The Complete Types Of Bra Guide: All you need to know

Types Of Bra

Bras are an essential part of women’s clothing. The right bra can change the look and can ultimately enhance your outfit. But the problem is, finding the right bra is not an easy task. There are a wide variety of bras available in the market. If you could understand each bra’s specialty and master the art of pairing the right bra with the right outfit, you can change your clothing game forever. To help all the women out there, we have come up with a solution. This guide will help you understand all the different types of bras to choose bras according to your outfit and needs.


Types of Bra Cups

1. Types of Bra Cups

There are several different cup shapes, and each serves different purposes. Let’s take a look at all the different types of bra cups that are widely used.

1) Balconette Cups

Balconette Cups
  • Origin 1938 in the United States
  • Design Horizontal cut like a little balcony
  • Use Create an upward lift

Balconette cups are cut horizontally above the bust line to create an upward lift. This type of bra cup gives fullness to your breasts, leaving a more enhanced shape and appearance. Its name refers to ‘little balcony’ because of its horizontal cut. They were first designed in the United States around 1938 and were introduced into mainstream fashion only in the 1950s.

2) Balcony Cups

Balcony Cups

Origin 1938 in the United States

Design Horizontal cups shaped like a balcony

Use Create an uplifted look and perfect cleavage

They are almost similar to balconette cups, but these tend to expose more cleavage because of their lower front and higher sides. They provide low coverage, hence are perfect to be worn with low-cut necklines. There is a notion that balcony cups got their name as they are not visible from above(as when looking down from a balcony).

3) Contour Cups

Contour Cups

Origin- 2000s

Design- Cups are designed to enhance the natural breast shape.

Use- Give a contoured appearance

These cups are well-designed with underwire and thin foam or fiberfill lining. They are known to provide contoured and defined shape to your breasts with a natural enhancement. Contour cups give a smooth shape & seamless look by eliminating nipple contours. They are perfect for women with bigger breasts who want a chiseled look.

4) Demi Cups

Demi Cups

Design- Slightly inward tilt to create cleavage

Use- provide half to 3/4th coverage

Demi cups provide 3/4th coverage to your breasts. Demi-cups come with a slight inward tilt to push your breasts center, creating more cleavage. They are usually designed to cover about 1 inch above the nipples. Because of their proportion and better accommodation, they help shape up the cleavage. Hence, they are recommended for women with smaller breasts.

5) Full Cups

Full Cups

Design- The fabric covers your breasts fully

Use- Provide additional coverage, prevent boob spillage

As the name suggests, they are designed to cover your breasts fully. They provide full coverage. Hence there is no room for visible lines. In women with bigger breasts, they conceal your breasts completely, prevent boob spillage, and provide additional support. For women with smaller breasts, the full cups give an enhanced and fuller look. When worn, they provide a smooth and seamless silhouette. They are more commonly used in sports bras.

6) Lined Cups

Lined Cups

Design- Has extra layers of fabric

Use- Additional support and enhancement

They are usually designed with lining to help reduce nipple projection. The lining might vary in different bras. Hence the support, enhancement, and coverage change accordingly. If you are a person who needs proper shape and seamless finish, you can opt for lined cups.

7) Minimizer Cups

Minimizer Cups

Design- Shallow cups and non-stretchable fabrics

Use- Minimize the projection of the bigger bust

They are perfect for women with bigger breasts to minimize the projection of larger breasts. Minimizer bras are designed to distribute the breast mass towards the underarm and other areas, creating an illusion of naturally smaller and enhanced breasts.

8) Nursing Cups

Nursing Cups

Origin- 1990s

Design- Has flaps in the front

Use- Easy lactation

These cups are for the new mothers to easily feed their newly born. They are stretchy enough to handle the changing breast size during breastfeeding. Nursing cups are designed with flaps that can be opened and closed for easy lactation without completely removing the bra. They are made of soft material and wider straps to provide the needed comfort and support.

9) Padded Cups

Padded Cups

Origin- 1947

Design- Has cups with pads

Use- For full and enhanced breasts

These are designed with thickened cups, and their ultimate aim is to provide fullness and enhancement to your breasts, giving the appearance of larger busts. If you have asymmetrical breasts, these might be perfect as they make your breasts appear proportionate and symmetrical.

10) Petite Cups


Design- comes with additional padding

Use- Makes your breasts look bigger

As the name suggests, these cups are for those women with petite or smaller figures. They are designed to create an illusion of larger and more enhanced breasts and cleavage. These cups can also be seen in beginner bras.

