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Invest in our marvellous Underwire Bras to get the perfect lift. Contour your curves and get all eyes on you; shop supremely functional T-shirt Bras with underwires here. 


The very mention of an underwire excites us but at the same time some of us are skeptical because it ‘looks’ painful and uncomfortable. Nevretheless we love its benefits. An underwire bra is a bra which has wires under the cups to give support, a lift and contour the bosom. But what it shouldn’t do is dig or chaf your skin, or even poke your skin making your uncomfortable.


Underwires are made based on the varying degrees of lift and contouring it needs to provide. The underwire is made of steel and it comes in two common shapes. Normal and U-shaped, the former is ‘O’. It is further classifised by the length and thickness of the wire. Understanding these fundamentalas about underwires will help you choose the right bra. The steel underwires have three ascpets to it which will affect its function. The length, the thickness and shape play a major role in determining the how supportive it will be when its worn. Under length, there is Normal,which is used for everyday bras, Short-which is used for plunge bras and low-neck lines and Long which is used for strapless bras.The normal length underwire ends a little above the gore, providing a slight lift and support. The short one ends a little before the gore and focuses more on lifting the breasts and contouring them. The long one goes all the way upto the gore, along side the gore, covering the whole breasts and holding it in shape and position. The science behind this is pretty simple, the thickness or the gauge of the underwire determines its strength to support the breasts more or less. The less thick it is, it is more flexible and less supportive. The thicker it is the less flexible and it is more supportive.

T-shirt Bra : A t-shirt bra is only moulded but not padded and the purpose of this Bra is to shape your breasts perfectly and make it look even and smooth from the outside. An underwire helps it do just that.

Everyday Bra : Underwires are not made just for sagging breasts, sometimes every type of breasts needs a little lift. A Regular Bra you wear through the day can also have underwires, to keep your breasts in position and leave you looking like a diva.

Pushup Bra : Duh! What’s a pushup bra without underwires! The underwire is the primary part of a Push up Bra which is what pushes the breasts up. It helps you get a good cleavage.

Padded Bra : While many think that if a bra is both padded and underwired it is a pushup bra, but that’s not true. A lightly Padded Bra with underwires is similar to an everyday bra, it conceals your nipples and gives you a great shape.

Non-padded underwire Bra : This bra’s only purpose is to support the breasts, lift them and contour them. It is a great option for maxi dresses and gowns.


At Shyaway, we give our customers a variety to choose from, simply to give them a taste of everything and an overall awesome shoppping experience. Here are the brands that sell underwire bras in the regular bra category. Buy an everyday bra with just an underwire for a subtle and comfortable lift.

Shyle is our in-house brand and is the best-selling. Shyle makes vougish padded and t-shirt underwire bras. The multipurpose bra will make you look like a diva.

Liberti World : The brand offers underwire bras for everyday use, don’t wait for an occasion, get in shape everyday.