The Complete Sportswear GuideFor Women

Sportswear Guide For Women

History of Sportswear

1. History of Sportswear

  • Sportswear came into existence in the 18th century. It immediately became popular and contributed a lot to the development of the fashion industry.
  • Over the years, the concept of sportswear has dramatically changed since fashion is a combination of simplicity and multi-functionality.
  • Today sportswear has become a daytime fashion. It all started when two tennis stars — Jane Regny and Suzanne Lenglen decided to include sporty clothing in collegiate style.
  • From then on, activewear became popular among people around the world.


Fashion Guide to Sportswear?

2. Fashion Guide to Sportswear

  • Sportswear has now become a fashion statement and is increasingly on-trend. Apart from sports personalities, many people wear some form of sportswear as daily wear.
  • Although going to the gym is not a runway show, it is still important to look good.
  • This fashion guide to sportswear will help you to discover more about the sportswear.


Types of Sportswear

3. Types of Sportswear

  • There are various types of sportswear in the market and each serves specific functions and purposes.
  • Sportswear is usually categorized into professional and general sportswear.
  • Here are some of the most important and popular sportswear types.

Sports Bra

  • Physical activity leads to breast bounce which not only brings unwanted attention but also health issues.
  • When your breasts move more than 60%, it can break down your Cooper's ligaments, leading to sagging.
  • Once Cooper’s ligaments are stretched, they start to droop and do not bounce back.
  • Sports bras are crafted in a way to support your breasts during physical activity. So irrespective of your breast sizes, you have to wear a sports bra.
  • Sports bras come in different sizes, shapes, colours, and patterns.
  • One unique and key feature of a sports bra is the impact level, and based on the intensity of your workout level, you can choose your compression levels.

Low Impact

Low Impact Sports Bra
  • These bras are best for low impact activities like yoga, pilates, walking, and activities that cause minimal breast bounce.
  • Smaller breast women can also prefer low-impact activities.

Medium Impact

Medium Impact Sports Bra
  • Medium impact bras are best for activities that cause moderate breast bounce.

High Impact

High Impact Sports Bra
  • High impact bra types are best for activities that cause heavy breast bouncing and movement.

Gym Shorts

Gym Shorts
  • Gym shorts are one of the most comfortable types of sportswear.
  • They don't restrict your movement and allow you to move freely. Gym shorts offer style, comfort, breathability, and versatility.
  • They are mainly designed for your workout activities, so they will enhance your performance by allowing airflow, and preventing muscle fatigue.

Tank Tops

Tank Tops

Comfortable clothing plays a major role during the workout. Tank tops are one of the popular workout wear among women. This sportswear type has no sleeves and comes in different fits. There are various reasons why tank tops are popular among women. Here we listed a few-.

  • Remains in place during the workout.
  • Keep you modestly intact.
  • Give you a stylish and moderate look.
  • Ensures a comfortable workout routine.

Gym Jackets

Gym Jackets
  • Gym jackets provide you with an instantly trendy look. From fashion to preventing injuries to making you look cute, gym jackets provide various benefits.
  • Many women wear gym jackets to hide their bosom right after being drenched in sweat from a heavy workout. Apart from style, gym jackets prevent injuries, provide comfort, and fashion.
  • One surprising fact about gym jackets is that it helps to burn calories.
  • Yes, you read it right. When you wear a workout jacket while working out, your body temperature increases, which automatically helps in burning calories.

Yoga Pants

Yoga Pants
  • Yoga pants are form-fitting leggings that are made in thicker, stretchy and moisture-wicking fabrics. As the name suggests, yoga pants are mainly designed to wear during yoga classes.
  • Yoga pants make your working sessions more comfortable and also prevent heating.
  • Yoga pants fit snugly, and it is one of the versatile choices that can be worn any time of the day or night.