11) Pushup Cups

Pushup Cup


Design- Has soft foam at the bottom and sides of the cups

Use- Enhanced cleavage

Pushup cups look more like a demi cup but with extra padding at the bottom of the cups. These cups are designed inward to create a more enhanced cleavage. They help your breasts appear bigger and fuller and also without compromising in the support and coverage.

12) Seamed Cup

Seamed Cups

Design- Has 2 or more fabric pieces

Use- For better fit and a flattering look

These types of cups are made with 2 or more fabric pieces. The seams present in the cups add more support to your breasts, give a better fit and a flattering look. Seamed cups are not suitable while wearing body-hugging outfits as they might be visible through dresses. There are different types of seams including,

Vertical seams: They give an uplifting appearance.

Horizontal seams: They give a more projected look.

Transversal seams: They give a round and fuller shape because of the curved seams.

Diagonal seams: The seams start low in the center and get higher at the sides, giving a flattering appearance.

13) Soft Cup

Soft Cups

Origin- Late 2010s

Design- Multi-part cups

Use- Provide sufficient support

Soft cups are designed with padding and seams but are wire-free. The multi-part cups and wide straps provide sufficient support to your breasts. The inner under-cup slings are the main feature that allows it to give enough support without the underwires

14) Seamless Cup

Seamless Cups

Origin- 2000s

Design- The cups are covered with a single piece of fabric

Use- Provide a seamless silhouette

These cups are designed to have a smooth lining with no visible seams. The transparent design gives a smooth and seamless finish. If you are opting for tight-fitting clothes, they are a perfect choice.

15) Molded Cup

Molded Cup

Origin- 2000s

Design- Comes with thin foam

Use- Gives a smooth and rounded look

Molded cups are designed for women who want a natural shape. They come with thin foam without any seams, hence give a smooth and rounded look under tight-fitting clothes.


Types of Bra Based on Features

2. Types of Bra Based on Features

1) Padded Bra

Padded bra

Origin- 1940s

Design- Pads are designed with foam, water, or gel

Use- An added enhancement to your breasts

The pads present in these types of bras make your breasts appear bigger. The pads can be in different materials including foam, water, or gel. In general, there are three different levels of padding.

  • Level 1 is perfect for those who prefer slightly larger breasts with a natural enhancement.
  • Level 2 provides extra support and enhancement, emphasizing your cleavage.
  • Level 3 is for women with smaller breasts who want an illusion of larger and fuller busts.

2) Full Coverage Bra

Design- Full-coverage cups

Use- Cover your breasts fully

Full-coverage bras are specially made for women with bigger breasts. The main problems of bigger breasts while wearing bras include breast spillage and straps digging into the skin. Full-coverage bras help deal with those problems easily. This type of bra does not concentrate on the enhancement of accentuating the cleavage. Instead, they concentrate on coverage and help cover your breasts fully allowing you to have a flattering look.

3) Demi Coverage Bra

Demi coverage bras are designed to provide half coverage. When worn they usually cover 1 inch above the nipples. These bras are perfect while wearing clothes that emphasize your breasts and cleavage.

Design- demi-coverage cups

Use- Covers half of the breasts

4) Unpadded Bra

Design- Made with the soft fabric without any pads

Use- Accentuate the natural breast shape.

These are designed for women who want to show off their natural breast shape. Women with larger breasts might not like padded bras as they accentuate their shape and size. Unpadded bras follow the natural shape of your breasts. Since there are no pads or underwires, they help you feel comfortable throughout the day.

5) Wirefree Bra

Wirefree Bra

Origin- Started gaining popularity in the 1970s.

Design- The fabric is cut and stitched in a way to create a shape and support.

Use- Comfortable for daily use

Wirefree bras are designed to focus on comfort mainly. As the name implies, they do not have underwires. They do not enhance your breasts. Instead, they make sure to accentuate your natural breast shape. They feel gentle on your skin, hence are perfect for daily use.

6) Underwired Bra

Origin- 1960s

Design- Comes with semi-circular underwires under the cups.

Use- Additional support and contoured appearance.

In Underwire bras, thin, semi-circular rigid wires made of materials such as metal, plastic, or resin are sewn under the cups. Usually, it starts from the center gore to the wearer’s underarm. The purpose of this underwire is to lift your breasts, providing extra support. Bigger breasts usually need additional support, and that is what the underwired bras give. They are responsible for providing a contoured appearance.


