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Know about shapewear

1. Know about shapewear

what is shapewear?

What is shapewear?

Shapewear is a versatile undergarment designed to create a perfect sculptured figure by shaping the waist, stomach, and thighs. Made from stretchable, lightweight fabrics, it offers all-day comfort without the need for a gym or diet. This trending undergarment instantly boosts confidence and improves clothing fit, making it a popular choice for those seeking a flawless physique without resorting to diets.
origin of shapewear

Origin of shapewear

Shapewear has its roots in ancient civilizations like Egypt and Greece, where women used different forms to contour, slim, and compress their bodies. Today, modern shapewear offers comfort and targeted support through advancements in fabric technology. Shapewear will continue to innovate, embracing inclusivity and sustainability as history unfolds.


Girdles were the first form of shapewear. Ancient women wore girdles under their dresses to appear slim. A girdle is a type of belt that needs to be wrapped around the waist. The word "gird" means to encircle, go around, or bind with the flexible bed. During ancient times, the girdle was a major part of many costumes, and it was made with firm linen, wool, or soft fabric. Girdles gently push the breasts outward and compress your waist by making them look small.


The corset, a popular shapewear from the 16th to 19th centuries, was worn by ancient women to enhance their curves and support their breasts. It was first used by aristocratic women and later adopted by many worldwide. Shapewear evolved from bone and metal during the Elizabethan era and is now available in breathable fabrics like cotton, spandex, cotton, and nylon. It has helped women feel confident in their bodies and figures.

Why do you need shapewear?

2. Why Do You Need Shapewear?

Shapewear enhances confidence and appearance by smoothing out silhouettes, highlighting curves, and providing targeted support. It boosts self-esteem and gives you extra confidence to rock any outfit with grace. Discover the transformative power of shapewear and embrace the beauty of your natural shape. You need shapewear for the following reasons

For a slimmer look

You can achieve a slimmer and sleeker look in all your outfits with good shapewear. Shapewear can tame your body fat, especially around the hips, thighs, and belly. Shapewear is the best and fastest tip to instantly look slimmer.
For a slimmer look

Body contour

The fabrics in shapewear help you get an aesthetically pleasing, contoured structure. Shapewear can temporarily compress your fat, redistribute your fat equally, and give you a complementing structure.
Body Contour

Gives a perfect look

Is there any woman who doesn't desire to have a perfect structure? Well, everyone does! But not everyone takes the necessary steps to achieve it. On the other side, many gain weight due to certain health issues that exercise can’t cure. So shapewear is specially crafted for those beauties to achieve a perfect look under all their outfits.
Gives a perfect look

Eliminates panty lines

Visible panty lines (VPL) can be one of the biggest fashion faux pas. The best option to hide your "VPL'' is to wear good shapewear. Shapewear surrounds and runs up to your waist and thigh area and helps you avoid visible panty lines. They also become a lining for thin fabric clothing and hide all the peeking straps and pantyliners.
Eliminates panty lines

Gives a sleek and sexy look

Many women worry about their body shape and stress themselves with excessive training, intermittent fasting, and torture to attain a perfect ideal body shape. Shapewear compresses your tummy and waist fat, giving you a sleek and sexy look.
Gives a Sleek and sexy look

Types of shapewear

3. Types of shapewear

Shapewear shapes various body parts, including the waist, tummy, thighs, bust, and buttocks.
Tummy tuckera type of shapewear, hide unsolicited fat in less obvious areas, creating a reduced belly fat appearance in the posterior regions. Different designs cater to different outfits and desired body structures.
Tummy Tucker

Open-bust shapewear

Open-bust shapewear gives you a smooth and slim look near your tummy and thighs. This shapewear gives you firm support, and you are free to wear the bra of your choice. Not only smooths out the tummy but also provides a gentle push to the bust.
Open Bust Shapewear

High-waist shapewear

High-waisted briefs are a popular trend for tummy control without thigh coverage. These full-coverage underwear provide comfort, complement curves, uplift the bottom, and cover the stomach. They also offer a slimming effect by supporting the back, making them a versatile choice. Previously known as granny panties, high-waist briefs are in high demand.
High Waist Shapewear


A bodysuit, similar to a leotard, was created for dance purposes. It offers a seamless, tucked-in effect and a perfect foundation, hugging curves and creating a smooth silhouette. While some may view it as a hassle, those who have worn one can appreciate its benefits.

