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Boast your beloved close-fitting dress with a firm body line in a body shaper shapewear from The open bust fabrication allows you to match it with your favourite push up bra. Choose a cotton panty for a whole day comfort in your shapewear.

SHAPEWEAR – Lifts, enhances and sculpts your curves the right way

Shape wear is basically an inner garment worn to control or limit the display of bodily features. Shape wear comes in various levels of controls that differ in terms of how much it provides in terms of compression such as low compression, medium compression, strong or high compression.

Most of the women in the world wish that they were thinner or had bodies like those models and actresses that they view on screen. Here comes the role of shape wear. If you cannot sculpt your body, there are ways to make it seem as if your body is slimmer and in shape than it really is.

At Shyaway we look to meet all your needs by a full range of body shapers that give you an opportunity to look good and feel confident and that can be worn comfortably under your clothing that include top brands such as Enamor, Amante, Jockey, Hanes and Laavian.

Every woman can achieve to get the perfect hourglass figure if they equip themselves with the right shapewear that attack the fat target zone, so it’s time to stop worrying about how you look in your clothes.

For example if you want to suck or tuck in a lot of fat you need to use high level compression shape wear, whereas you can make do with a low compression if you just want to get a streamlined appearance.

So if you are looking for shapewear that is comfortable, easy-to-wear and instantly slim, flatten or enhance your breast, waist, stomach, hip, thighs, buttocks and legs and give you the figure that you have always desired, Shyaway is the one-stop-shop for all your shapewear needs.

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  • Shyle Hot Pink Camisole Shapewear with Padded Built in Bra

    Shyle Hot Pink Camisole Shapewear with Padded Built in Bra

  • Shyle Black Camisole Shapewear with Padded Built in Bra

    Shyle Black Camisole Shapewear with Padded Built in Bra

  • Shyle Grey Camisole Shapewear with Padded Built in Bra

    Shyle Grey Camisole Shapewear with Padded Built in Bra

  • Shyle White Camisole Strappy Back Shapewear With Removable Cups

    Shyle White Camisole Strappy Back Shapewear With Removable Cups



Always dreamt of having an awe-inspiring shape in your favourite figure hugging dress? A body shaper shapewear comes to the rescue. It is a one piece finely fabricated slimmer that supports your body curves wherever necessary and works best under your tight-fit clothes. Contouring your body line on special occasions has now become easy with this shapewear. A body shaper comes in different sizes making it easy for women to choose the one that fits them perfectly. It leaves you in a well-defined waistline, tucked in tummy and a firmer back. The hi-stretch spandex fabric is made of tightly knit yarns that provide utmost comfort and an adorable shape. Buy a body shaper shapewear online to smoothen out your bulges at the right places and to bring out an exuberant figure. Research has also proved that wearing a body shaper can correct your posture, thus reducing back pain.


Some women feel that it is a tough task to carry a body shaper at ease for one whole day. It is actually not that difficult to sport it if worn in a proper way. It is required to first step into the shapewear and then pulling it upwards. Always remember to first slip on your panty before adjusting your body in a shapewear. A seamless cotton panty is preferred as it will give a soft feel inside your shapewear, avoiding panty lines. Body shaper comes with strong broad straps that give extreme support and maintains your body in a good posture all day long. Choose a thinly strapped body shaper to avoid peeping out of your sleeveless dress. The elastane fabric retains your perfect shape for long hours being invisible beneath your clothes. Slipping on your body shaper slowly and patiently can avoid tangling. A same-colour matching push up bra or padded bra enhances your bust naturally and highlights your dreamy curves.


Every woman’s idea of having a perfect shape differs. In case, you want to highlight specific curves of your body by flattening certain areas, you can always go in for other types of shapewears that are available on For instance, a tummy shaper shapewear leaves you with a flattened tummy whereas a thigh shaper shapewear mainly targets your thighs giving good compression for sexy legs. You can also add a twist with a butt shapewear. It gracefully lifts your butt making you a show stealer.


Tired of searching a store to pick your perfect slim wear? Shyaway exhibits an enticing selection of affordable shapewears from premier brands. Jockey, along with its active sportswear collection, has come up with its range of shapewear. Each piece of Jockey shapewear is crafted in soft fabric considering the temperature variations of the Indian climates. Similarly, Enamor is another brand with high-quality body shapers. You can always pick a matching Enamor bra for that sublime figure. Body shaper shapewears come with two colour options, nude and black. It is best to have both the colours in your lingerie closet so that it is easier to swap depending on whether you wear a light or dark coloured dress. Glam up those special evenings in your most-loved attires with zero worries. Feel beautiful inside and out with this seamless slimmer.

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