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  6. Susie Black Beauty Padded Wired Strappy Neckline Lace Bra
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  7. Taabu Bay Green Padded Wirefree Bottom Lace Plunge Bra
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  8. Susie Fenugreek Skin Non Padded Moulded Plunge Bra
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  9. Susie Black Moulded Floral Lace Bra
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  10. Susie Fiery Red Wired Full Coverage Padded Lace Bra
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  11. Susie Black Beauty Wirefree M Frame Hi Support Minimizer Bra
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  12. Susie White Padded Wired Lace Strap Designer Plunge Bra
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  13. Taabu Black Beauty Heart Print Padded Wirefree T shirt Bra
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  14. Susie Black Beauty Mesh Neckline Non Padded Everyday Bra
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  15. Susie Deep Green Padded Wired Balconette Designer Bra
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  16. Taabu Salmon Peach Animal Print Padded Wirefree T shirt Bra
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  17. Susie Fiery Red Wirefree Full Coverage No Sag M Frame Bra
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  18. Susie Skin Satin Neck Cotton Padded Everyday Bra
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  19. Taabu Black Beauty Lace Strap Padded Wirefree T shirt Bra
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  20. Susie Stormfront Grey Encircled Wirefree Full Coverage Everyday Bra
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The Ultimate Guide for Buying a Bra

A bra (ब्रा), is an inner garment that covers a woman’s chest. Not only do bras provide comfort and help in achieving a perfect look, they support the breasts and boost confidence as well. With the right bra, women can do wonders, which is why it is important to choose the right kind for every occasion. From daily wear to intense workouts, bras are your best friend. And this is why there are certain bras that are crafted for specific occasions.

Buying ladies' undergarments in retail shops can be uncomfortable and women often end up choosing the wrong types of bra. You can find the right bra online in India at Shyaway. Shopping bra online is one of the best ways to choose the right type of bra. From stylish to comfortable—and add offers and combos to that—online bra shopping comes with many perks. Women bra online stores have many different varieties like cotton bra, minimiser bra, push-up bra, plunge bra, fashion bra, and so much more. Shyaway is your one-stop-shop to buy bras online, with unbelievable online bra offers at the lowest price.

Types of Bra Online

1.Bra Online in India

Shyaway bras are tailored with the main aim to provide support and comfort daily. Bras like beginners, bralette, cami, everyday, minimiser, pushup,nursing, T shirt bra and more. From your favorite styles like backless, bridal, casual, designer, moulded and more that will fit the breasts perfectly. Shyaway is your go-to-destination for lingerie collection for women as it is available in all shapes and sizes, and comes with fantastic designs.

2. Cotton Bra Sets Online

Most suited for summer as well as daily occasions, cotton bras provide the best support and breathability. Cotton bras are skin-friendly and the fibers provide utmost comfort for women. Shop the best cotton bra online for women at Shyaway with amazing bra offers online. 

3. T-Shirt Bra Online For Women

T-shirt bras are an ideal choice for daily usage. It is lightweight provides a sense of comfort to carry out your daily work with ease. Its seam-free cups stay invisible under clothing, showing no bra lines from outside. Shyaway has the most stylish t-shirt bra online, tailored for design and comfort.

4. Sports Bra Online For Women

Wearing a sports bra doesn’t mean you cannot wear it otherwise; it is not just for sporty occasions. It is one of the most comfortable types of lingerie for women. These bras have no place for discomfort as it does not let the breast tissues sag. Its breathable fabric absorbs sweat during intense workouts. Shyaway brings you a wide range of sports bras online in India. 

5. Nursing Bra 

Shyaway’s nursing bras online make it easier for new mothers as it provides great support and relief for them. The bras are designed to support the breasts, which might feel heavier during pregnancy or after child-birth. It also eases the process of breastfeeding and prevents the seeping of milk.  

6. Stylish Minimiser Bra Online Shopping

A Minimiser bra is best suited for women with full busts. It covers the breasts fully and smoothens the sides, providing a smaller bust appearance. We make online shopping for stylish minimiser bras easier. You can buy a bra online at the lowest price in Shyaway.

7. Buy Fashion Bra Online

Fashion bras level up a woman’s lingerie-game by providing comfort, enhancing the posture of the body, and giving a more appealing look. Shyaway is one of the most preferable bra online stores to shop from the best-ever fashion bra collection. 

8. Online Push-Up Bra for Women

Push-up bras are one of the most popular types of bra and are widely used by women. They can make even smaller breasts appear bigger and fuller. These bras give an enhanced look and shape to the breasts and also give support to carry out daily activities. Push-up bras are available with all bra sizes in Shyaway. 

