The Complete Bridal Bra Guide: All you need to know


Know Your Bridal Bra

1. Know Your Bridal Bra


Every girl wants to look her best for her wedding. She dreams of her big day all along and wants it to be perfect without any flaws. The most important thing at a wedding is the outfit! Most of the Indian brides opt for a saree for their wedding and what you wear within is completely up to your personal desire, but in order to have a smooth and sexy figure you should check out this bridal bra guide.

In this guide, we have updated all about bridal undergarments, the benefits of bridal bra, why you need a bridal bra when to wear a bridal bra, how to store your bridal bra, and much more. Come have a look!

What Is a Bridal Bra?

What is Bridal Bra

Bridal bras(Dulhan bra) are worn by brides-to-be at their wedding. We know that a bra is one of the most important factors for creating the desired look. And a marriage bra is one of the most important allies for the brides.

Importance of Bridal Bra

Importance of Bridal Bra
  • First of all, a bridal bra makes you feel special.
  • It will improve your posture and will make your outfit look tremendous.
  • Bridal bra improves the shape of your breasts
  • It makes it easier for you to be active on your big wedding day.
  • Most importantly it reduces back pain.

The wedding dress bra set that you choose for yourself must ensure that you feel comfortable and it is aligned with the overall fit and silhouette of your wedding outfit. It is quite obvious that you will need to buy your wedding outfit first so you can decide the type of lingerie you will need for it. Lingerie is an essential aspect of a bride. The whole outfit will be ruined if the undergarment is poorly fit. It can make it or break it. Indian weddings having multiple functions, a perfectly designed bridal bra can be worn for many festivities. To understand the importance of bras for bridal wear and choose wisely.


Types of Bridal Bra

2. Types of Bridal Bra

Padded Bridal Bra

Wedding bras have heavy work and detailing which will give a royal look to your outfit. And a padded bridal bra is the best option to try on your big wedding day. The padded bra fabric is made of soft material with a slight push. You can wear a bridal padded bra that will provide you the much-needed enhancement.

Unpadded Bridal Bra

If you are someone with heavy breasts, then you should opt for non-padded bridal bras. They are made of gentle materials with no padding which will be perfect for your curvy body. Buy unpadded cotton bridal bras for a better experience.

Print Bridal Bra

Printed bridal bras are unique, and trendy these days. It portrays a cute and elegant look combined together. Wear printed bridal bras for all occasions and with casual wear.

Enamor Bridal Bra

Fabulous Enamor bridal bra collection is a must-have for all types of brides. It is just that little bit of fabulous that every bride needs, to look her fabulous self. Opt for Enamor bridal bras and experience the fab look.

Bridal Bralette Bra

Bridal bralette bra

Bridal bralette bras are the most attractive bras ever. Bridal bras are made of delicate fabrics with a lot of detailing and bridal bralette bras are far more lacy and well designed. Opt for Bridal bralette bras if you are looking for a more lacy work on your bra.

Longline Bridal Bra

Longline bridal bras offer more support and give you more of a natural lift and cleavage. Wedding sarees or white wedding gowns will be perfect if you wear longline bridal bras underneath.

Bridal Stick On Bra

Bridal stick-on bra

Bridal stick on a bra offers real support, natural cleavage, and comfort. Perfect for a bridal bra bustier or under most special occasion dresses.

Bridal Lace Bra

Your collection is totally incomplete without having a bridal lace bra that is undoubtedly chic and charming. Indian brides mostly prefer wearing red for their wedding day. Go for a red bridal bra that will match perfectly well with your lehenga or saree blouse.

Bridal Push Up Bra

Every outfit needs a bit of push to look at its best. Bridal push-up bra is a must in your lingerie wardrobe because it just gives you the right amount of padding, push, cleavage, and a natural lift to your breasts.

Demi Cup Bridal Bra

Demi cup bridal bra gives your breasts the right shape, support, and upgrades your fashion game. Covering nearly half of your breasts and with a low center gore, these bras are great for women if they want to enhance their appearance and get a perkier cleavage. Opt for these and steal the floor.

Backless Wedding bra

Backless wedding bras do the trick just fine. With this bra, you don’t have to worry about the slips showing because it has an invisible strap and band. If you feel like the stick on bras are too much, then opt for this backless wedding bra on your big wedding day and glam up.


Bridal Bra Fabrics and Design

3. Bridal Bra Fabrics and Design



Chiffon is a sheer type of fabric, which is like a light and semi-transparent material with delicate and simple weaves. This type of material will be awesome for bridal lingerie.


This fabric is best for all bras as they last longer and mould the cups well. Nylon and Polyamide have the added benefit of stretchability. The fabric stretches way more than any other fabric and retains its shape over a longer period of wear and tear.


