Tummy Shaper Shapewear

Get that chic and curvy silhouette with a tummy shaper shapewear. It works like wonder when worn with a push up bra or contrasting padded bra. Glam up like never before with a well-defined waistline and firmer tummy.

SHAPEWEAR – Lifts, enhances and sculpts your curves the right way

Shape wear is basically an inner garment worn to control or limit the display of bodily features. Shape wear comes in various levels of controls that differ in terms of how much it provides in terms of compression such as low compression, medium compression, strong or high compression.

Most of the women in the world wish that they were thinner or had bodies like those models and actresses that they view on screen. Here comes the role of shape wear. If you cannot sculpt your body, there are ways to make it seem as if your body is slimmer and in shape than it really is.

At Shyaway we look to meet all your needs by a full range of body shapers that give you an opportunity to look good and feel confident and that can be worn comfortably under your clothing that include top brands such as Enamor, Amante, Jockey, Hanes and Laavian.

Every woman can achieve to get the perfect hourglass figure if they equip themselves with the right shapewear that attack the fat target zone, so it’s time to stop worrying about how you look in your clothes.

For example if you want to suck or tuck in a lot of fat you need to use high level compression shape wear, whereas you can make do with a low compression if you just want to get a streamlined appearance.

So if you are looking for shapewear that is comfortable, easy-to-wear and instantly slim, flatten or enhance your breast, waist, stomach, hip, thighs, buttocks and legs and give you the figure that you have always desired, Shyaway is the one-stop-shop for all your shapewear needs.

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  • Shyle Hot Pink Camisole Shapewear with Padded Built in Bra

    Shyle Hot Pink Camisole Shapewear with Padded Built in Bra

  • Shyle Black Camisole Shapewear with Padded Built in Bra

    Shyle Black Camisole Shapewear with Padded Built in Bra

  • Shyle Grey Camisole Shapewear with Padded Built in Bra

    Shyle Grey Camisole Shapewear with Padded Built in Bra

  • Enamor Nude Tummy Slimmer Polyamide Shapewear

    Enamor Nude Tummy Slimmer Polyamide Shapewear

  • Enamor Black Waist Slimmer Shapewear

    Enamor Black Tummy Slimmer Polyamide Shapewear


Blend of style and comfort with Tummy Shapewear

Every woman wish to have a slim and sexy body shape while going for any occasion or party, that makes her look says she belong in the spot light. We can’t always hide our extra muscles under our special occasional dresses that also, some women suffering from bulgy stomach, try to find a solution for their problems. When it gets difficult to tone your body through some weight loss techniques within the expected date, then this helps. Shyaway meets the need of such woman with the ultra-fit shape wears for an amazing outcome. Tummy shapewear are an amazing invention for those women who haven't had a flat tummy or for those who are just some pounds away from looking great in an evening dress. A nice shapewear gives you a perfect figure and enhances your look! You can always find the perfect foundation to achieve a fashionable figure by shopping in Shyaway.com

Tummy Shapewear – Your Special secret

Discover your lost confidence by getting your figure right in body shaperwear. Bulgy tummy is the common problem area for most of the woman. Every woman must invest in a good quality tummy tightener to avoid those awkward looking tummy bulges. If your curves seem to be disfigured with cuts and bulges, well! Tummy shapewear work wonders to emphasize them, and give the illusion of a small waist and a-close-to-hourglass body. Not only is this, investing in good quality bras, also is crucial to make your figure look nice and attractive. Check out the exclusive collection of shape wears at shyaway.com. Shapewear is a foundation garment that gives your silhouette shape by flattening the tummy, lifting the butt and shaping the hips. It comes in different styles, one of which is a kind of boy short panties for women.

A very soft and delicate material that gives you a proper stiff shape. It’s crafted with polyamide and spandex for a wide elasticity and compression formula as they offer the highest level of shaping and support to wind up your extra muscles and split them to desirable places. While wearing this shape wear, you feel yourself losing pounds of flesh. Shyaway brings you best branded products from Enamor and Jockey that perfectly fits you. You can pair them with your favourite party wears, gowns and daily wears. Some women use the shape wears in reducing their body weight. The continuous use of tummy shape wear shrinks your tummy fat. Similar to sportswear you can also wear it while doing exercise, so that your body shrinks and sweats out your bodies extra fat that helps you in your daily work outs.

Perfect shape for your Curves

You must be careful in choosing the right tummy tucker. The important thing to keep in mind while buying body shapers is the size. Make sure you buy the size that perfectly fits you.  Make sure your tummy body shaper size is in match with your bra and panty size. We provide your shape wear in Nude and Black colouring. Check out the wide range of designs and styles in women’s lingerie that you would want for yourself. From push-up bras to sports bras, and from camisole to babydolls, you will find the best collection from the top bra brands online at shyaway store and get a makeover with ideal essentials to your lingerie wardrobe.

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