9. Bralette Bra Shopping

Bralette is designed for women to make it feel like a second skin. It is wire-free, non-padded, and seamless, having all the comfort factors required for a bra. The online bra offers at Shyaway brings you an exclusive collection of bralettes and many other types of bra. 

10. Beginners Bra For Girls Online

Beginners bra is the perfect choice for girls who just started wearinga bra. These bras come in the form of a short chemise, making them easily wearable for beginners. Beginners bra is non-padded, wire-free, and does not have hooks. Shyaway is the best place for bras online shopping in India, giving the perfect types and varieties of beginners bra collection for teenagers.

11. Bra Panty Sets Online

Bra and panty sets have become a trendy product in the Indian market. These sets are available in several varieties, crafted from different materials to boost confidence in women. A bra panty, also known as a lingerie set, is worn by women on special occasions to live and cherish the moment. Shop sexy bra panty sets online at Shyaway.

12. Stylish Ladies Bra Online

From simple everyday bras to trendy sports bras, Shyaway never compromises on style. All bras are made with a unique sense of style to provide the best experience for women. Here, style goes hand-in-hand with comfort giving you ladies the utmost satisfaction. Check out Shyaway’s online bras shopping website for gorgeous bras with eye-catching designs and jaw-dropping offers.

Importance of Wearing Different Types of Bra

Bras, be it bra size or style, it is important to choose the right type of bra for the specific occasion. Bras are designed differently for several occasions for women. From a morning walk to a fancy dinner, there are bras available for each event.

Everyday: T-shirt bras, padded bras and even low-impact sports bras are ideal for everyday clothing. They provide comfort, support and help to carry out your daily activities without any burden. Buy bra online at Shyaway, and choose the best bra for everyday activities.

Sports Activities: Sports bras (low, medium and high impact) and racerback bras are the best-suited lingerie for women indulging in sports activities like running, jogging, intense workout, weight lifting and much more. Buy ladies bras (लेडीज ब्रा) online at Shyaway website for the best collection of sports bras.

Social Events: Bras like fashion bra, lace bra, push-up bra, strapless bra, bralette, balconette bra, plunge bra, stick on and transparent bra will be the best bra for women to wear during parties, weddings and other social events. Of course convenience plays a major role, which is why we offer the best quality. Buy stylish Bra online at Shyaway, where you can find varieties of bras crafted to enhance your look and elegance. Shyaway has made stylish bra online shopping easier providing a wide range of collections at affordable prices.

Pregnancy and Postpartum: New mothers would require a bra that is easy-to-open to feed their baby. A nursing bra is the right type of bra to wear during pregnancy and after childbirth. Buy affordable bras online at Shyaway, designed to serve your needs.


1. Which bra is best for ladies?

The proper size which fits you like a frame is the best bra that you can ever wear. Search our bras shop that is made up of exclusive lingerie fabrics like

  • pure cotton,
  • cotton and spandex
  • polyamide
  • lace
  • nylon
  • spandex
  • polyester
  • silk

Last but not least, the seams should be intact and should have impeccable finishing.

2. Which Type of bra is best?

Every type of bra provides a different function depending on the wearer’s need and occasion.

  • A T-shirt bra is best when you wear any apparel that has a body-hugging fit and is made up of clingy fabric, as a t-shirt bra hides the nipple properly and gives a smooth figure.

  • A nursing bra provides the best pampering and comfort for new mothers.

Likewise, you should choose your bras based on its functionality to fulfill your needs.

3. How to measure bra size?

To calculate your bra size (ब्रा साइज) using the underbust and overbust measurements. Your band measurement is subtracted from the bust measurement and the relevant bra sizes with cup sizes for different lingerie brands are displayed for your ease of purchase.

Underbust measurement in cm Overbust measurement in cm Standard size Sister sizes
75 95 34D 32E,36C
80 95 36B 34C, 38A
83 98 38A 36B
4. How to wear a Bra?

1. Glide your arms through the shoulder straps and position the bra cups on your breasts.
2. Bend forward so that your breasts plunge into the bra cups nice and perfect.
3. Clasp the band in the first hook at the edge of the bra band.
4. Adjust shoulder straps using sliders.
5. Slightly bend forward and swipe your palms inside the cups to tuck your breasts into position.

Buy women bra online on Shyaway to flaunt stylish looks every day. It offers extreme comfort, snug fit, and support without compromising style.

Conclusion :

Now that you already know the immense benefits of wearing a bra for ladies, surf at Shyaway and grab the perfect bra designed for your breast shape and size.