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Lace bra - Best lace bras add a crown to your special occasions. Shyaway’s wide range of bridal lingerie sets and lace panties bring out the glam and grace in you with a magical charm.

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Lace Bra - A Pretty Stuff to fall

Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful. What you wear underneath your clothes matters. If a woman is wearing something beautiful underneath her clothing, she sends a powerful message to herself and the world. Exuding a timeless classic charm, Lace bra is one of the most flattering garments that compliment every woman’s body. When it comes to sexy bras, shyaway brings you a collection of unmatched quality products.

Lovable picks from Online lace bra collections

Shyaway online shopping offers a lace bra of various styles, brands, and material that even suits the needs of ideal ones. Add flavors of comfort and style with these lace bras to your wardrobe. These collections of lace bra are fashioned out for grand occasions and special moments. Every woman likes to look modern and there’s an edgy glamour to glow in shyaway bras. Unveil your stunning look with these super sexy lace bras with demi and full coverage formula. Demi coverage lace bras will have a deep neckline that is even more heavenly, the beautiful is lightly padded bra conforms to your curves with stretchy lace sides for a flawless, ultra-comfy fit. Full coverage lace bras give you complete support with no cleavage to show off. Lace bras come in vibrant prints and subtle shades to highlight your fashion. The lace cups have level 2, level 3, soft padded, unpadded, and padded bra patterns for natural shaping and uplifting bust for all-day comfort and confidence. Pair it with any of your favorite Kurta, saree, blouse, T-shirt, strapless dress, or tops.

Style with Lace Lingerie

Designed with front and back soft elastic adjustable straps, that bring you a sense of freedom and levels up your bust bounce control with extra grip. Detachable straps to wear the bra with no straps or with straps in criss-cross style for a chic look. They have plenty of adjustable hooks at the back with elastic bands that perfectly stretches your body. The cups are also having wirings such as seamed and seamless; underwire and wire-free that make you comfy and stylish. You also get lace panty the match to your lace bra. Shyaway identifies the latest offers from several renowned brands like Enamor, Shyle, Lovable, and Vanity Fair and maps the trend of glowing lingerie in full swing. Our features intend to get you closer to every woman’s lingerie wardrobe. Seize your day with these wonderful and luxurious collections of lace bra with lace works, printed, sexy or transparent style to enhance your chic look.

Are you searching for lace works in an everyday bra/inner sense bra/wire-free bra/t-shirt bra/sports bra/nursing bra or bra and panty set? Then you are in the right spot, provides a range of fashion through lace lingerie and enjoyable fits to keep you active and stylish from dust to dawn. Just add a touch of preppy romance to your style with Shyaway lace bra collections. We also bring you the unmatched quality of innerwear and sleepwear with lace works that are drafted with utmost creativity to give you that oh! So beautiful arrival wherever you go. 


1. Is lace bra safe on the skin?

It depends on your skin type, if you are sensitive to certain fabrics or some synthetic dyes, then lace bras can irritate. Lace was first made by hand but due to its high demand is made by machine and out of nylon fibers. Nylon is usually very smooth on the skin but when it's made into lace, the details of it may irritate when worn for more than 12 hours under a humid climate. Because nylon lace does not absorb sweat like cotton lace.

2. Will a lace bra always be transparent?

A lace bra need not always be transparent, sometimes a lace is overlaid on other materials so while on the outside it looks like a lace bra, the lace does not touch your skin. There is another foundation material on to lace that is stitched and those kinds will not show your skin. These are called lace overlay bras. But there are bralettes which are completely made of only lace, they are see-through because lace is originally made of small holes.

3. Is lace bra suitable for bigger breast sizes?

It depends on the type of bra, if the bra is constructed with a strong band that fits well then it should suit bigger breast sizes also because support is the most important thing for women with bigger breasts and the support comes from the band. People often dread bras that are fully made of lace and for the right reasons. Bras that are made purely of lace do not have stretchability or elastic, so it gives zero to minimum support.

But thankfully, we have bras that are partly lace and partly made of other fabrics. Try our Shyle underwire everyday bras to satisfy your lace fantasies and get the right support at the same time. If support is what you are looking at the most then items like Cami bras, Bralettes, and strapless bras made of lace may not be the best choice for cup sizes DD or above.

4. What are the different types of lace bras?

Lace has become a major item in the market, even markets other than clothing and lingerie use lace extensively. We understand our customers and that is why we give them lace bras in almost every type and style. There are balconettes, cami bras, cage bras, push up bras, bralettes, and bandeau bras that are crafted with gorgeous lace.

Shyaway's bralettes are dainty pieces that come in three classic shades - black, nude, white, and also striking colors like navy blue. These are tailored with removable padding.

Our lace push-up bras come in stunning colors and patterns. Depending on the amount of lift you desire, you can choose from Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 push up bras for subtle to extreme lift.

5. What is a lace bra for?

A lace bra does not have a practical function but the design and detail of lace add class, elegance, and sheer sophistication. It is also a very light-weight fabric.

Lace is a fabric that suits all body types. It is extremely versatile and can make you look slender because it does not stick to your body like cotton. It adds an element of fun and fashion, adds life to the mundane regular underwear we put on and put off.

 6. Can lace bras be padded?

Yes, lace bras can be padded just like any other bra can be. The delicate and filmy lace is always made sure to be stitched onto another piece of cloth for firmness. This enables it to be padded, underwired and more. They can even have removable padding.