  • Joggers are one of the integral parts of every wardrobe.
  • This sportswear type is a perfect blend of sweatpants and leggings that remain in style forever.
  • You can even see people wearing joggers in shopping malls, restaurants and theaters. Joggers are indeed the best bottom wear for workouts as they offer both comfort and style.

Workout Leggings

Workout Leggings
  • Workout leggings are in recent trends, and it has become a staple part of every woman's wardrobe.
  • Workout leggings act as a second skin and also dance to your workout tune.
  • They are indeed one of the stylish choices for a workout routine.
  • They come in a wide range of coverage, varieties, sizes and price.

Benefits of Sportswear

4. Benefits of Sportswear

How Do I Choose The Right Sportswear

The right sportswear is the key to the best workout. Sportswear plays a crucial and essential role in aiding one’s workout regime. Sportswear provides various benefits as follows:

Prevents Injury

Prevents Injury
  • Did you know? Many sports injuries are caused by inappropriate clothing.
  • Research says proper clothing and footwear lower the risk of injuries during physical activity.
  • It is important to choose sportswear according to your physical activity and conditions.

Can Perform Without Any Restrictions

Can Perform Without Any Restrictions
  • Sportswear allows you to perform freely without any restrictions. Imagine working out in a pair of skinny-fit jeans.
  • We know how it feels! Sportswear is designed with comfortable and stretchy fabrics so that they don’t restrict the movement of your workout.
  • They also come with degrees of stretchability. According to the activity, you can choose the degrees of stretchability.

Protects From The Environment

Protects From The Environment
  • From nasty stares to protecting you from skin allergies, sportswear protects you from various environmental issues.
  • Compared to other clothing, sportswear helps to keep your body cool.
  • Choose sportswear according to the seasons. If it is too cold, layer it up with workout jackets and wear breathable sportswear during summer.

Boost Confidence

Boost Confidence
  • Dressing well makes you feel good, which automatically boosts your self-confidence. Looking good motivates you to work harder.
  • Some clothing makes you feel dull and disturbed, which affects the quality of your workout. Sportswear positively influences your thoughts and actions.
  • Enclothed cognition is a term that means the clothing you wear affects psychological states and also performance levels.

Improves Performance

Improves Performance
  • The right sportswear improves your performance by making you feel secure.
  • For instance, moisture-wicking fabrics in sportswear help you to focus more on the game instead of sweat build-up.
  • It also supports your muscles and protects your body from injuries. To be precise, sportswear helps you concentrate only on workouts by making you feel confident and perform at your peak.


Things You Should Consider Before Choosing A Sportswear

5. Things You Should Consider Before Choosing A Sportswear

As said earlier, the sportswear market is booming, and there are various brands in the market. Before spending your hard-earned money, make sure your sportswear has the following. Remember, you don’t have to prioritize fashion or comfort. Invest in sportswear that provides both. Here are the things you should consider before choosing a sportswear

Wrong Fabric Fabricates The Performance

Wrong Fabric Fabricates The Performance
  • The first and foremost thing you should pay attention to is the fabric. Fabrics play an important role in sportswear as it impacts your workout.
  • Many of us th vink 100% cotton is the best for a workout as it absorbs sweat easily and retains moisture. Which is partially wrong! Cotton fabrics make you feel damp, heavy and clingy by absorbing sweat.
  • The material of your sportswear can make a difference after a workout.
  • Moisture Wicking- Invest in moisture-wicking, breathable fabrics, as they allow your sweat to evaporate quickly and maintain your body temperature. This is one of the essential factors for sportswear..
  • Fabrics like Cotton, spandex, polyester, microfiber, bamboo, synthetic, and nylon are best for sportswear.

Fit Matters

Fit Matters
  • Physical activities demand perfectly fit clothing made of exclusive fabric which should wrap the body like a second skin.
  • A single size up or down can ruin the purpose and cause the most discomfort.
  • While a lousy outfit can make you trip down during intense activity, a tight outfit can suffocate you to body aches. So choose the right size according to the measurements.