Types of Bra Neckline Shapes

3. Types of Bra Neckline Shapes

1) Sweetheart Neckline

Sweetheart Neckline

Design- Neckline is shaped like the top of a heart

Use- Creates an illusion of curves

This type of neckline is for those who want to enhance their curves. These are perfect for women with smaller breasts as the classic heart-shaped neckline creates an illusion of curves allowing your breasts to look full. These are also great for women with bigger breasts while wearing revealing clothes.

2) Halter Neckline

Halter Neckline

Halter- Gained popularity during the 1960s

Design-The straps go around your neck, leaving off most of the back.

Use- It goes well with tank tops and dresses with similar necklines.

In the halter neckline, the straps of the bras go around your neck. The two straps can be tied together at the back of the neck. Any woman can wear halter neckline bras according to their outfit and comfort level.

3) Wide-Cut Neckline/Broad Neckline

Wide cut neckline broad neckline

Design- The straps are set wide apart with a wide neckline

Use- Uplift your breasts and creates cleavage

In this type of bra, the straps are set wide to create a broad neckline. Wide-neckline bras enhance your collarbone and shoulders, giving a sexy look. The wide-set straps also uplift your breasts and bring them close together, allowing you to flaunt your cleavage.

4) Plunge Neckline

Plunge neckline

Origin- 1970s

Design- V-neckline

Use- Enhances your cleavage.

This type of neckline features V-shape that allows you to show off your sexy cleavage. The flattering cut brings the breast together and provides the right enhancement. Both women with smaller and larger breasts can wear these plunging neckline bras.

5) Strapless Bra

Strapless Bra

Origin- 1940s

Design- Does not have straps, has silicone lining.

Use- Can be worn with strapless dresses.

As the name implies, this type of bra does not come with straps. Either they have elastic that wraps around your breasts or feature silicone or rubber lining in the pads to prevent slippage and hold your breasts.

6) Cage Bra

Cage Bra

Design- Additional straps that form the shape of the cage.

Use- Gives a stylish look

Cage bras come with additional straps that form a resemblance to a cage. This formation might be in the front or back or even on both sides. This bra does not serve a specific purpose like other bras but is known for its sex appeal. You can only expect a little support and coverage in this bra. It is majorly opted for styling purposes and to draw attention to the upper body. There are different types of cage bras, and you can find them in different neckline formations.

7) Low back

Low Back Bra

Design- The back of the bra is cut low

Use- Can be styled with low-back dresses

As the name suggests, low-back bras come with a low back. It is perfect for dresses that have a very low back neck. The hook and eye fastening are present in a way that is hidden under the dresses. They also come with padding to enhance your breasts. The cups add shape to your breasts and are also very comfortable. Another great advantage of a low-back bra is that it is perfect to be worn with any outfit type.

8) Crossover Back

Cross-back Bra

Design- The straps are crisscrossed to form an ‘X’ at the back.

Use- Helps create cleavage and enhancement.

Crossback bras are now in the trend. They usually have a criss-cross back, making the straps of the bra available. These are perfect whenever you are wearing sheer/mesh tops. Its beautiful design shows through the top, making it fashionable to wear. As the bra straps are crisscrossed, they will also help form a beautiful cleavage and a great enhancement. For those who like the trend of revealing bra straps, crossover back bras are a great option.

9) Racerback

Racerback Bra

Design- The straps meet at the middle of your back, forming a ‘Y’ shape.

Use- Provide extra support

In the racerback style bras, you can find a central strap in the back, splitting up into a shape of Y or V between the shoulder blades to cross over the shoulder on both sides of the neck. Just like Crossover back, you can use racerback bras with sheer/mesh tops as well. Pairing it with a crop top or a loose t-shirt will help flaunt the funky bra back. If you are worried about bras straps slipping off, racerback is a great option. It is also an excellent choice to wear for the gym and everyday use because of its beautiful back.

10) Backless Bra

Backless Bra

Design- Comes with adhesives in the cups without band or straps.

Use- Can be worn with backless or low-back dresses.

Usually, self-adhesive bras or stick-on bras are backless. These types of bras have adhesives attached to the inner lining of both cups. These adhesive cups are supposed to stick to your breasts to hold them. Hence you would not need straps. Backless bras are perfect to be worn with backless, low-back, or strapless dresses. They also provide great support and good coverage.


Types of Bra Closure

4. Types of Bra Closure

1) Front Closure Bra

Front Closure Bra

Design- Has closure in the front.

Use- Creates a smooth silhouette.

