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Women have a variety of clothing choices. Different Types of Panty styles go easily with different clothing choices. Let your wardrobe space occupy G-Strings, thongs, and brief. 

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Buy underwear from shyaway shopping store to impress your men

When it comes buying undies for women online there is plenty of variations available allowing you to stock your wardrobe with stylish clothing. Have you ever tried to explore what are different types of panties available for ladies to purchase from the market? Many of you might not have taken the interest finding out panty designs and styles. When you have options why wearing the same Cotton Panty as a daily wear. Our website shyaway.com makes it easier for you to shop stylish panties on offers. Make the best use of offers and stock your wardrobe with best quality printed underwear with matching bra.

Top 5 panty style from shyaway women loves to try

Flirty BikiniBikini Panties are to trigger out feminine sides. Who doesn’t know bikini as they are quite popular beachwear. Bikini style panty is available in cotton fabric to be worn as a daily wear to work. You may just go down through our website shyaway.com and search for jockey bikini panty. There is a variety of styles of bikini panty available to be worn for different occasions. So when you pick up bikinis for yourself consider the event you are planning to wear.

Lace Grace – Most girls love to wear Lace Panty because they remain soft to your skin and also they look beautiful. Lace, bows, and ribbons decorated lace panty are available at our site shyaway. Pick one or two pieces to be paired with matching color lace bra. These types of panties have captivating charm making women feel graceful, so grab them from online.

Happy HipstersHipsters are comfy and may prefer wearing them under jeans, skirts, kurtis, and trousers. They are available in cotton fabric and they come in different prints. They offer seamless and flattering fit avoids side bulges. As usual, they make women body look sexy.

Think about Thongs – both men and women think Thong Panty remains sexy and they are worn for intimate nights. But that not true, just have a look at our website shyaway.com and you will find a variety of collections of the thong in a cotton fabric suitable to be worn as a daily wear. They are comfortable panty and remain invisible under figure-hugging outfits.

Cool boy shorts – why should only boys wear boyleg briefs, there is boy short panties available for girls. Our website shyaway offer mid waist boy shorts of different color that will remain soft to your skin. The material wicks out moisture during summer so have boy shorts in your drawer to be paired with different outfits. They are cool and comfy best for tees to make them look stylish.

G-string – This panty is the latest style available in lingerie section that provides minimum coverage. They look similar to thongs and recommended for thin ladies. The fabric will be connected to the waistband which remains a small string. Wear G-string when you are planning a vacation to the beach.

Pick up panties from shyaway that remains functional

Yes, it is true, when planning to shop ladies panties online make sure the one you pick up is designed to be practical and useful. If planning to wear the innerwear for any special occasions like a honeymoon, special nights and Valentine’s Day let them be more attractive. There are specially designed panties available for women to be worn with chemise, babydoll, and camisole. The innerwear, when paired with night gowns will make you look sexy and very appealing. Personal preference has a lot when it comes buying a different type of panties. We have branded panties for girls so have a look at our site shyaway before you make a purchase.