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Transparent bra, also known as a clear bra or invisible bra, is a type of undergarment designed with clear or translucent materials for straps, sides, and sometimes cups. The transparent bra features clear or translucent materials that seamlessly blend with the skin, creating a barely-there appearance. This unique feature makes it an ideal choice for wearing under sheer or thin fabrics, as well as backless or low-cut garments. With attention to detail and a dedication to meeting the diverse needs of its customers, Shyaway consistently delivers transparent bras that combine practicality with elegance, making it the preferred choice for those seeking the best in transparent bra solutions.

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Shop Transparent Bras Online India

Transparent bras are those made with sheer fabrics such as lace, mesh, etc., and are often see-through. Shyaway is the best place to buy transparent strap bras online, full transparent bras, half transparent bras, fancy transparent bras, front transparent bras, back transparent bras, and so on. If you are looking for a girl’s transparent bra that is both functional and stylish, you have come to the right place. Here you will find bras in different styles, colours, sizes, designs, and patterns.

What is a Transparent Bra?

Transparent bras consist of fabric you will certainly be able to see through but with a slight hindrance due to the texture, weave, or pattern. In other words, they are not fully see-through like glass but have a small amount of cloudiness in the visibility of the bra fabric. Our transparent bras are made using high-quality threads that last long and offer a semi-transparent, semi-opaque, and translucent look. They are designed with fabrics like polyester, lace, nylon, nets, and mesh.

What are the Features of Shyaway Transparent Bras?

  • Lightweight - Unlike other bras, transparent bras are lightweight due to their structure, design, and composition.
  • Breathability - They are delicate, breathable, and versatile.
  • Naturally Smooth - The texture is smooth and gives perfect structure to your busts.
  • Wide Range of Hues - Our bras are available in shades of white including cream, ivory, and various other hues.
  • Countless Styling Options - You’ll commonly see sheer fabric in various types of bras such as bridal bras, lace bras, sports bras, lingerie sets, as well as workout leggings, and more.

What are the Different Types of Transparent Bra?

  1. Transparent Lace Cups - Lace bras with transparent cups are very common. The transparent cups have a sheer lace design that is see-through.

  2. Bras with Transparent Wings - A few bras are designed with transparent lace/mesh wings. These bras are aesthetically pleasing and elegant.

  3. Bras with Transparent Straps - These straps are made of soft silicone that is clear and see-through. These versatile full transparent straps allow multiple styling.

  4. Bras with Clear Bra Band - These are backless bras that come with a clear silicone band that is adjustable and detachable.

  5. Partially Transparent Bras - Some bras have mesh/sheer fabric at the center gore or straps. Most often, the sheer detailing is for design purposes similar to the purpose of bows in a bra.

  6. Designer Back Bras - A few front open bras have sheer fabric at the back making it a valid transparent back bra.

  7. Non-Padded Transparent Bras - They are often non-padded because padding makes the bra opaque and it cannot be classified as see-through bras.

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Ideal Dresses to Wear with Shyaway Transparent Bra

Transparent bras are made of sheer fabric that showcases a portion of your beautiful skin. Unlike its name, the bra is not fully transparent. You may find transparent fabric in every style of bra. Lace bras, sports bras, seamed bras, non-padded bras, and plunge bras are available in sheer/transparent fabric. So, they are suitable for all kinds of outfits. 

It’s easy to find a suitable transparent bra for every outfit. Here’s a quick guide to choosing yours.

Outfit Styles

Bra Suggestions

Broad/Square Neck

Balconette bras, Bras with wide-set straps
T-shirt T-shirt bras, Seamless bras
Off-shoulder or Strapless Outfit Transparent strap bras, Tube bras, Strapless bras
Deep neck Plunge Bras
Tricky Outfits Bras with multiway straps
Sports Outfits Mesh sports bras, Racerback sports bras
Backless Outfit Transparent back bras, Stick-on bras
Beach Outfits Halterneck bras, Fancy back bras
Tank Tops Halterneck bras


Also, remember, you may not be able to wear transparent bras as a top wear just like how you wear your bralette. However, if you still wish to style it, you will need a tank top, shrug, or jacket to wear over the bra.

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How to Choose a Transparent Bra?

Firstly, choose bras suitable for your body shape and breast type. Secondly, measure your bra size and refer to the size chart and Shyway bra size calculator to find the perfect size and fit. Thirdly, choose bras based on your outfit, neckline, and colour.

How to Wear a Transparent Bra?

  1. Slip into your bra and lean forward allowing your breast to settle into the cups naturally.
  2. Hook the bras and ensure the bra band stays straight and isn't riding up.
  3. Adjust the straps using the slider making sure they are perfect.

Difference Between a Transparent Bra and a Regular Bra

Transparent Bra Regular Bra
A regular bra with see-through fabric is known as a transparent bra. The fabric of a regular bra may not be see-through.
It exposes a small amount of skin. It hides the skin with a thick layer of fabric.


How to Take Care of Transparent Bras?

These bras will last longer if they are given the proper maintenance.

  • Machine wash the bra in a delicate cycle or hand wash in cold water
  • Do not twist the fabric 
  • Dry it under shade to protect the colour for a longer duration
  • Do not iron as they are made from delicate fabric 

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Buy Transparent Bras at Shyaway

If you are looking for good bras with transparent straps, cups, or bands, Shyaway is the best choice. We have the best transparent bras that are suitable for every occasion. You can buy them at the best price. Shop them online now and experience comfort and style.

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