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Trendy bra - Update your Lingerie drawer with a trendy collection of Bra and Panty from our store shyaway. A Printed bra is the latest trend to have splash this summer and to get fascinated.

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Your lingerie closet needs an upgrade why?

Are you wearing the same ratty old bra and panty sets you have had since college? It’s not the way you should treat yourself. Bring lots of prints, color, and pattern to your lingerie drawer. If you have beautifully arranged with few lovely pieces of stylish bras, it would be easier for you to get ready to work or college. Gone the days wearing nude color undies, they were worn by elderly people. Now everyone prefers wearing striking and popping colors and prints. It’s true your drawer should be full of options, not desperation. There should be some Sexy Bra in your closet to be worn for intimate nights. There is nothing wrong with it and don’t be shy having sexy intimate pieces in your drawer. Throw away the pieces that no longer fit and stock with fresh new lingerie bra to show off your curves.

Top 5 beauty trends you must be aware of from online

You must add gorgeous beauty trends to the drawer with changing time because no one has time to search for intimate pieces when getting ready morning. Make sure the Bras bought online are totally wearable one. Here are given 5 beauty trends you must try.

The natural looking bralette – best you can play this summer is with an easy going Bralette. If you are busty you can wear them over your favourite bra. If it has a peek of lace, wear it alone. When paired with jeans or shorts, will make you look stylish when gone out with friends. They remain wire-free so you can wear it to the bed also.

Underwire bra – The rich color underwire bra is on trend now. They looks lovely if they have gorgeous embroidery work done on it. When it comes to metallic colors, the better would be the more intense one. You must go beyond the basic black, green and navy.

Pushup bra – lace embellished pushup bra can make anyone look pretty. They are ideal for all body shape and the style draws attention to your chest. It is the time to wear a pretty bra. A t-shirt bra in the pushup style is beautiful and supportive and they are must have in youngsters wardrobe.

Cage bra – The fashion bra looks sexually attractive or appealing. Black color cage bra with designs is available at our site shyaway and you may wear it for intimate nights. It is the bra that shows off the curves in a sensuous way. They feature strap detailing both the front and back. They scream sexy so you can reserve it for special night.

Strapless bra – Full figure Strapless Bra for every occasion is needed any teenagers drawer. They come with removable multi-way bra straps for comfort and support. The smoothing sides will create a flawless silhouette under clothes.

Buying new lingerie from shyaway is about valuing yourself

It is very important to give yourself a priority so that you remain updated according to the latest trend. Being fitted to an everyday bra once can go through many changes as time passes. Our body alters due to many factors such as weight gain, weight loss, hormonal change, and pregnancy. If you have gone through these things, you might have noticed feeling uncomfortable in the innerwear you are wearing now. Soon you must invest in some new pieces to complement your new shape. If you wear a wrong size bra, this would create lumps and bulges making you appear imperfect in your outfit. If you wear an incredible piece of lingerie under your work attire this would improve your posture making you look slimmer. Change the way you feel from inside by wearing a trendy bra from shyaway.