Step #1
Bra Fitting Calculator
Band Size

Stand straight and breathe normally. Place the measuring tape around rib cage,right under your bra line

Step #2
Bra Size Chart
Bust size

For Bust measurement, please bend your body forward 30° to 45°. Place the measuring tape around the fullest part of your bust at the nipple level.

Hip size

Wrap the tape around the fullest part of your hips.Use the mirror to make sure the tape is straight completely around. The tape measure should be snug and parallel to the floor. Match your numbers to the chart to see your proper panty size.


Bra Size Calculator – Wear the right SIZE always

Wearing the right bra size boosts the figure of every woman and makes her feel more confident and comfortable with the use of a simple technique applied to measure through the Bra size Calculator. strongly believes in guiding young girls and women in India who wear bras to understand the best bra size for a good breast health. Our team of expert fitters are just a click away to help you find that perfect fitting bra for you. We help you measure two important body parts – band size and cup size to determine the Bra for a perfect fit. It is not only the bra size calculator that determines if the bra is measured correctly – factors like which bra you were wearing when you measured yourself and the firmness of your breast tissue are also factors to be kept in mind to help shop a perfect bra fit.

It is estimated that 70% of women wear the wrong size bra. Use Shyaway – India’s pioneer lingerie online shopping store’s Bra Size Calculator to estimate the bra that will fit you perfectly. The Frame or Band Size is the circumference directly under the breasts on the rib cage. The Bust Size is the loose circumference that goes around the fullest part of your breasts. Measure this while you are bending forward 30 degree to 45 degree while you are wearing a bra that is properly fitted. The main issue women face worldwide is finding the correct bra size as they end up getting mixed up about the cup size being too large and band size being too small.

Shyaway Bra Fit Size Calculator – Bra Fitting Tool

  • Signs of incorrect Bra Size: One should know the signs that tell you that your bra size is not correct when the bra you are wearing leaves red marks, band start digs into the torso, causes pain in shoulder or neck, sliding up of the bands either from the front or the back or both, or the flesh of the breast overflowing out of the edge of the bra cups.
  • Band: When you wear a new bra the under band should be comfortable and firm. The band hook should be fastened on the loosest hook because due to time it will stretch and therefore allow room for tightening.
  • Bra Alignment: You know your bra is aligned when as per the bra size calculator the front and back of your bra are aligned in a straight line giving your breasts optimum support and comfort at the same time.
  • Bra Sides: The sides of the bra if sit low under your arms or feel loose are signs of incorrect bra size.
  • Bra Cups: No excess flesh should be coming out over the edges of your bra cup. Your breasts should be contained within the cup size. Also, the cup sizes of push up bras, non padded and padded bras may slightly vary from one another.
  • Straps and Breasts Position: You know that your bra is fitting right when the straps are adjusted in a manner that they are usually in the centre level between your elbow and shoulder.

Adding a note for a perfect bra is not only the right size, wearing a right bra for your outfit also matters a lot as the purpose and benefits of bras varies accordingly. Knowingly, the purpose of Nursing bras, T-Shirt Bra and push up bras completely differ from each other.

Shyaway breaks the myth that no two bras fit alike. It depends on how stretchy the material is and you may have to go up a size on cups or a size down at the band size. When you measure your bra use a soft tape and place it horizontally around your body firmly wrapped around your rib cage like you feel when you wear your bra. If you are wearing an underwire bra the wire should encase the breasts and also rest against your rib cage comfortable – make sure it sets perfectly in the centre where the under wires meet. It is ideal when the wires lie flat so that the completely separate your breasts. Always shop by using Shyaway’s Bra Size calculator for the perfect bra fit you have been waiting for.