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Trouble-free everyday panties are a boon to the women of today! Look and feel effortless in Shyaway’s spend-worthy Cotton Bra and team it with a feather-light pair of Bikini Panties.

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All of us are well aware that Bras and Panties are an everyday affair. They stay like second skin, all day long without the slightest hindrance to our daily chores. These hour-long companions deserve special attention, don’t they? May be, that’s the reason, today we take some time off to bring into light the significance of Everyday Panties and how these vital winners are modified to adapt themselves beneath every outfit, sitting with utmost ease. Talking about the modernized panties of today, they are improvised versions of what used be sold as regular briefs. A lot of factors such as style, changing trends, and launch of freshly-fashioned attires influenced the Lingerie Brands and undergarment designers to think beyond stereotypes in bringing newer patterns and comfort-oriented inners.


With India’s climate being generously hot during most time of the year, it is no wonder that our country’s women have made the wisest choice of choosing cotton over anything else when it comes to dailywear intimates. This feather-light fabric is soft, soothing and smooth on the skin, absorbing moisture, keeping infections and rashes at bay. At Shyaway, the wellness of cotton is put to best use in the making of everyday panties in a variant of patterns. Liberti World, Shyle, and Susie, apart from their reigning range of cotton bras, have also lined-up panties in this soft knit.

BUOYANT BIKINIS - Leaving aside the lengthy descriptions on how a bikini looks, let’s move on to its functional aspect. Though initially introduced as a swimwear, the comfort factor and the ease of wearing these best mates made it receive a warm welcome into the everyday closet. This low-rise panty is sleek, serene, simple and extremely satisfactory as it goes great underneath any casual and formal outfit. 

P.S. Opt the full coverage ones for added coziness and the medium-coverage bikinis for minimal rear closure.

BENEFIC BOYSHORTS - The name explains everything that you need to know. Similar in appearance to men’s boxers, these closely-knit undergarments extend up to mid-thigh. Women who would like to grab some extra front and rear coverage are more than welcome to opt this style. Sits comfortably at mid-waist level and is a great pick under formal and casual skirts and micro-minis to ditch those uncomfortable pair of tights.

Tip of the era! Choose a pair of nude panties in this style to get rid of revealing panty colors with white skirts and trousers.

 HAPPENING HIPSTERS - Never knew Hipsters were so much fun until the labels Shyle and Susie introduced them with chirpy prints and finesse lace trims. How these cozy hip-huggers sit so comfortably, giving great fit and closure at the fuller hips is a different story in itself.

Shyaway’s Special! Not exactly cotton, but made of equally efficient polyamides, the denim printed hipster panties at Shyaway are revolutionary and drool-worthy additions.

TRUST-WORTHY THONGS - More on the sexier side, we can sense the skeptical thoughts that keep fiddling your mind on wearing thongs on a daily basis. Well, it isn’t that bad, after all, to try these super-soft minimized-fabric panties to your 9 to 5 collection. This is the perfect choice for those who would love to scale-down on the rear coverage. A Thong Panty is, in fact, a savior during those days when you are all-set to wear a close-fit pair of trousers or leggings as it eliminates the uninvited appearance of sneaky panty lines. Hot or not? A definite yes! If cotton thongs could ooze so much charm, then just imagine the amount of oomph the lace panties in the same crafting could offer.

G-STRING GALORE - A must-go panty, especially during the summer! Though g-strings have all the right reasons to get paired with babydolls, these feather-light undies are no-less of an everyday wear, mainly because of their barely-there look and feel.

Glee or glamour?   May be both! It wouldn’t hurt to add some spice to your regular days with a pair of these sexy softies, would it?