saviors to look plush and appealing. Though these laudable lift-offering partners are functional in their own way, today, we are going to talk about the concept of less being more. Okay now, without much hype, let’s start our glorious journey of these see-through stunners and how they make that silent move into your wedding kit.


To kick-start with how the cups are crafted, we need to first have a glimpse of what is that magical fabric that exists yet barely there. Yes, you guessed it right! Bridal Lingerie Shopping is never complete without a lace bra and panty. Why is that this delicate darling gaining so much popularity among the gorgeous brides out there? It might be because of the intricate patterns involved or the feather-light look and feel of its making. Whatever the reason, when finely-sewn lace is tailored into the bra cups with no explicit padding, the oomph factor and glam quotient knows no bounds. The soft, sweet, and scintillating knit glides smoothly, revealing your skin tone in perfect proportions.

Brands to look in for: At Shyaway, Shyle and Enamor are the two labels that remain to steal the show with their bridal exclusives. The unconventional underwired fancies from Enamor and romantic slip-on style bralettes from the former are some of the transparent faves to rock that honeymoon getaway.


Apart from being a sensually sexy bra by nature, a Transparent Bra has efficient functionalities as well. The ones with clear shoulder straps and back band also come under this category of being transparent. So, how does this work? If you are avid online lingerie shopper, it is pretty sure that you would have come across convertible bras. These high-utility intimates are fitted with detachable straps that could be either criss-crossed or be replaced with less-prominent ones. This feature comes handy when you flaunt those breathtaking bare-shoulder wedding gowns and backless dresses.

Tip of the day: Still worried about the itsy-bitsy show of transparent straps? Well, not to worry! Opt a strapless bra without second thoughts.



Don’t be done yet! Why stop the sheer look with your bridal bra when you can look equally compelling when teamed with a transparent panty? With hand-picked panty styles in the form of Bikinis and thongs, the idea of being simple, sleek, and frank isn’t restricted to the brassier segment alone.


It would be unfair to ignore the mention of our sheer, soul-stirring babydolls when discussing bridal lingerie. These are nothing but sexy honeymoon nightdresses for the Indian bride to look and feel extravagantly alluring. They are usually tailored in transparent fabrics such as lace, and mesh for the most obvious reasons. With matching g-string panties doing their own magic, babydolls are must-haves in your honeymoon sack.


This is something we are equally excited in revealing. Hold your breath, ladies! The harness caged bras are quite the temperature-risers without doubt. With literally no cups or no bust closure for that matter, and bondage-style straps doing all the talking, these hot bras are Hollywood-inspired and hail-worthy in every sense. All praise to the brand Shyle for bringing these fancy bra styles to show-off uninhibited glamour on those special evenings with your loved ones.