Racerback bra

Racerback Bra - For the love of tank tops, racerback bra becomes a savior. Our women racerback activewear is the perfect outfit to hit the gym. Racerback sportswear saves your day from sliding shoulder straps. Shyaway houses the finest Racerback bra, women racerback activewear in exclusive designs, colors, styles, and patterns for all your workout needs. Shop our exclusive women sportswear collections now.

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What is Racerback?

Racerback bras serve the greater purpose of support without much hassle in the strapping zone. In general, the two straps that run on the shoulder on either side of the neck get connected to the central strap from the back of the bra constituting a Y or V-shaped pattern in a racerback bra.

Who could wear?

For all the ladies who await support for their workout chores, Racerbacks are scripted for you, But these are versatile, could be just worn under practically anything. In real-time, the racerback community encloses the ladies who have given up on sliding shoulder straps and the agony of it, the ladies who go head over heels for the tank tops and summers, And above all the ladies who enjoy the merry of wearing a racerback to hit the gym.

When to wear?

We have those summer days when our life totally relies on slip-on and tank tops, and our bra plays peek a boo from inside, that’s when racerbacks tend to be wardrobe-essentials. The days when your everyday Bra straps fail you at its flexibility and you still crave for support, run to your racerbacks.