Saree Shapewear

Saree Shapewear is a popular trend for women who want to showcase their figure. It complements the structure of a woman's body and adds sparkle to a chic statement. Unlike traditional petticoats, It creates a diva look regardless of the saree type. The main benefit of shapewear is its versatility, as it can be worn under various outfits, including long floor-length dresses, full-length dresses, sarees, and lehengas, allowing women to rock their diva look.
saree shapewear

Maternity Shapewear

Maternity shapewear is a versatile garment designed to ease bulges and regulate posture in pregnant and postpartum women. Made from high-quality fabrics, it provides a second-skin feeling and supports the spine, allowing women to showcase their baby bump in style. However, regular shapewear can be too tight, uncomfortable, and reduce blood circulation.
Maternity shapewear

Benefits of Shapewear

4. Benefits of Shapewear

Weight gain has affected many, and even those who fit into their favorite clothing may notice the distressed fabric and paunches. Exercise and diet plans may not provide a quick solution, but shapewear is available to help. Shapewear is a solution that can help reduce the appearance of unwanted imperfections.
benefits of shapewear

Improves Appearance

Even if you manage to stuff yourself inside your beautiful gown, you’ll be soon enough to notice that it wasn’t just you but the paunches and love handles protruding themselves out in your favourite attire. If you feel less confident about your structure, then wear shapewear that compresses the bulges and gives you adequate support by enhancing your structure.
Improves Appearance

Improves Posture

Shapewear plays a multilateral role in improving posture, providing higher compression, and contouring the body into a confident, sleek, and sexy shape. It not only enhances undergarments but also contributes to a more presentable and confident appearance.
Improves Posture

Can Look Slimmer Instantly

Every woman dreams of looking slimmer. You would have tried many outfits and felt dejected after seeing your structure in the mirror. Shapewear gives you a sculpted look by reducing a few inches.
can look slimmer Instantly

Gives you confidence

Research says that the way you dress can greatly reduce your stress. So wearing comfortable and fashionable dresses is important. Body confidence is hard to achieve, but shapewear helps you gain it. Above all, it improves your self-esteem and confidence.
Gives you confidence

You Can Lose Inches Immediately

Shapewear helps you achieve a sleeker silhouette by cutting down a few inches immediately. Shapewear does this by compressing your entire stomach. If you have a lot of fat on your waist and stomach area, shapewear will cut off those uninvited guests.
You Can Lose Inches Immediately

How to select/choose the right shapewear

5. How to Choose the Right Shapewear?

Shapewear has many types to choose from, so it's hard to find the perfect one. The right undergarment gives you the desired look. You should not select shapewear according to your dress sizes; instead, select it by your bust, waist, and hip measurements. The most important aspect to consider before buying shapewear is choosing your true size. Unlike other clothing, it is not easy to buy shapewear online. Measure yourself properly and make sure you get the perfect shapewear.

Select your true size

Choose shapewear that fits your size, as ill-fitting undergarments can ruin your look, loose shapewear can spoil its purpose, and tight shapewear may suffocate. It is extremely important to choose shapewear that’s true to your size.
(i) If you have a round figure, you’d desire a cinched waist. You can consider choosing corsets if you want a defined waistline or a shaping cami for a sculpted effect on the torso.
round figure person
(ii) If you’re a straight-figured person, you’d prefer shape lifters. So you can choose open-bust shapewear.
straight figured person
(iii) Someone with an hourglass figure would want to enhance the curve that they already see. If you’re one, go for an overall-shaping bodysuit.
hour glass figure
(iv) If you have a curvy bottom, choose thigh-slimming shapers that would balance out your entirety from head to toe.
curvy Bottom shape
(v) If you’re bustier on top, then you can go for enhancing panties and shapers; that’ll push an equilibrium on the look.
Bustier top person

How to wear shapewear

6. How to Wear Shapewear?

Wearing shapewear correctly is crucial for achieving a perfect structure. Many women avoid it due to its difficulty, but the process remains the same. Shapewear is available in different types, serving different purposes, but the steps remain the same. To achieve a perfect silhouette, follow these steps.

Step 1: Make sure your hand is free of rings and watches, including long nails, which might damage the shapewear.
how to wear shapewear
Step 2: Into your shapewear- Don’t wear your shapewear by pulling it over your head as you might get stuck and frustrated.
how to wear shapewear
Step 3: Make sure your body is dry. Don’t wear shapewear over damp skin.
how to wear shapewear
Step 4: Sit in a comfortable position, insert your legs, and lift your shapewear to the knee.
how to wear shapewear
Step 5: Stand up and keep moving with your shapewear.
how to wear shapewear
Step 6: Move your shapewear up through your waist; make sure your shapewear is up and at the bust level.

