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Lightly padded bra - Shyaway displays a stunning selection of lightly padded bra for an elegant look and feel. Flaunt your natural curves on a casual day in an everyday bra with a complementing breezy cotton panty!

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In today’s world of fashion evolution, woman look forward for a large variety of products especially when it comes to lingerie sets, they are keenly looking for the best quality products. your one-stop online marketing place specially meets the inner sense of woman. Comfort is the most advantageous word, while searching for bra. Lightly Padding bras are now part of the classy lingerie slab. Some woman feels irritated by using regular bra with pointy cups and hard straps. We bring you the ultimate collection of lightly padded bras in variety of designs and shades.


Now a day’s lightly padded can be found in almost all bras like everyday bras, push up, sports, nursing bra and much more for extra comfort. These bras are more comfortable than the regular ones, especially if your breast tissues are particularly sensitive and easy to get hurt.  Only bras with such padding can provide the relief for your breasts. This type of padded bras not only help women who wear push up bras for tiny breasts but also for big breasted women who have a cheek and round shape boobs. In the support department, padded bras can also provide greater uplift and support. Women who have sensitive breast tissue can find this lightly padded bra more comfortable, mainly girls who have just reached the puberty stage can wear beginners bra with slight padding formula as it smoothens your skin and gives you a relaxed feeling. Bras with light padded cups are usually made of soft cotton candy and spandex for a smooth stretchy comfy feel.

Every women wish to have the best and comfy lingerie in their wardrobe. Women who have looser breast tissue and want a firm look can wear everyday day bra with light padded in it. These types of bra are crafted with full coverage formula with adjustable regular straps for a good uplifting of breasts. You can pair it with your favourite kurta, T-shirt, Top and any other outfits. The lightly padded bras have cups that are seamed, seamless and wire free for a better outcome and luxury.  While choosing the perfect bra for pregnant women’s, soft and stretchy fabricated bra is the best option that would give you proper support.


Depends on the choice of you’re the padding works out. If you chose a lightly padded bra, it is mainly for those who are keen for no nipple prominence.  When you try a lightly padded T-shirt bra on, you can put it over a shirt or any stylish tight fitting outfits for a natural-looking figure, rather than a nipple point on it. Women are always struggling to locate a suitable bra that fits them perfectly. In this bra, it could be a different size than a regular bra, so make sure that you get the right bra for your exact size.

If you prefer to buy online, then would offer you the best as the Shyaway collections of bra's fit, fabric, style, coverage, functionality, fashion, and colours vary widely. Indulge in Shyaway beautiful padded bra online collections. Smart collections always rejuvenate your fashion rulebook.