You’re looking for something sensual you might want to opt for lace, mesh, or a combination of the two for their alluring charm. With the perfect balance between support and sensuality, these push up bras are timeless.


Net fabric is the one that leaves its impression anywhere you go. It is a special material for decades; you can never get over this fabric for its classy look.


If you want something unique and trendy, then you should want to opt for a lace, mesh, or a combination of the two for their alluring charm. With the perfect balance between support and sensuality, these push-up bras are timeless. Semi-transparent lingerie comes even in a mix of cotton and lace.


Benefits of a Bridal Bra

4. Benefits of a Bridal Bra

Boosts Confidence


Bridal bras are made of special weaves, fabrics, and all expensive items. They portray a rich and luxurious look. Wearing a bridal bra() will boost your confidence; you can wear them not only for your special D-day but for all other special occasions.

Improves Your Outfit

Improves Your Outfit

Opt for a slight padding level in your bridal bra so that it will improve your outfit more. Slight push always helps in the appearance, be it normal wear or wedding gown, sarees, a bridal push up bra will be thriving.

It Will Be Your Second Skin

Nobody wants to feel uncomfortable on their big day or on their big night. Imagine being stuck in a poor fitting uncomfortable wedding bridal bra all night long! Worst right? So, give more importance to comfort over style, avoid wearing something that will scratch, or hurt your skin.

Makes It Easier For You to Be Active

You should be able to do some activities even if it’s your big day. If you are wearing an ill-fitted bra, you will feel uncomfortable and irritated, it won’t be easier for you to be active. Measure your bust and band size before buying any kind of bra, it will be the best decision to buy a bra that will be a comfortable ally.

It Will Look Wonderful

Bridal bra is a wonderful piece of clothing. It is made of delicate lace and fragile mesh layers, they will take your breath away. Wear them on all special occasions and experience the comfort and confidence in every wear.


Why Do You Need a Bridal Bra?

5. Why Do You Need a Bridal Bra?

Why do you need a bridal bra?

Do you need a bridal bra with your wedding gown or saree? Yes, of course, a bridal bra not only supports your breasts but it gives the utmost royal and confident feel ever. You will feel the bold and feminine feeling rising inside you. Buy at least 2 – 3 bridal bras and use them for special occasions where you want to feel confident.

Why Are Bridal Bras So Expensive?


You are not the only person to wonder why a tiny piece of clothing like a bridal bra has to be this expensive. But let’s accept the fact that lingerie designs are more technical than any other apparel. Lingerie is much more functional and visually appealing than you can ever imagine!

Bridal bra needs expensive fabric like silk and satin. These fabrics cost more. Fabric weave also decides the cost of fabric apart from its type and origin. These weaves give a royal and sophisticated appearance and are expensive. Weaves used in the bridal lingerie fabric are Chiffon, mesh, net, and lace.


Guidelines to Buy a Perfect Bridal Bra

6. Guidelines to Buy a Perfect Bridal Bra

How to Buy a Bridal Bra?


Focus on Support

During your wedding ceremony, comfort, support, and confidence are very much important. They make sure that you look beautiful wholesome. And a bridal bra gives all these without fail. While buying a bridal bra look for support, if you get your hands on that one perfect bra, you don’t have to worry about sagging and irritating pain. It is advisable to try your bra with your wedding dress on to be more sure.

Create a Smooth Silhouette

Look for a seamless bra especially if your wedding dress is made of lightweight transparent fabric. If you buy a seamed bra, it may reveal the lines on your dress which will not look perfect. And also make sure that no straps or other lines show through.

Final Judgement

Look whether it matches or suits your vibes. There are many tremendous collections in bridal bras you can look at forever to choose the right one for you. Take your time and find that one good bra and make it you’re favorite.

What Bra Style to Choose for Your Bridal Outfit?


When it comes to backless wedding dresses, a strapless, adhesive bra is a must! Silicone cups provide the most natural look and feel. There are many other bras that will add more elegance to your glamorous and dramatic back!

These are some of the bra styles which will be wonderful for your big wedding day:


Lace robes




Lacy camisoles

Transparent babydolls



Difference between Bridal Bra and Other Bras

7. Difference between Bridal Bra and Other Bras

Bridal Bra vs Normal Bra

Bridal Bra Normal Bra
The bridal bras are specially made to create a rich and royal look. They should be cherished on special occasions. Normal bra is comfortable to wear all day long. It provides support and a glamorous look, you can use them as an everyday bra for all your casual wear and traditional wears.
Bridal bras are made of expensive and sheer materials to give that special look. Normal bras are made of cotton, which is skin-friendly.