In this type of bra, closures are present in the front to create a neat and smooth silhouette.

Benefits of Front closure bra

  • They are easy and simple to wear.
  • They feel comfortable on your skin as the hook-and-eye is present in the front.
  • They are made of soft and stretchy material, hence fit you perfectly.
  • As the clasps are present in the front, you can also expect better support.
  • They are the best for daily use or while you spend some leisure time.
  • As the closures are present in the front, you can find these bras with pretty and beautiful back designs.
  • Because of the front closures, they give you a more centralized and enhanced look.

2) Back Closure Bra

Back Closure Bra

Design- Comes with closures at the back

Use- Provide better support

As the name says, in this type of bra, closures are present at the back. It might seem difficult to clasp your bra at the back, but it can become easy eventually.

Benefits of back closure bra

  • In the back closure bras, you can find multiple hooks so that you can adjust them according to your comfort.
  • They tend to last longer than front closure bras.
  • You can find them in several different cup sizes.
  • They provide extra support to your breasts.

3) Side-Hook Bra

Side Hook Bra

Design- Has closure on the sides

Use- Provide better support

In the side hook bra, the hook and eye closure are present on the sides. You can find side-hook closure in different styles of bras, including a sports bra and a nursing bra. Sometimes, they also come with removable padding for your comfort.

4) Slip-on Bra

Slip On Bra

Design- No hook-and-eyes

Use- Works well for smaller breasts

Slip-on bras usually come with no underwires and hook-and-eyes. You might confuse them with cami bras, but they are different in some cases.

Benefits of slip-on bras

  • These are the best types of bras for beginners.
  • They can also be great for women with smaller breasts.
  • They do not come with closures or underwires, hence makes you feel comfortable.
  • They provide a seamless look while wearing body-hugging outfits.
  • You can expect a hassle-free experience while wearing and removing slip-on bras.
  • They are usually made of soft and stretchy material for a perfect fit.

Types of Bra Based on Their Functions (Activity, Dress)

5. Types of Bra Based on Their Functions (Activity, Dress)

Bras Functions Outfits Occasion Age group Profession
Push-up Bra Gives a rounded and fuller look Saree, Kurti Special events or functions. 20 to 35 Dancer, model, student
Bridal Bra Enhances your breasts Bridal gowns, Lehenga, Saree Marriage, honeymoon, or special functions/ceremonies. 20 to 35 Any profession
Sports Bra Provide great support during physical activities. T-shirts, Tank tops, gym wear Gym, sports events. 15 to 25 Student, athlete
Bralette Bra Allows you to feel comfortable without underwires or pads. Low-cut armholes, With Jacket Casual road trips or simply roam around in the house. 16 to 30 Any profession
Strapless Bra It has no straps and the band is the only source of support. Cold-shoulders, off-shoulders, strapless dresses Parties, clubs, or while wearing strapless dresses 20 to 35 Any profession
Plunge Bra The deep V-neck enhances your cleavage V-neck dresses, plunging neckline dresses Parties, clubs, or while wearing dresses with plunging necklines. 20 to 40 Any profession
Front Open Bra The clasps are present in the front and give a centralized look. Blouses, Crop tops. Any occasion 20 to 50 Any profession
Everyday Bra It is designed for everyday use. T-shirts, Kurti, and other everyday wear. Everyday >20 Any profession
Nursing Bra Front flaps are present for easy breastfeeding Goes with any outfit. When you want a hassle-free nursing experience. >20 Any profession
Beginners Bra It has no underwire, padding, or hooks and is designed for women with developing breasts. Goes with any outfit but try to avoid body-hugging outfits. When you are just starting to wear bras. >13 Students

Note- The occasion, age group, and profession mentioned in the tabular column are purely based on how majorly they have been. Any profession/age can wear any type of bra to any occasion as it is purely based on individual preferences.


Types of Bra Based on the Breast (Breast Size, Breast Shape)

6. Types of Bra Based on the Breast (Breast Size, Breast Shape)

There are several different types of bras and every breast type needs a different one. If you have been dealing with loose straps, cup gaping, or bra marks lately, then you might be wearing the wrong bra. Therefore, we will discuss different types of bras you can wear according to your breast size or shape.

