Transparent Nightwear

Transparent nightwear - Savour every evening breeze and every night’s trill in our transparent nightwear collection from Give yourself some time and some love, feel your real worth in our Nightwear collection. 

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  1. Shyle Black Deep V-neck Mesh Babydoll With Lace Front Slit
  2. Shyle Pink Diamond Pattern Babydoll
    Shyle Pink Diamond Pattern Babydoll
    ₹749 ₹999 (Save 25%)
  3. Shyle Nude Lace Triangle Neckline Chemise Nightwear
    Shyle Nude Lace Triangle Neckline Chemise Nightwear
    ₹699 ₹749 (Save 7%)
  4. Shyle Coral Pink Babydoll with Flare Sleeved Robe
    Shyle Coral Pink Babydoll with Flare Sleeved Robe
    ₹749 ₹1199 (Save 38%)
  5. Shyle White Lace Neckline Chemise Nightwear
    Shyle White Lace Neckline Chemise Nightwear
    ₹699 ₹749 (Save 7%)
  6. Shyle Coral Lace Neckline Chemise Nightwear
    Shyle Coral Lace Neckline Chemise Nightwear
    ₹699 ₹749 (Save 7%)
  7. Shyle Blue White Mesh Babydoll With Mesh Decorated Neckline
  8. Shyle Bright Coral Low Back Mesh Babydoll With Organza Rose Embellishment
  9. Shyle Black Lace Neckline Chemise Nightwear
    Shyle Black Lace Neckline Chemise Nightwear
    ₹699 ₹749 (Save 7%)
  10. Shyle White Broad Strap Bottom Lace Soft Modal Chemise
    Shyle White Broad Strap Bottom Lace Soft Modal Chemise
    ₹699 ₹999 (Save 30%)


In these Babydolls, there is no way you will feel insecure. They make you love yourself a little more. Gift yourself our beguiling transparent nightwear babydolls and take on the world. These breath-taking nightwear are A-line dresses that beautifully flow from your bust line. Shyle makes them in such vivid and vibrant colours to cater to every woman’s taste. The babydolls are see-through which make them extremely sensual and special.

Halter neck bombshells: The babydoll nightwear comes in a variety of neck patterns and styles, halter neck is one of them which can be worn by women with slimmer or smaller breasts. It corrects your flaws if any too.

Two piece night suit: The royalty evoking babydoll also comes with three pieces to doll you up. A seductive G-string, a flowy transparent dress with mesh lining to cover the nipples. It is made of florid lace and will look beautiful on any skin tone.

In addition to these features, they come with an overcoat which has varied sleeve lengths like half or three-fourth.


Ever wondered why its so hard to fall asleep even when you are dead tired? Worry creeps in and you experience fits of frustration.What do you do to change that ? While we wish you a happy sleep every night, we would also like to introduce to you our Loungewear collection that promises every woman who adorns it a tight and deep sleep. Put on the air conditionor or open up the windows let the breeze sweep your face. Slip into our plush babydolls that are as light as a feather and appreciate your curves and shut your eyes to a beautiful dream.


Although very similar in structure and style the Chemise falls under the non-transparent or opaque nightwear collection. These are not see-through, they are made of two or three layers and of polyester satin material. They do not shape your curves or take the shape of your curves like the babydoll whereas they are pretty loose.


Fabrics such as the lush silk is preferred for nightwear, but there have been slight changes in the market and people are open to lighter fabrics like mesh, nylon lace etc. Shyle’s see-through babydolls and chemise’s are made of Nylon lace and mesh which is crafted for low-key maintenance. Although it is better to handle them with care if you want them to last longer. Here are some wash care guidelines for your beloved nightwear.

1. Hand wash it with diluted mild liquid detergent.

2. Do not wring, because the material is very hard to retain its original state.

3. Do not use hot iron, place a layer of cotton cloth over it to iron.

4. Do not dry under direct sunlight, this is to retain the colour and sheen of the fabric.

5. Do not use brushes to scrub them, this will tear the delicate material for sure.

6. To clean stains from the mesh, soak it in a cup water with a mild detergent and then rub it until the stain lightens, soak it for another 10 mins and rinse in cold water.

Nightwear like babydolls and teddies are mostly crafted with transparent fabric. The are pieces created to draw attention and to spike the sex appeal of the wearer. An item of pure seduction, transparent nightwear is preferred by newly weds for use on their honeymoon or to heighten passion on special occasions. Feeling confident is the first sign of happiness. Put these on and take up a challenge or two.