Bridal Bra vs Bralette Bra

Bridal Bra Bralette Bra
Bridal bras are completely set for special occasions with sheer transparent fabrics, netted, and lacy. Bralettes are often worn for style and comfort with soft mesh fabrics. They are comfortable alternate options for bras

Bridal Bra vs T-Shirt Bra

Bridal Bra vs T-Shirt Bra
Bridal Bra T-shirt Bra
A bridal bra is made of lacy and sheer fabrics, especially for special occasions. They can also be worn as regular bras. A bra is categorized as a T-shirt bra when it has smooth and seamless cups. The idea is that the smooth cups won’t show any lines under a T-shirt creating a seamless look.
They are made with lace works and will be amazing under your party wear, festive outfits, and wedding gowns. The cups can be performed to provide nipple coverage or they can be soft, seamless fabrics.

Bridal Bra vs Padded Bra

Bridal Bra vs Padded Bra
Bridal Bra Padded Bra
A bridal bra also comes in padded pieces that will add a more glamorous look. A padded bra will enhance your bust size and will provide a sexy glamorous look. It will reveal a beautiful cleavage which will look good in all low-neck tops and dresses.
A bridal bra can be used as a padded bra too. Wear them with your party wear and look royal and rich wherever you go. You can wear them under any outfit for a sexy look. Pair them with t-shirts, casual wear, tunics, and crop tops for an adorable look.

How to Wear a Bridal Bra

8. How to Wear a Bridal Bra

How to Wear a Bridal Bra Step 1 How to Wear a Bridal Bra Step 2 How to Wear a Bridal Bra Step 3 How to Wear a Bridal Bra Step 4 How to Wear a Bridal Bra Step 5 How to Wear a Bridal Bra Step 6
  • Glide your arms through the bra shoulder straps and position the bra cups on to your breasts.
  • Secondly, bend forward so that your breasts will set into the bra cups nicely and perfectly.
  • Now straighten your posture and pick the bra band at the back and clasp your bra to the hook which fits you perfectly at the edge of the bra band.
  • Adjust the hook if it’s too loose. After fastening, the bra band should be parallel to the ground. It shouldn’t ride up at your back.
  • Now adjust the shoulder straps using the sliders. See that the straps sit and lie flat across your shoulder blades.
  • The bra should not be too tight to cause discomfort and shouldn’t be too loose that it fails to hold the cups properly.

Just following the steps is not enough, after wearing the bra you should check on a few things. The gore should sit flat against your breasts without causing any trouble. Then the shoulder straps should have two-finger gabs for breathability. The bra band should align parallel to the floor at the front and also at the back. The cups should not leave any gap at the neckline and at the sides for a proper finish. The band and the cups should not be too tight which cuts through your skin and also should not create spillage at the sides.

How to Measure a Bridal Bra?

How to Measure a Bridal Bra?

In India around 80% of women wear a wrong-sized bra. A well-fitting bra not only helps with the appearance but also with many other issues. So measure your bra size before randomly purchasing lingerie.

How to Calculate Your Band Size:

How to Calculate Your Band Size
  • Stand straight and bring the measurement tape around your torso, the tape should be snug fit
  • Record the measurement in cm and enter the measurement
  • The sum of the calculation is your band size.

Example: 25.6 Inches will round off to 26 Band size – 26 + 4 = 30. This is your band size!

How to Calculate Your Bust Size:

How to Calculate Your Bust Size
  • Wrap the tape nicely around the fullest of your bust
  • Make sure it is snug fit, not too loose, and not too tight
  • Round off the number to the nearest whole number and then subtract the band size calculated earlier from the bust measurement.

Example: Bust = 37 inches, Band = 34 inches, 37 – 34 = 3 inches. That’s a 34C size.


When to Wear a Bridal Bra

9. When to Wear a Bridal Bra

Bridal bras can be worn on all special occasions like night parties, family festivals, office celebrations, and traditional wear. Have at least 2 – 3 lingerie in each style and wear them accordingly. Bridal bra is one of the popular bras which has to be worn on special occasions. It is made of sheer material with mesh and net layers. Know the current trend and rock your day with bridal bras.

How Many Bridal Bras Should Every Woman Have?

How Many Bridal Bras Should Every Woman Have?>

Bridal bras are mostly used only for special occasions. Be it a party night or any ceremony, you should at least have 1 or 2 good bridal bras beforehand for those special occasions. Grab a nude bridal bra which will practically go with any color outfit and also you should have a lacy bridal bra which will lift up your good mood. Buy these bras now and fill up your lingerie wardrobe with these cute goodies.

Occasions to Wear Bridal Bra

Look for a bridal bra with a bit of padding so that you can wear them for all special occasions. Family functions, parties, traditional celebrations,s, and all other occasions need a glamorous outfit and a bridal bra is one such multi-purpose bra. There is no restriction or rule to wear a bridal bra, every bridal bra should be cherished from time to time.