1) Breast Size

Breast Size
Breast Size Bra Options Examples
Smaller Breasts Padded bras, push-up bras, t-shirt bras, bralettes
Smaller Breast Size
Medium Breasts All types of bras
Medium Breast Size
Larger Breasts Unpadded bras, wire-free bras, front closure bras, and plunge bras
Larger Breast Size

a) Smaller Breasts:

There is a common myth that smaller breasts do not need bras but you should know that every breast size and shape needs bras for several reasons. Even smaller breasts tend to stretch and sag due to gravity. Hence wearing a well-fitting bra can help deal with saggy breasts and other issues.

Suitable Bras: Padded bras, push-up bras, t-shirt bras, Bralettes

If you have issues finding your right bra size, refer to our bra size calculator.

  1. b) Medium Breasts: If your breasts are not too small and not too big, then you are the luckiest. You have different options of bras to choose from as you can wear all types of bras.

Suitable Bras: All types of bras

  1. c) Larger Breasts: It can be a great struggle to find the perfect bra that provides comfort, support, and coverage altogether. Before you buy your bra make sure you know your cup size and also look for features such as broader bra bands and straps.

Suitable Bras: Unpadded bras, wire-free bras, front closure bra, plunge bra.

2) Breast Shape

Breast Shape Bra Options Examples
Asymmetrical Breasts Moulded Bras
Asymmetrical Breasts
Bell-shaped Breasts Full-coverage Bras
Bell Shaped Breasts
East-west Breasts Balconette Bras, T-shirt Bras
East west Breasts
Saggy Breasts Push-up Bras, Underwired Bras
Saggy Breasts
Round Breasts Full-cup Bras
Round Breasts
Side Set Breasts Balconette Bras, Plunge Bras
Side Set Breasts
Slender Breasts Underwired Bras, Push-up Bras
Slender Breasts
Teardrop-shaped Breasts Racerback Bras, Push-up Bras
Teardrop shaped Breasts

a) Asymmetrical Breasts:

Just like we have asymmetrical eyes and ears, having asymmetrical breasts is also normal. It is common in women, but if you want to create the illusion of symmetrical breasts, you can also find several bra options.

Whatever your breast shape or size, we all must learn to embrace our bodies. If you start loving your body, you start to look beautiful, whatever your shape or size is.

Bra Option: Moulded Bra

The padding present in this type of bra can mold and contour your breast shape. Molded bras are designed to provide rounded and symmetrical breasts shape. They also provide extra support and lift to your breasts.

b) Bell- Shaped:

Bell shape breasts tend to look rounder, fuller and belled out at the bottom. You must select bras that will provide complete support, lift, and enhancement to your breasts.

Bra Options: Full-coverage bras.

Full-coverage bras are a perfect option for bell shape breasts. You can opt for t-shirt bras and balconette bras to cover your breasts fully with the right support preventing spillage.

c) East-West:

If you have your nipples pointing outward in the two opposite directions leaving space in the center, then you might have an East-West breast shape.

Bra Options: Balconette Bra, T-shirt Bra

These bras are designed to bring your breasts closer together, hence are perfect for East-West breast shape. These bras can also create the perfect cleavage you want.

d) Saggy Breasts:

If you have your nipples pointing downwards, then you might have this breast shape. For this type of breast, you must need a bra that can lift your breasts giving an enhanced look.

Bra Option: Push-up bra, underwired bra

These bras lift your saggy breasts and give an appearance of fuller and rounder breasts.

e) Round Breasts:

If you have rounder and fuller breasts, then you are a blessed one. Any type of bra can look great on you. Simply make sure to select bras that provide high-coverage and support.

Bra Options: Full-cup bras

Any types of bras that provide good coverage and support might suit you.

f) Side-Set Breasts:

This is almost similar to East-West bras, but you will have more space between your breasts. You might need a bra to bring your breasts closer together.

Bra Options: Balconette Bra, Plunge Bra

They create an illusion of fuller-looking breasts by bringing them closer together.

g) Slender Breasts:

Women with slender breasts look longer and slimmer and they mostly belong to smaller cup sizes.

Bra Options: Underwired Bra, Push-up Bra

These bras lift your breasts and create an illusion of fuller breasts.

h) Tear Drop Breasts:

Teardrop is one of the most common breast shapes in women. This type of breast is slightly thinner at the top and round in the bottom, creating a teardrop’s shape.

Bra Options: Racerback bra, push up bra

These bras are designed to lift your breasts, hence are best to provide breast enhancement.


Types of Bra Fabric & Materials

7. Types of Bra Fabric & Materials

While buying bras, the one thing to keep in mind is the fabric. Not every skin type is suitable for all types of fabrics. We have listed the different types of bras fabrics that are commonly used for daily and occasional purposes.

