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Tube bra - Whine no more about revealing bra straps, slip on a tube bra to effortlessly flaunt off-shoulder outfits. On, online Lingerie Shopping has taken new forms in offering everything from a basic Cotton Bra to a highly voguish T-back bra.

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Get ready to share some really exciting stuff with your girl gang! All those dreadful days of holding back your urge to flaunt some bare shoulder and spaghetti tops have come to an end. The highly functional, stylish, and closet friendly tube bras are to the rescue. With these lovelies waiting to make a red carpet entry to your lingerie wardrobe, let’s get to know how this teeny-weeny intimate can make your day easier. Resembling a Strapless Bra, bandeaus are crafted in lace or polyamide with the right quotient of spandex for being able to offer bust support even without the presence of shoulder straps to hold the breasts in place. Tube bras are slowly becoming a staple in every woman’s Bra Collection as the functionality and usage of the pieces of lingerie are more than one can imagine. Shyaway, being one of the versatile online lingerie shopping destinations in India, has a hand-picked troupe of these easy-breezy essentials arrayed at pocket-friendly offers. Now that these elite wonders are just a click away, here are few facts that you would be glad to know about wearing a tube bra.


A striking feature that makes a tube bra stand out from the rest of the regular bra styles is the absence of closures. With no hooks to fasten, these can be slipped on at ease. But what are the pointers to be kept as thumb rules while slipping on a tube bra? As said earlier, it doesn’t take much effort to wear this sweet intimate. Slide it on like any other cami bra, except that there are no straps. The fabric itself takes the major responsibility of offering the support that is needed. In addition to this, tube bras on come with foam pads that are securely placed on the inner side. These help in ensuring complete nipple coverage making it the best choice with skimpy tops and skin-fit dresses as well. Place your busts in the padded cups and make sure there is no rolling up of fabric on the front and sides. Not to worry, the size chart available on the site will help you achieve the perfect fit as ease.


Lace is one fabric that is used in a great deal in the manufacture of transparent lingerie. The slenderness of this dainty knit and its ability to take the bust shape naturally makes it a highly-used material in the tailoring of tube bras. Available in the monochrome shades of black and white, these are modeled with see-through backs as well. The floral patterns rest on the skin comfortably leaving you in a posh look and feel. An equally sexy newcomer is the one with strappy back. The criss-cross patterning has become a hot favorite within the short span of its launch. These are the best picks for a brunch, dinner date or a happy-go-shopping kind of innerwear with backless tops and dresses.


For many of us, it still seems a mystery on what to wear beneath a white top. Though times have changed and women have started experimenting uninhibited styles of going vibrant halter necks or wild prints that are see-through a white top, we, as women folk, still have that curiosity to figure out that secret inner garment that disappears under white and pastel-toned outfits. The magic lies in the formula behind a Nude Bra. This neutral shade makes its significant presence when you are on the hunt to buy a tube bra online. The way this intimate adapts itself underneath your clothes is something that needs to be experienced rather than being explained.