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Thong Panty - Thongs are generally used by Women as either underwear or as a swimsuit as they provide almost no rear coverage. They are used to avoid panty lines in Tight Pants and Tight dresses. Browse different styles of thong panties, choose various colors of thong panties that are available at the best price. We provide the best discounts on all thong panties. Be it flaunting sensuality in a lace panty or accentuating curves in a sexy bra, find them all at affordable prices here at your one-stop-shop.

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From the controversial ‘stripper’s panty’ status that it earned in the early 20th century, the thong has had a long, eventful, and incredibly exciting journey. We present to you the life story of this skimpy undergarment.

On the first Friday of July in the year 1946, Louis Réard, a French automobile engineer turned clothes designer, unveiled the first bikini at Piscine Molitor, a popular swimming pool in Île-de-France. He designed the bikini’s back exactly like that of a thong. The rear of the panty was just a strip of fabric running between the butt cheeks. This model did not quite impress the Italians, Spaniards, or even the Americans, who only warmed up to the thong after seeing the captivating actress Brigitte Bardot sporting the seductive undergarment. The popularity of thong steadily rose in the following decades. The rumors of Ms. Lewinsky showing them off to Bill Clinton at the White House, Sisqo’s sensual Thong Song, and Nicki Minaj’s provocative twerks in the Anaconda have all played their parts to a T in placing the thong on the pop culture map. Oscar award winner Halle Berry, J. Lo, Beyoncé Knowles, and Kim Kardashian have all worn the thong and shot to fame. And with the ‘low-rise jeans’ movement, young women began to wear thongs; exposing the slim waistband of the thong above the low jeans was and still is a trend.

The entire world is thronging for thongs and we have made sure to bring you a ton of them in fabulous prints. Buying one can be perplexing given all the different features – the rise, coverage, fabric, and types. Fret not! We are here to help you uncover truths and discover the perfect thong!


The thong is a panty tailored with narrow hip straps (also known as the waistband) and a small piece of fabric dividing the butt cheeks. Mostly worn on the beach, this panty style has another distinct advantage over the hipster; it eliminates the embarrassment from unappealing panty lines showing through your clothing. Some women shy away from thongs for the fear of discomfort. If you are one of them, we urge you to try a thong and we assure you, it is a panty style you will warm up to and enjoy.


With changing demands and trends, the thong has undergone some mind-blowing modifications. You can now find low, mid, and high waist thongs for women to suit their taste. The shaping thong is commendable customization – it is tailored with a super-wide, elastic waistband that rides up to the breasts. It nicely smoothens the contours of your tummy, hips, back, and waist all the while retaining the appeal of the thong.


While some are still warming up to the minimal rear coverage in a thong, brands have taken the sex-appeal of this sensual underwear style to a whole new level. Enter the crotchless or open-crotch or open-gusset thong! If you’re up to it, you could make an entire outfit for the night. Simply wear a matching bra and thong, maybe even include a garter belt and stockings and you’re set!

Types Of Thongs

The 4 Types of thongs are:

G-STRING: A piece of fabric in the front held in place by a couple of strings on the sides and one in the rear. This one is for the bold hearts.

MICRO THONG: A G-string with hip straps that are thicker than string. The string at the back is replaced by a slightly wide fabric, maybe about an inch. It is certainly more comfortable than the G-string and sits well on your butt.

T-BACK: This thong panty looks like a wide T from the back. It has wider straps and a somewhat wide back allowing for more coverage than the itsy-bitsy G-string. It is one of the more comfortable thong styles with the waistband hugging your hips!

TANGA: Tangas are the most coveted thongs. They have the construct of a regular panty, except in the rear which is designed to expose your derrière. In essence, the tanga has you covered everywhere, except your bum. These are perfect for everyday wear.