1) Cotton

Cotton Bra

Cotton bras are widely used as they are one of the best fabrics to be worn during hot weather. They are soft, breathable, durable, and lightweight. Another great thing about cotton bras is that you can get them at affordable prices. They are also perfect for any skin type as they are hypoallergenic and do not irritate the skin.

2) Poly Cotton

Polycotton Bra

Poly cotton bras are a mix of polyester and cotton. These bras are usually thin, soft, and lightweight making them the perfect choice for everyday use. The polyester material is mostly used in sports bras because of its solid and durable nature. These are wrinkle-resistant and shrink less, hence maintain the natural breast shape.

3) Lace

Lace Bra

Lace is now widely used in lingerie because of its stylish look. It has been used in the clothing industry for several years now. It is considered expensive for different reasons. However, it is known for its rich outlook.

4) Silk

Silk fabric Bra

It is one of the strongest natural fibers. They usually have a soft and smooth texture, hence feel comfortable on your skin. Another great thing about silk bras is that they feel weightless and have good moisture regain. Silk is usually expensive as it is detonated as a luxurious fabric because of its rich look and other advantages.

5) Satin

Satin fabric Bra

Satin is widely chosen because of its smooth and luminous texture. They feel so soft and lightweight on the skin. Another reason many people opt for bras made of satin is because of their thick and opaque nature. These are wrinkle-resistant and look rich & luxurious when worn. You can also find these satin bras in different colors and patterns.

6) Spandex

Spandex Bra

It is also commonly used in sports and gym wear because of its high stretchability making the clothes agile and comfortable for strenuous movements. The lingerie made out of this fabric usually last-longer and did not fade away easily. Spandex is also known for its stretchability, as it allows you to fit your breasts perfectly.

7) Nylon

Nylon Bra

Nylon bras are usually lightweight and do not lose shape easily, hence are perfect for daily use. They are also extremely strong and stretchy, therefore last longer. Another great thing about nylon bras is the moisture-wicking capacity. They can easily absorb away the moisture making it the perfect bra for gym wear and occasional purposes.

8) Lycra

Lycra fabric Bra

Lycra is majorly in lingerie because of its elasticity and durability. Bras made of lycra fits you perfectly, giving a flattering fit. Lycra bras make you feel comfortable throughout the day as they feel light on your skin.

9) Polyamide

Polyamide Bra

Polyamide bras are known for their soft and smooth texture. You can opt for polyamide bras in case you are looking for bras that absorb moisture and dries up quickly. These are usually lightweight and work great as sportswear. Bras made of polyamide also last longer without any wear and tear.

10) Polyester

Polyester Bra

Polyester bras are widely used to design sportswear because of their ability to dry easily. The natural fibers present in the polyester allow them to be extremely resistant. They can trap heat and moisture against your skin. Its insulating properties make it the perfect choice for both hot and cold weather.

11) Mesh

Mesh Fabric Bra

Mesh fabrics are used widely in fashion wear including lingerie. It is mostly used in sportswear because of its breathability and the ability to regulate temperature well. It can wick away moisture easily and is highly breathable. They are known for their durability and flexibility.

12) Silicon

Silicon Bra

The silicone bras are a great option if you opt for bras without straps. The silicone material sticks onto your skin and helps flaunt your backless or low-neckline dresses. These are easy and comfortable to wear. These silicone bras also provide great support, just like your regular bras. They stay on for a longer time and can be easily washed and reused.


Types of Bra Brand(India)

8. Types of Bra Brand(India)

1) Susie

Susie Bras

This lingerie brand offers different types of bras that offer low, demi, full coverage in unique colors. Some of its famous bras include balconette bra, minimizer bra, plunge bra, molded bra, lace bra, designer bra, underwired bra, wire-free bra, sports bra, T-shirt bra, push up bra, and everyday bra.

2) Shyaway

Shyaway Bras

Shyaway is one of the popular lingerie brands in India. They offer all different types of high-quality bras, panties, shapewear, nightwear, and lingerie sets at affordable prices.

What Bras Does Shyaway Offer?

Push-up bra

Padded bra

Minimiser bra

Plunge bra

Molded bra

T-shirt bra

Sports bra

Bridal bra

Everyday bra

3) Shyle

Shyle Bras

Shyle is another famous Indian lingerie brand that offers bras including bralettes, cami bra, push up bra, plunge bra, and front open bra.