Comfort, Comfort, Comfort!

  • Keep comfort your top priority! Uncomfortable sportswear can break your workout session.
  • Sportswear must act as your second skin, and it should feel invisible.
  • Uncomfortable sportswear offers a lot of discomforts, including skin diseases. Imagine working out in uncomfortable sportswear; you’ll spend most of your time adjusting, and there are also chances for ripping out.
  • Comfortable clothing will make you look forward to working out.

Compression level

Compression level

    Most sportswear comes with a compression level, including sports bra and bottom wear. Compression sportswear is different from your normal sportswear. Compression sportswear is tight-fitting, compressive clothing that utilizes the material’s elasticity. It optimizes your performance and also increases your muscle power. There are various benefits of compression sportswear as follows:

  • Provides support
  • Offers breathability
  • Reduce muscle soreness
  • Improve flexibility
  • Improves strength recovery

Invest in the Right sportswear

Invest in the Right sportswear
  • Not all sportswear works for all sports! Just like how each sport has its own rule, each sportswear requires a different dressing. Every Sportswear is formulated to serve a certain motive.
  • With the right course of planning appropriate wear can be of its fullest utility. Shorts can be perfect with a leg day outfit, providing a vent for thighs to pump up. Likewise, choose sportswear according to your sport.


How To Wear Or Pair Sportswear?

6. How To Wear Or Pair Sportswear?

Just like how sneakers sneaked into becoming everyday casual footwear, sportswear is also so versatile that you can pair it with other wardrobe items to put together function and style. You must have spent hefty amounts on your athleisure. So why wear it in a boring old-fashioned way? Be a fashionista by pairing your sportswear in the following ways.

Mix Function With Fashion

    Layer your athleisure with the items in your wardrobe.

  • wear an oversized shirt over leggings or a casual blazer over a sports bra for a sheer top.
  • Pair leggings with a long top and tie a shirt around your waist for an ultra-chic look..
  • Pair leggings with ballet flats for a streamlined look.
  • Don’t forget to accessorize to elevate your casual look.


  • Upgrade your look by pairing with the right shoes. Workout shoes are equally important as your workout clothes.
  • Apart from improving your performance, shoes provide various benefits.
  • It protects against injuries, boosts your performance, provides grip and protection. Shoes complete your fashionista look, so pick the right shoes for your workout routine.


  • When cool meets comfort! - Workout jackets have always been a good spend, and pairing them up with your gym wear will lift your ensemble.
  • This fashionable athleisure has won the hearts of fitness freaks and fashionistas. Pair it with your joggers/yoga pants/ shorts for a fashionable look.

Add a Pop of Colour

Add a Pop of Colour
  • Be a trendsetter by experimenting with different colour and pattern combinations.


Myths And Facts About Sportswear

7. Myths And Facts About Sportswear

1. Not For Daily Use

Not For Daily Use

Sportswear is best for your regular use. They are not only a comfortable choice but also a stylish choice. Athleisure is crafted with soft fabrics, so you can wear them all day, every day and even for a night out.

2. Not for Busty Women

Not for Busty Women

Sportswear is for all, irrespective of size and colour. Many women wear loose athleisure thinking it will make them look thin, which is wrong, as it will also lead to fashion faux pas. No matter your size, choose well-fitted sportswear.

3. Only for Workout

Only for Workout

Sportswear is not only for a workout, but you can also pair it in many ways. As said earlier, you can pair sportswear in multiple ways for a sophisticated and chic look.

4. Not Good for Health

Not Good for Health

Next comes the popular myth— Sportswear is not good for your health! Because of its compression and tight-fitting properties, many think athleisure is not good for health. Actually, it's the other way round, since sportswear is made with special fabric it enhances blood circulation to the muscles.

Hope our fashion guide to shapewear gave you a clear idea of shapewear. Choose the best sportswear from Shyaway. Explore our exotic range of sportswear right away.