Shyaway respects and understands your need for security while making online transactions. We have taken utmost care to ensure that your information and card details remain secure and confidential throughout the process.

Our payment partners use highly secure systems to monitor transactions and detect any malicious activity such as unauthorized payments, withdrawal of incorrect amounts, etc.

In the event of recognition of any fraudulent activities, the transaction shall be kept on hold, and the customer shall be requested to provide their ID for verification. This helps in identifying whether a genuine cardholder processes the transaction or not.

Customers should also note that Shyaway does not store any card/ net banking information and never calls/emails customers inquire about the card PIN/ details CVV.

The payment methods available at Shyaway are:

  1. Cash on delivery for specific pin codes inclusive of shipping charges.
  2. Credit/ Debit Cards
  3. Net Banking
  4. Cash Cards/ Wallets/ Mobile Payments/ UPI/ BHIM
  5. Shyaway Wallet

Let’s see each payment option in detail now

Cash on Delivery (COD)

Customers can opt for COD if they have any doubts regarding online payment methods. The cash should be paid during the actual delivery of the product to the courier agent. Few points the customer should know before opting for COD are:

  1. A non-refundable service fee/ convenience fee of Rs 39 is applicable on each transaction.
  2. Only cash (Indian Rupees) will be accepted on COD. This means that gift cards and store coupons will not be accepted.
  3. Foreign currency cannot be used to make the payment. Only Indian Rupees accepted.
  4. COD products are not eligible for cancellation. Therefore, accept the product from the courier agent and later return the same to us by following the return policy

Credit/ Debit Cards

The highest encryption technology is used for secure transactions and is processed by secure payment gateways through trusted bank pages. The steps to make a card payment are as follows:

  1. Choose Credit/ Debit card payment in the payment options screen.
  2. Enter your card number available on the front side of your credit/debit card. Shyaway accepts VISA/ MasterCard/ Maestro and American Express cards.
  3. Enter the expiry date of your card (optional for Maestro card users)
  4. Enter the 3 digit CVV available at the backside of your card.
  5. Click on make payment. You will be redirected to your bank’s secure payment page.
  6. You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number.
  7. Ensure the amount quoted is the same as the bill amount and enter the OTP.
  8. Click on make payment and wait till the payment gets processed before refreshing the page.

Customers should note that your ATM card PIN/ CVV should never be shared on-call/ via email with any individual claiming to be a Shyaway agent.

Net Banking

Net banking procedure differs from bank to bank. Thus, follow the steps prescribed by your bank to make online payments via net banking.

Cash Cards/ Wallets/ Mobile Payments/ UPI/ BHIM

If you are opting for cash cards/ wallets/ mobile payments/ UPI/ BHIM, the respective service provider will direct you regarding the payment procedure. The different payment options available under each category are:

  • Cash Cards: ItzCash , Paycash
  • Wallets: Paytm, Mobikwik, FreeCharge, Jiomoney etc
  • Mobile Payments: SCAN N PAY, IMPS
Shyaway Wallet

Shyaway wallet is a dedicated wallet that you can use to shop only at Few aspects of the Shyaway wallet are:

  1. Any refund or reimbursement shall be credited to your Shyaway wallet only and not to any personal bank accounts.
  2. The Shyaway wallet balance cannot be transferred to any other wallet/ bank account.
  3. Customers cannot transfer money from their bank accounts to Shyaway wallet as well.
Application of GST

Shyaway, as an e-commerce website, is liable to collect GST and deposit the same with the government authorities as per the rules and regulations of the GST council and the Goods & Service Tax law enacted on the 1st of July 2017. Hence, GST is liable as follows:

  • GST does not apply to products purchased on MRP
  • GST is not applicable if products are purchased for a discount of or less than 15%
  • GST is applicable for products purchased for a discount of more than 15%

The applicable GST slab rates are as follows:

  • Flat 18% GST inclusive along with COD and shipping charges for COD shipments.
  • Flat 5% GST is applicable for transactions less than or equal to Rs 1000
  • Flat 12% GST for transactions above Rs 1000

Customers should understand that there are NO HIDDEN CHARGES following any transactions made at