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T shirt bra - Blush your beauty with stylish T-Shirt Bras from shyaway.com at affordable prices. You may also love our Printed Bras and Sexy Bras with lace fillings giving an enthralling peek. 

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Is there any Bra that can contour bust with sophisticated splash and stunning silhouette? Yes, indeed there is a bra! A T-shirt bra is welcomed in this case. Tshirt bra or otherwise known as the Tee bra or contour bra, best suited for all stage of woman who loves to walk in the street with perfection of attire and beauty. When you go for traditional shop to buy a T bra, you will find regular styled bra that is available in plain shades and simple styles. In such case, when you go for shopping Tshirt bra online in India, there are many sites that bring you the best quality Bra and Panty at reasonable prices. We shyaway, one of the largest Online Lingerie retailer’s in India for woman and her inner desires, have come up with the finest collections of online T-shirt bra in trendy hues and designs making woman love her body. Very well, do you know the benefits and functionalities of wearing this seamless bra type? Let’s check out the basics of this trendy bra from our store. 


Have you ever known the basic detailing of a Tshirt bra? This T bra or otherwise known as contour or shaper bra is a smooth-cupped bra, finely moulded with or without padding giving higher levels of comfort and support. This sort of bra is commonly worn as an everyday bra that is trimmed in soft cotton fabric commencing the need of hygiene condition of every soul. Its versatility and comfy make it a wardrobe must-have. They are neatly moulded and shaped avoiding certain lumps and bumps shown while wearing tight-fitting clothes. In our site, brands like shyle, Susie, laavian and other more have their own definition of stylings that changes the big tell-tale sign of Tee bras. So keep in mind that based on your needs, you can have your trendy bra. Whether you are looking for padded or unpadded, seamed or seamless, wirefree or underwired, all are found in our site. Don’t just wait, jump into the latest editions of bra.

As the historians said, ‘this bra is worn under tight fittings’, this doesn’t make sense, all woman wearing loose or close fitting outfits can go for this beautiful brassiere. You might think that, is this the only bra I should go for? I’m not sure, based on your desire you have the rights to go for all sorts. But before you start your shopping, get through our bra size calculator for the exact sizings. This method will make you confident to go for all stylings. Getting the premise band size and cup size is crucial before making choices.


When we go for stylings in a Tshirt bra, there are more to go for. Woman wearing different fashionable dresses can go for varies styles of tee bras. Are you wearing crop cut tops or T-shirt or kurtis, a casual T-shirt bra with trendy vibrant prints will make you look gracious. You may find various styles of bras, for your fashionable fits. Like, woman wearing a low neckline top or gown feel hesitated to wear normal brassieres as they might pop up out giving an odd glance, so such ladies get on with a chic plunge bra that has beautiful cups with bridge sewn deeply low giving a sexy appeal. Features of this kind of bra are same with, padding levels, seams, underwirings, etc. this Plunged Bra is designed with T-shirt bra look as the seamless cups look invisible under clothing’s. The neatly moulded padded cups is ideal for wearing under thin or form-fitting tops as the lined cups provide an opaque layer between your body and the outfit. You will also find as stunning bikini panty piece in match to your top wear.


While shopping at shyaway.com, there is no place that lingerie goes missing, yes! All your inner desires are maintained in a hi-Tec form at our store. Right from cotton bras to bridal bras, all brassiere stylings are available in blushing shades and patterns making you magnificently beautiful. It’s not yet finished, you can also match them with same designs and color of Panties of various types such as Hipster, thong, Bikini, Boy shorts, Lace panty and more. We also shower your holiday with enjoyable nightwear collections to melt yourself in comfy and chic. Enjoy your day with shyaway!