Bridal Bra Colour guide

You should pick something which is sexy in color. Sensuous bridal lingerie is an essential part of the wedding and your honeymoon and it definitely requires attention. When selecting a design for your special occasion, go for a color that your partner will like. It has to enhance the beauty you possess.

Romantic Red

Romantic Red Bridal Bra

Why do you have to choose red? Because red is the colour of romance and love! Red bridal bras and mostly red lace balconette bras offer elegant support with their pleated underwire cups and dig-free, smooth bra band. This lightweight bra is fun and flirty to wear.

Peach the Colour of Modesty

Peach Colour Bridal Bra

The peach colour is an expression of innocence and modesty. Opt for lace and mesh in peach bra and make a sexy duo. You can now rock backless styles and wear outfits with low-cut necklines.

Delicate Baby Pink

Pink Color Bridal Bra

The mellow color, gorgeous lace, soft padding, and underwire support make this not just a treat for the eyes, but also practical and extremely comfortable for daily use. Add it to your lingerie collection before it runs out of stock! Glam up ladies!

White Portrays Purity

White Bridal Bras

Want to feel pure and innocent on your big day? White bridal bras are a necessity! If you are planning to wear something light to your special day, then opt for a white bridal bra and have an extra glamorous look to your glamorous look.

Versalite Dusty Blue

Dusty Blue Bridal Bra

The gorgeous color dusty blue, sexy transparent mesh cups, and underwire support make this not just a treat for the eyes, but also quite comfortable for prolonged wear.

Light Green – the Colour of Good Luck

Green Color Bridal Bra

Light green symbolizes good luck, nature, health, and jealousy. This gorgeous new bra is exclusively crafted for brides and honeymooners. The lovely design and pretty embellishments make it ideal for special occasions.

Intimate Nude

Nude Bridal Bra

Let the impeccable fit of nude Susie’s pretty balconette bra embrace you. The lace and mesh in this bra make a sexy duo. You can now rock backless styles and wear outfits with low-cut necklines.

Maroon Is the Colour of Confidence

The royal and confident color maroon, gorgeous mesh, and underwire support make this not just a treat for the eyes, but also quite comfortable for prolonged wear.

Lemon Yellow ‘Colour of Brilliance’

Beautiful lemon yellow color is all about brilliance! Lemon yellow bras are crafted with luxurious lace to make you look and feel special. Pair with matching panties to complete the look.


Bridal Bra Myths and Facts

10. Bridal Bra Myths and Facts

1. Are Bridal Push up Bra Is for Small Breasts?

Bridal Push up Bra Is for Small Breasts

All push up bras have padding, they have various levels of padding for every breast size. It helps to give a natural lift and to bring the breasts closer to create a dashing cleavage. Women of all breast sizes can wear this bra for any special occasion.

2. Are Bridal Bras Only Meant for Weddings?

Bridal bras are made specifically for special occasions, it is up to you to wear them on only your big day to make it your party wear. Just enjoy the lacy designed bra on your skin on all special occasions if you wish. There is no limit to luxury.

3. Wearing Underwire Bra Is Unhealthy and Harms Your Body?

Wearing Underwire Bra Is Unhealthy and Harms Your Body?

Underwire bras have a wire underneath the cups to support and hold your breasts. They help tremendously for larger breasted women. You have to carefully choose the underwire bra, to perfectly fit you or else the wire may hurt your skin.

4. Can Bridal Bras Be Worn as Regular Bras?

What you wear under your dress is entirely up to your own personal preference. You can wear a bridal bra under your off-shoulder outfits too.

5. Does Bridal Bras Need to Be White?

White is the traditional color of wedding gowns, but many women don’t wear white wedding gowns, so they opt for an alternative color like ivory, blush and many more colors. Indian women wear sarees for their wedding and they can go for as many colors as they wish, it’s not like bridal bras should be in white these days.

6. Do You Need to Have a Perfect Body to Wear a Bridal Bra?

Each body is beautiful in its own way. Wearing a bridal bra will make you feel more beautiful and elegant than ever, it will add more prettiness to your body. Anyone can wear a bridal bra and experience the glamorous feel every time you wear one.


How to Care for Your Bridal Bra

11. How to Care for Your Bridal Bra

How to Care for Your Bridal Bra

Wash your delicate lingerie garments with mild detergent powder and only wash them with your hands. Don’t use washing machines to wash your delicate mesh undergarments. After washing your bras, dry them under a shade to prolong their life for some more years to use.

How to Store Your Bridal Bra

How to Store Your Bridal Bra

Lingerie is a very delicate piece of clothing and it can easily be damaged. Bridal lingerie is completely made of sheer, mesh, lace, and net materials. They need proper care to prolong life. Keep the bras in a cover after every wash so that the undergarments won’t be damaged while taking them out from your wardrobe. Sheer fabrics can be easily torn, so be more careful while handling bridal bras. Care your bras with delicacy!