Purpose of Shapewear

7. Purpose of Shapewear

Purpose of Shapewear
Shapewear is a unique and challenging piece of clothing that offers numerous benefits, including enhancing body structure and providing medical benefits.
  • It not only enhances the appearance of the wearer but also helps relieve menstrual cramps, making it a valuable addition to any wardrobe.
  • It is essential to handle shapewear gently and take time to wear it, as the results are worth the effort.
  • Shapewear-like corsets help with uterine contractions and promote a healthier lifestyle.
  • They provide pressure on the midsection, attracting compliments and allowing the law of attraction to help achieve desired body shapes.
Shapewear promotes a healthier lifestyle, receiving compliments, and achieving desired body shapes through the law of attraction.

When to wear a shapewear

8. When to Wear Shapewear?

When to Wear Shapewear?
Shapewear is versatile and suitable for everyday wear, covering various occasions and transforming silhouettes, boosting confidence. Wearing it for the right purpose can enhance your overall appearance.

Discover the perfect moments to wear figure-enhancing garments and unleash your inner goddess.

Glamorous Nights Out: Shapewear enhances curves and creates flawless outfits for events and dinner dates.

Special Occasions: Shapewear enhances attention-grabbing ensembles for weddings, anniversaries, and celebrations, ensuring a flattering fit and making you feel like the belle of the ball.

Professional Presentations: Shapewear enhances confidence and professionalism in the boardroom by smoothing out lumps and bumps.

Everyday Confidence Boost: Who says shapewear is only for special occasions? Shapewear enhances body shape, provides comfort, and exudes self-assurance in daily outfits, not just for special occasions.

Shapewear empowers you to love and embrace your beautiful self, allowing you to flaunt it, own it, and experience confidence.

Myths about shapewear

9. Myths About Shapewear

Myths About Shapewear
Nothing has escaped the traps of feigned judgments and misconceptions. Misbeliefs about Shapewear make actual headlines more than the actual truth and purpose it serves. Let’s look at some common illusions about shapewear.
  1. Shapewear is a torture device: No, it isn’t. But it is a torture device when you buy the one you like but not the one in your size, and still decide not to return it and convince yourself to wear it.
  2. Shapewear makes you lose weight: Shapewear is distinguished from actual slimming belts. They only create the illusion of hiding excessive lumps and bumps, but they won't help you lose weight.
  3. Shapewears are harmful to pregnant women: Maternity shapewear is designed specifically for expecting mothers. Secondly, a mild compression on the outer tummy will not harm the baby inside.
  4. Shapewears are only for the red carpet wardrobe: Huge no. Shapewear is not just for celebrities but for all women .
  5. Shapewear promotes size zero: The era of thin figures, perceived as the crowning of the ideology of a perfect body, had come to an end. It’s so obvious how diverse the industry models are. Similarly, shapewear is not just a compressor but serves many diverse purposes.
  6. Shapewear is difficult to wear: Shapewear is an innovative garment that is made with breathable, comfortable, and multi-way stretchy material. You won’t even feel like you’ve worn shapewear.
  7. Shapewear is only for plus-size beauties: Size has nothing to do with shape, and shapewear is great for all sizes and figures. Every woman has body insecurities, and shapewear will help you fight those insecurities.
  8. Small size shapewear will give you a slimmer look: This is one of the most popular and hilarious myths about shapewear. Shapewear works best with specific sizes, just like shoes. Small-size shapewear will give you negative results.

Do’s and dont’s in shapewear

10. Do’s and don’t in a shapewear


    • Learn to wear shapewear correctly. If you don’t wear it correctly, you get the reverse benefits of shapewear.
    • Do select shapewear according to your body type.
    • Dress appropriately for your shapewear. Each shapewear item serves different purposes; know your shapewear purpose and dress accordingly.
    • Wear your shapewear slowly. As said earlier, Unlike other clothing, shapewear is made up of sheer and extremely light fabrics.
    • Do invest in good-quality shapewear.


    • Avoid using rings or accessories while wearing shapewear.
    • Don't buy shapewear that is too small or too large.
    • Though shapewear helps you achieve perfect structure, Don’t forget your exercise and diet.
    • Don’t expect too many miracles. Shapewear can transform your figure only to some extent.
    • Don’t sleep in your shapewear.
    • Don’t choose shapewear over a healthy lifestyle.
    • Don’t wear shapewear for more than 8 hours.
There has always been a revolution in the ideology of a perfect body. Shapewear is the best innovation in that process! Explore our shapewear collections and achieve an aesthetically pleasing structure in a matter of minutes. Why wait? Grab yours now!