4) Liberti World

Liberti-World Bras

Liberti World is known to offer good quality lingerie products at low prices. Everyday bras, T-shirt bras, sports bras, and nursing bra

5) Enamor

Enamor Bras

It is one of the top lingerie brands in India. Some of the famous purchases of Enamor bras include T-shirt bra, Everyday bra, Wirefree bra, push-up bra, wired bra, plunge bra

6) Sonari

Sonari Bra

Sonari is an Indian brand that specializes in offering everyday bra, feeding bra, and t-shirt bra at super affordable prices.

7) Laavian

Laavian Bra

Laavian focuses on offering comfortable bras for daily use. You can find different styles of t-shirt bras, sleep bras, and everyday bras in this brand.

8) Cross & Pearl

Cross-Pearl Bra

It is one of India’s top lingerie brands that provides high-quality everyday bras at very low prices.


Types of Bra Colors

9. Types of Bra Colors

Other than fit, coverage, and support, there is another important thing you must be aware of before pairing your tops and bras. Yes, I am talking about the color combination. Visible bras under your dresses are always an awkward thing and might ruin your outfit’s beauty. Here we are listing down different color bras and outfits, that can be paired and cannot be paired.

Colors such as orange, dark blue, purple, red, yellow might go well with almost all color dresses including white only if the bra color is similar to your complexion.

Nude bras can also go well with all dress colors, but the thing is, the nude color you are opting for must match your skin tone.

Colors Goes Well With Does Not Go Well With
Nude White
Black Dark shades such as navy, dark brown. Lighter shades
White White Dark colors
Red White Lighter shades
Purple Black Lighter shades
Pink Dark shades
Orange Dark shades Lighter shades
Blue Dark shades Lighter shades

Note: The tabular column colors indicate their basic form and not their lighter or darker shades. This chart may or may not work in some cases.


Types of Bra Based on Weather/Climate

10. Types of Bra Based on Weather/Climate

1) Summer

Imagine wearing an uncomfortable bra on a sweaty, sunny day. Many of us suffer from boob sweat, and during summers, it can make the whole situation even worse. But you can avoid all the drama by wearing the right bra.

  • Cotton Bras

    Cotton Bras

One of the biggest problems we all face during summers is the visible sweat patches on your dress. Cotton bras can help you tackle it. Cotton is known for its moisture-wicking tendency. When worn, they can absorb the sweat immediately and can also dry away fast compared to other fabrics. Hence, these are perfect for summers.

  • Bralette Bras

    Bralette Bra

These are perfect if you want to showcase your natural breast shape. They are usually pad-free, wire-free, and made of soft and comfortable material, making them the perfect summer wear. Another great thing about bralettes is that they can be worn as innerwear and as outerwear. These are in trend now and you should have spotted many celebrities flaunting the style. If you want to go with the trend, here we recommend 5 unique and simple ways you can style your bralettes.

1) Bralette under a Sheer Top/Mesh Top

Sheer tops are in fashion now. If you have sheer tops and have no idea how to style them, bralettes are a great option. You can either wear the same color bralette as your mesh top or you can try alternative color bralettes.

2) Bralette with a Blazer

These are perfect if you are about to attend an office meeting or other professional work. You just have to wear your favorite bralette with high-waist pants and pair it with a blazer.

3) Bralette under low-arm hole dresses

Whether you want to go out on a road trip or just want to roam around in this hot weather, this combo can be a go-to summer outfit.

4) Bralette under a Denim-Jacket

Denim-jacket is always in trend, and pairing it with bralettes is a great way to look like a fashion icon. Remember to accessorize this combo the right way, and you are all set to be a fashionista.

5) Bralette over a Turtleneck

If you are an aesthetic person, this combo is all you need. To create this look, all you need is a turtle neck top, matching bralette, and a few matching necklaces, and you are done!

  • T-shirt Bras

    T-shirt Bra

T-shirts are a go-to summer outfit for most of us. Therefore, it is important to have t-shirt bras for a smooth and seamless look. As these are wire-free, they also make you feel comfortable throughout the day. At the same time, they do not compromise in their support. You must get a pair of t-shirt bras for this summer.

  • Wirefree Bras

    Wirefree Bra

Wires and summer are the most annoying combination. If you are someone who uses underwired bras daily, it might be hard for you to handle the summer. Hence, before the summer begins, make sure to buy wire-free bras to have stress-free summer days.

How to Choose the Bra Fabric for Summer?

  • Make sure the bra fabric is breathable and quick-drying.
  • Pick bras that are made of moisture-wicking material.
  • Look for the bra fabrics that keep you cool.

