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Yogawear sports bra - Shyaway’s Yoga Wear Sports Bra is a secret staple to a healthy lifestyle. The utility of this Racerback Bra is brought out best when teamed with a Tanktop.


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How Functional is a Sports Bra to Your Yoga Session?

Did you know that yoga has quite a long history which is almost 5000 years old? This might be one of the best forms of physical exercises that control the mind, body, and soul to stay in good health and well-being.  Having its roots in India, yoga is practiced today in every country around the globe. This highly valuable fitness style involves asanas or postures that help improve physical fitness to a great extent. With yoga offering so much to a good lifestyle, investing in a good Sports Bra will only enhance the experience of the overall routine. This Full Coverage Bra amply covers the busts providing a secured look and feel.

Though yoga seems to be a low-impact sport, here are some of the functional benefits of why a sports bra comes handy while practicing this rich regime.

-Stretches usually involve expansion of the muscles and ligaments which will lead to sagging when unattended. Proper bust support is essential and hence Padded Bras in slip-on style will the work effectively.

-It is true that the postures don’t involve heavy bounce inducing activities as those experienced while running or cycling. But, it sure involves twists and turns that might hurt without proper support. Sports bras with foamed padding are the saviors in this case.

Muscle-Strengthening Power Yoga in a Sports Bra

A free-form style of the traditional practice, power yoga has been a new-age adaptation that has gained gleaming popularity in the recent times. Several gyms have included this contemporary routine in their fitness schedule for best results. This exercise is quite fast-paced and is a sure shot way for a good sweat out session. The energetic moves causes rigorous bust bounce that could be controlled only with a help of a moisture-wicking padded sports bra.

-As much as padded sports bras bear the heaviness of the busts, there are times when fitness experts recommend the use of an unpadded bra during breath control, meditation, and other inhale-exhale exercises that are collectively called the pranayama. To avoid any kind of chest constriction, this is the wise choice. At Shyaway, the science of yoga wear is well understood and for the very same reason to have come up with best-in-class Cotton Bras that are lightly-lined for free breathing.

-There are chances when improper methods of practicing yoga aren’t going to solve the purpose of why you actually started it. Hence, it is required to properly choose the type of sports bra based on what the poses for the day are going to be.

The Hook-free Zone

The benefits of yoga are continually promoted and brought under limelight for women to become aware of physical fitness. Though some of us still do the daily routines in a regular bra, the presence of hooks and loops aren’t going to help your workout session in any way. This is why sports bras always refrain from hooks, keeping it simply and stretchy to move along the pace of the move.

Cami bra

An easy-to-wear alternate that is definitely not a bad choice for your much-effective yoga session is a Cami Bra. These stretchy substitutes come with good padding as well for decent support. If the compression and encapsulation properties of a sports bra scare you, slip into these calming casuals.