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34b bra - For all the archetype girls who can always be secure and ready to flaunt, our 34b Bras are crafted for you. Begin your tour to find everything from Regular Bras to Pushup Bras and racer-backs here.

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1. Can a 34b size wear a pushup bra?

A. Yes, anyone can wear a Pushup Bras. Pushup bras are not just to make you appear a size or two bigger, but the shape and contour your curves unthinkably well that it is irresistible for any woman.  For a 34b, we recommend a Level 1 or Level 2 pushup bra. As the level goes up, so does the thickness of the padding. Our Shyle Push Up Bras come with superb angular padding that promises a perfect contouring for your bosom, it will change your posture and make your upper body look flawless in anything you wear.

2. What are the sister sizes for 34b bra?

A. The sister sizes for 34B are 36A and 32C. While looking for sister sizes, there are three ways to arrive at a similar bra size. You could go up a band size and go down a cup size, or you could go down a band size and go up a cup size. If you are going down a band size, wear the Bra in the loosest hook; this will help the band elastic to last longer also this would be comfortable since you are already a size down. Even though the sizes seem different, the measurements are the same and they correspond to 34B.

3. What are the styles that will suit a B cup size?

A. More than determining what styles would suit your cup size, it is wiser to determine your breast shape. This is because breast shapes are what will help you find the right style of Bra. There are seven common breast shapes such as Teardrop, Bell-shape, Round, Asymmetrical, East-West, Slender and Side set. You could also be a combination of two shapes.

Although in addition to this, you could try a demi-cup bra or a Racer-back bra that will accentuate your curves. A demi-cup bra covers half your breasts which will reveal a bit of your cleavage, therefore making it appear fuller and in a racer-back, you can always flaunt your arms and go bare on the sleeves or the back.

4. What measurements qualify as B cup size?

A. Bra sizes comprise band size and bust size, the alphabet being the band size and the number is the bust size. Cup sizes are determined by calculating the band size and bust size, take a measuring tape to measure them and the difference between the band and bust size will give you your cup size. If the difference is 1, the cup size is A and if the difference is 2 the cup size is B and so on. However these measurements differ from brand to brand, so it is best to study the size chart and measure yourself again before buying a new brand.

5. Can I find a nursing bra in 34b size?

A. Yes, our Nursing Bra range starts from size 32B. And 34B is available in all styles, all our nursing bras are 100% cotton and come in three types; snap-fasteners, sliders, and clip-on! Snap-fasteners is a type of closure in nursing bras that have cups that are attached to the straps via buttons, these buttons can be removed to open the cups for feeding and fastened once you are done. Sliders are the type where the bra does not have defined gore, the cups have a pocket-like opening wherein it can be slid open for nursing and vice versa. Clip-on is also a type of closure that is similar to detachable strap bras but in this case, the cups are removed for breastfeeding and then can be clipped back on.

They also come in sexy demi-cups and have a thin padding to conceal your nipples.