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Bridal Panties -Bridal panties are tailored with exquisite fabrics to make you feel special. It is not only for brides but also for all the women who want to slay sexily. Wedding Panties Come In Different Size, Color, and Size.

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  1. Shyle Sky Blue Lace Print Plus Size Hipster Panty
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  2. Shyle Nude Lace Print Plus Size Hipster Panty
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  3.  Shyle White Scallop Lace Embellished Plus Size Hipster Panty
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  4. Shyle Pink Lace Print Plus Size Hipster Panty
    4.2 (6)
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  5. Shyle Sky Blue Lace Front Plus Size Hipster Panty
    4.2 (5)
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  6. Shyle Ivory Lace Front Plus Size Hipster Panty
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Buy Bridal Panties Online from Shyaway 

What Are Bridal Panties?

Bridal panties are sexy and romantic underwear that every bride would love to wear on her important day. These bridal underwears are crafted with no rear coverage and these hot panties are made with seamless fabrics like cotton, lace, and spandex materials to provide you with the perfect comfort on your biggest day and also don’t forget to choose the bridal bra that matches your wedding dress panties in our Shyaway. 

How to Find the Perfect Bridal Panty

Marriage and honeymoon are the most important part of every woman's life. So choosing the perfect wedding undergarments has become the most important responsibility. When you are on the hunt for the perfect wedding underwear and honeymoon panty make sure you find the matching undergarments for a wedding dress. 

Both your bridal panty and honeymoon panty beholds the special moments that you experience in your life. Shyaway has a wide collection of vibrant panties for the bride that comes in exquisite styles like thongs, g-strings, v-cut, bikinis, lace panties, printed and sexy panties. Shop bridal underwear and bridal panties online on Shyaway’s unique collection of bridal women’s panties and bras to complement your romantic honeymoon and wedding outfits. 

Types of Bridal Underwear

Avoid wearing normal panties on the wedding day and honeymoon. Make it more special by opting for special bridal panties and honeymoon panties. Check out the following varieties of bridal underwear from Shyaway’s fun collections. 

1. Thong

With the changing trends, thongs have become one of the most popular female panties among all the generation of women.In recent times, thongs have undergone a humongous style change. Choose from low, mid, and high waist thongs based on your taste or experiment with a new style in a new colour with our latest thong collections.

2. G-string 

G- string is also another type of thong which is a piece of fabric that has strings attached to the sides and one to the rear. These types of hot panties are widely used for honeymoon for sexy and spiced up appearance. 

3. Lace bridal panties

A lace panty is a must-have for all women. That too if you are a bride to be, then lace panty is an essential one on your checklist. Lace panties are not only sheer and stylish they are also the most comfortable one which gives a royal sheer look under any outfit. 

4. Plus Size Bridal Panty 

Just like other normal panties even bridal panties also have the plus-size to embellish your sexy curves on your wedding day. Shop your favourite bridal panty from Shyaway to flaunt your wedding look and honeymoon night. 

Why Should Every Woman Have Bridal Underwear?

Your wedding checklist comes up with lots of stuff like bridal makeup, bridal accessories, wedding dress, honeymoon outfits, and so on. But what about bridal underwear? One must not forget about how important it is to have wedding undergarments and bridal bras. Check out what makes bridal panties important in every bride’s checklist. 

A Higher Level of Comfort 

Many girls think that these panties are uncomfortable and they refrain from wearing thongs and g-strings. But thongs and g-strings are the most comfortable panties as they almost have no fabrics at the back which provides you with a higher level of comfort throughout your day.  

Enhances Sexy Appearance 

G- string is the sexiest panties of all. These panties have a special power in elevating your sexy look on sultry nights. These hot panties not only elevate your sexy appearance but also boosts your confidence. 

Provides Natural Shape 

As these panties don’t have fabric at the back they provide your butt with the natural shape and also saves you from the visible panty lines. 

No Clinging 

The greatest advantage of these panties is that they never ride or cling up. Hence most women prefer thongs for weddings. As they remain static and don't show off those panty lines.  

Numerous Variety 

The best part about bridal underwear is that you get to shop a lot of varieties of bridal panties and hot panties according to your outfit and occasion. From comfy cotton to exotic lace panties you get the chance to buy a range of styles from Shyaway. 

When it comes to wedding undergarments make sure you head to Shyaway because we have a variety of bridal panties with matching bridal bras to flaunt your wedding look. Shop our bridal underwear and honeymoon panty online where you get to shop your favorites in all sizes, styles, and fabrics according to your own preferences. Enjoy your breezy shopping online and experience romantic comfort with our bridal undergarments.