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Waist length nightwear - Women love to have a hint of lace show under a white outfit. Show off your lacy camisole, as it’s modern, sexy and accepted. Enhance your look by pairing the Nightwear with Lace panty

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The modern sleepwear Camisole- How different from a tank top

Camisoles are modern outfit worn as innerwear underneath sheer tops. They will be having noodle strap and crafted with stretchable fabric. There are few available crafted with satin and silk which can be worn as a sleepwear. Some type of camisole comes with a Lightly Padded Bra which allows you to avoid wearing a bra. The fancier version of camisole is known as spaghetti tops. They look pretty and you can wear them as outwear. You might have seen many Bollywood celebrities wearing the spaghetti tops with jeans and trousers. The outfit is good for layering and you can team them with shrugs or blazers. Tank tops will be sleeveless tops and they remain waist length. They can be worn as a sportswear depending on the fabric. They will have wide shoulder strap with a low neck. Once you got clear with the difference, you may move forward browse the design and styles. Have a look at our website shyaway and effortlessly make a purchase online.

Must be aware of camisole types before you purchase from shyaway

1. Lace Camisole – lace camisole will make you look sexy and stunning. You may wear the lace top with a seamless bra when want to pair with a t-shirt or figure-hugging dress. There are nude shade lace tops available and pair with bright color top.

2. Body- hugging Camisoles – many women prefer wearing them to flaunt their figure. They are best to be worn with boy shorts to the bed. They will be made of cotton or nylon fabric. They are good to flaunt your curves.

3. Silk Camisole – just like the name, they are expensive and delicate pieces of nightwear you may choose to bed. Brides prefer wearing them during honeymoon and intimate nights. The silk fabric add elegance to your personality. The camisole can be paired with a g-string for special nights.

4. Camisole Top – These tops looks very pretty and we have few pieces at the site shyaway which can be worn with trousers, short skirts and jeans. The cut top is available in wide array of color and they are very much vogue these days giving you a stylish look.

Do’s and Don’ts wearing a camisole


  • Wear a Padded Bra under your camisole for a polished look.
  • Pair a silk camisole with a cardigan to the office to give a hint of feminine charm.
  • Style a lace-trimmed camisole with a Thong Panty to the bed for unexpected things to happen during a honeymoon.
  • Show off your skin around your chest and shoulder by wearing a floaty, relaxed fit cami.


  • Never tuck your fitted camisole to your tight jeans. It is better to wear such top with an A-line skirt.
  • Never choose a skimpy cami if you are busty. Instead of that opt for lace with thick straps.
  • Never wash the delicate outfit in a washing machine. Silk and crepe should be dry cleaned only.
  • Now ready to buy a camisole, browse through our website shyaway and make a purchase at the earliest online.