What Bras to Wear with Summer Tops?

  • Deep neck tops- Plunge bras
  • Tank tops- Bras with halter neck
  • T-shirt- T-shirt bra/everyday bra/molded bra
  • Sheer tops- Bralette/tube bra
  • Backless dress- cage bra

How Often Should You Change Your Bra in Summer?

Generally, bras can be used after 2 or 3 wears. But during summers, it is hygienic to wash your bras after every use as you sweat a lot because of the humid weather.

What Are the Best Bra Fabrics for Summer?

Cotton bras

Bamboo bras

Poly Cotton bras

2) Winter

We all must agree winter clothing is one of the reasons why we love winter. But an uncomfortable bra can ruin your outfit. Here are the 4 top bras you must have in your winter wardrobe!

  • Padded Bra

    Padded Bra

In winters, we tend to wear tight clothing to feel warm and cozy. Hence, wearing a padded bra can greatly enhance your breasts, allowing them to look larger and fuller.

  • Cami Bra

    Cami Bra

Cami bras are usually loose-fitting, hence feel light on your skin. While you are going out during the rainy season, you might need something that fits you perfectly, allowing you to feel cozy. Cami bras can do their job perfectly.

  • Seamless Bra

    Seamless Bra

Styling winter clothing might not seem easy as it sounds. The trick involves the perfect layering of your clothes. During winters, your nipples tend to get sensitive, and there are chances for visible nipple show. To avoid this and make your winter clothing game stronger, you can use seamless bras. They give a seamless and more enhanced look.

  • Sports Bra

    Sports Bra

If you are a sports person who does not want to change your workout routine just because of the dull, gloomy winter weather, try out sports bras. They are the best to wear during winters as they are made of soft and stretchy material, therefore keep you cozy.

Best Bras to Wear with Sweaters in Winter?

Balconette Bras

Wire-free Bras

T-shirt Bras

Padded Bras

These are the top sweater bras to wear with a sweater during winters.

Best Bras to Wear with Sweaters in Winter?

  • Bras are usually too delicate. Hence make sure to use dryers mildly.
  • If you do not find sunlight, you may also put it under a fan to dry.

Types of Bras Based on Three Basic Types of Shoulders

11. Types of Bras Based on Three Basic Types of Shoulders

Knowing your shoulder type before buying a bra is an important thing. There are three basic types of shoulders including,

  • Narrow shoulders
  • Average shoulders
  • Broad shoulders
Type of Shoulders Type of bra Examples
  • Strapless bra
  • U-back bra
  • Racerback bra
  • Plunge bra
Narrow shoulders
  • Underwired bra
  • Front-closure bra
  • T-shirt bra
Average shoulders
  • Push-up bra
  • Balconette bra
  • Sports bra
  • Molded bra
Broad shoulders

1) Narrow

For women with narrow shoulders, loose bra straps might be a major problem. Here are our top recommendations to overcome the issue.

Best Bras for Narrow Shoulders:

  • Strapless bra– If slipping straps is your problem, then go with strapless bras.
  • U-back bra- These are best for women with narrow shoulders and large breasts. The wideband and straps provide good support. The design for the straps helps prevent slippage.
  • Racerback bra- It is our top recommendation as you cannot expect a slippage in a racerback bra.
  • Plunge bra- It is also a good option as it is specially designed for close-set breasts.

2) Average

If your shoulders are not too narrow and not too broad, you are the luckiest. You can mostly flaunt any bra style effortlessly.

Best Bras for Average Shoulders:

  • Underwired bra- It will also make sure to give extreme support to your breasts, focusing on the straps.
  • Front closure bra- The closure is present in the front in order to create a smooth silhouette.
  • T-shirt bra- It is designed to give a seamless look and is perfect for any type of shoulders.

3) Broad

If your shoulders look squared rather than rounded, you might have broad shoulders. We are listing our 4 top recommendations to help you out.

Best Bras for Broad Shoulders:

  • Push-up bra- It will push the breasts inward and upward, allowing your bra straps to stay in place.
  • Balconette bra- The straps are set wide apart, hence are perfect for supporting your broad shoulders.
  • Sports bra- It usually comes with thick straps and makes your shoulder appear more narrow.

Molded bra- The thick straps provide extra support to your breasts, allowing your shoulders to appear narrower.

These form-fitting undergarments are intended to provide support, increase cleavage, increase bust size, and reduce breast movement. In addition, on the Bra Online page, you can purchase the most recent collections and styles.