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Transparent Spandex Panty - Do you want to feel luxurious at home? Spandex panty gives utmost comfort with it’s stretchable, soft, and silky-smooth fabric. There is a great collection of Spandex transparent panty, Bikini panty, Hipsters, and more for your body size at our online shopping site, take a peek and make a purchase now.

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  1. Susie Multicolor Pack of 7 Antimicrobial Women's Disposable Panty
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  2. Shyle White Lace Waist Band G-String Panty
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  3. Shyle Coral Lace Waist Band G-String Panty
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  4. Shyle Pink Lace Waist Band G-String Panty
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  5. Shyle Aqua Green Lace Waist Band G-String Panty
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  6. Shyle Royal Blue Lace Waist Band G-String Panty
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  7. Shyle Black Lace Waist Band G-String Panty
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Spandex – why used as clothing fabric

Spandex is known by the brand name “Lycra” as they are stretchable fabric and perfect for crafting Lingerie. The fabric remains breathable, wicks moisture, and dries out quickly. Now the material has become a staple manufacturing sportswear and lingerie. Some of the spandex products available online feature a four-way stretch. The key benefit of using spandex panty or Sports Bra remains free to move to allow less chafing. has many lingerie items made of spandex material. We have a great collection of spandex transparent panty at our shopping site shyaway, have a look online, and make a purchase anytime.

Spandex panty types available at shyaway online 

Bikini Panty - Our Bikini Panty in transparent style is the best to celebrate elegance and most of them will be made of fabric lace, polyamide, and spandex. You will also find a few pieces of a transparent bikini made of cotton-rich fabric blend with spandex. Pick up a few pieces online to be worn as daily wear.

Hipsters  - The Hipsters are made of soft nylon and lycra spandex. They remain light and offer a stretchable fit. The elastic along the waist offers a custom fit. The seamless style panty made of spandex material can be bought from our site shyaway online.

Boyshorts - we have few collections of boyshorts in spandex material. You may look and feel fabulous in cotton blend spandex fabric. They are comfortable to be worn under skirts and trousers.

Thong - We have a huge range of collections of thong panty at our site shyaway perfect to be used as everyday wear. The fabric remains cotton mix spandex and remains soft to your skin. They add comfort and hygiene so you may buy a few pieces online from our shopping site.

Printed Panty – The floral printed transparent panty available at our site shyaway is made of cotton with a mix of spandex material. The prints remain attractive and the fabric stretches perfectly. The fabric offers comfort and hygiene.

Lace Panty – We have a good collection of lace, mesh, and spandex mix transparent panty that perfectly hugs to your mid-waist. At the waistband, there could be light soft lacework done over it. The skin-friendly panty offers medium coverage.

Be aware of the pros and cons of spandex underwear

Spandex being a synthetic fabric, it remains stretchy and it easily regains its shape after being stretched out. This remains a potential benefit of buying spandex material. Many people prefer buying them due to its stretchiness feature and it is very easy to choose a size that fits your body. But there are some people who are allergic to this fabric. At our shopping site shyaway we have panties made of cotton blend and polyamide blend spandex clothing. So don’t have to worry about how the fabric is going to soothe your skin. Spandex has become very relevant in women’s clothing and in most brands; you will find spandex mixed clothing. Generally, the fit of the underwear will remain better because they mold to the wearer’s skin. So if looking to buy spandex panty online, you may just go through our website shyaway and make a purchase on offers.