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Shopping for g-strings and thongs is now in trend with the exclusive range available on shyaway.com. Pair it with a transparent bra to show off your glam appeal or sport it along like a dailywear cotton panties to eliminate visible panty lines.

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V-shaped lace panty is for no show through. Shop beautifully crafted g-string panty from our site shyaway and say bye-bye to panty lines when worn with form-fitting dresses. 

Put on your favourite g-string and walk with confidence

G-string is an innerwear many women prefer wearing them but many don’t. The underwear is triangle shaped or V-shaped held by strings and the purpose remains minimal coverage in the genital area. The narrow piece of fabric remains lace or cotton and it passes between the buttocks attached to the waistband around the hips. It is worn as a swimwear or as a bikini panty with a suitable bra. G-string looks similar to that of a thong and to have a look of the panty, you may browse through shyaway.com online. The cotton g-string remains comfortable to be worn as an everyday wear. To buy an amazing piece of g-string online, visit our shopping site shyaway.

Why you must have g-string in your drawer

G-string is a panty you cannot ignore due to some reasons.

  • Delicate fabric – G-string panty uses delicate fabric like satin, chiffon, georgette or linen. The panty will sit at the boundary around your butt.
  • Seamless type – The lace panty will remain seamless and perfect to be worn under tight fitted dresses. If you wear normal panties under figure-hugging dress the seams will protrude outline on your backside. So buy g-string online to be worn with modern outfits.
  • Trendy beachwear – everyone these days prefer going to the beach wearing thongs. Try out g-string this time as beachwear. They remain comfortable even if your get soaked in the water.
  • Perfect for low waist jeans – If your wardrobe is filled with latest style low waist jeans, have few pairs of g-string panty in your closet. If you are wearing a colored panty, it may show from the top of your low waist jeans. So buy g string from shyaway and pair with jeans.
  •  Remains safe with short dresses – if planning to wear short skirts, you must have a pair of g-string with you. The panties would remain safe and you will feel the comfort when worn under short dresses. 

What shyaway has to offer you this summer

Yes, g-string is a must have for this summer. If confused where to go and buy the transparent panty. Click on our website shyaway.com and have a look what we offer in sexy panty category.

  • Printed g-string – we have few collections of cool prints perfect to be worn for summer. The fabric remains cotton and you may wear them with Jeans or short skirts.
  • Cotton rich panty – The panty remains a perfect everyday wear and the low rise panty will remain seamless. The high-quality fabric will remain soft and smooth to your skin.
  • Lace g-string panty – This is something you shouldn’t miss out on our website shyaway. They look extremely beautiful and perfect to be worn with same color lace panty. They remain smooth to your skin and the front portion will remain covered.
  • Low-rise panty – you can try our low rise g-string to be worn with modern outfits and jeans. They are available in different colors. Say goodbye to the plain innerwear and wear the low rise panty as an everyday wear.

Tips to pick up g-string panty for regular use

If you are new to the less coverage panty world, browse through our website shyaway and have a look how the g-string seems to be and what type of fit they provide you. You must use the panty regularly to remain comfortable in it. After few days of wearing g- string, you will fall in love with the type. You should try different fabrics. Cotton remains breathable and lace remains stretchy. Make sure when you wear the panty with short dresses they don’t rise above your belt line. Get your favourite g-string panty from shyaway.


1. How is a g-string panty different from normal panties?

G-string panties

Regular panties

• Offer zero rear coverage

• Offer full/ demi rear coverage

• Thin waistband

• Broad/ regular waistband

• A thin strip of fabric connects the crotch to the back of the waistband

• A regular-sized fabric with good closure connects the crotch to the back of the waistband

• Less possibility of visible panty lines because of minimal fabric

• Possibility of visible panty lines

• Best fit with leggings and skin-fit trousers

• Best fit with any outfit

• Occasion: Honeymoon & beach vacations

• Occasion: Dailywear

2. Is g-string a thong?

  • Yes, g-string panties are a minimalist style of thongs and are mainly sought when you want to wear a pair of panties yet refrain from bearing bulky underwear fabrics. 

  • While thongs were initially designed to eliminate visible panty lines, g-strings also carried a glam appeal along with dealing with VPLs.

3. What are the advantages of wearing G-string panties?

G-string panties Advantages
• feel light on the skin
• chafe-free because of the minimal fabric used
• thin waistband appropriate for low-waist skirts and trousers
• eliminate the possibility of visible panty lines
• can be alternated as a swimwear
• best fit with leggings, and figure-hugging clothes