Pregnancy Bra (प्रेगनेंसी ब्रा)

Pregnancy bra (प्रेगनेंसी ब्रा) - Celebrate your motherhood days with Online Pregnancy Bras from Discover all-new collections of Cotton Bra and Cotton Panty for a comfortable day ahead.

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Are you pregnant or feeding? Then you should be familiar with the uneasiness and frustrations caused by wearing those pre-pregnancy or Dailywear Bras. Now it’s time to revamp your wardrobe, you can’t hold on with ordinary bras during this stage. It’s the 4th week of pregnancy like tummy size differs, the bust size also varies that no longer holds the two rounds in a cup. ‘Oops! The ribs have got widen and the bust enlarged. I can’t fit myself in my regular ones’ says so. This means you have got a problem to deal with. To make the conversation short, during the pregnancy and nursing period, you need an innovative addition of Lingerie to keep you safe and comfortable. So, it’s time to take a leap into the world of pregnancy bras! Are you still on the fencing wondering which type of maternity bra to wear on those feathery days? Not to worry, has compiled some types of bra that are best avoiding breast sagginess or stretch marks in a comfy appeal.


Before purchasing Maternity Bra or Nursing Bra Online, one must know the benefits and functions of it. Some may get confused about the term maternity and nursing, thinking both are the same. But truthful, both are different. Maternity bras are used by pregnant ladies before the delivery phase. While nursing bras are used by women after delivery stage, for baby feeding. Now, many bring in the quest that why can’t I wear a normal bra during pre-delivery or pregnancy period? I won’t say that it is compulsory to wear a maternal bra till the 35th week. This type of bra just gets ultimate comfort, as you might come across contrasting difficulties. This bra looks like a regular styled bra but fabricated with extra cotton and extra smoothness making you feel fresh and lively all day long. You will also find light paddings in the cups that protect your soft breast tissues and avoid leakage. Indeed you can also wear a lightly padded T-shirt bra while going for a walk. The tiny little prints all-over the bra will make you feel dreamy in comfy. Now, when you athwart the benefits of having a feeding bra. This bra is otherwise known as a nursing bra worn by mothers while feeding her little child. This blushing bra has wide stretchy soft straps that stay in a place without digging in shoulders and support the bust from dropping. The main specialty of this kind of brassiere is that it has flaps or front openings just like a front open bra that makes the mother easy to feed. This cotton fabricated bra comes in fuller cups giving full coverage. Looking at the shades, you will find light color with tiny prints giving an elegant posh. PS, “A pregnancy bra is comfortable, reliable, stylish, shape, flexible, provides uninterrupted nursing, good health for both child and mother.”


‘When to buy to maternity bra?’ pregnant woman after her 4th week finds variations and difficulties in breast sizing’s, it is wise to buy a maternal bra at that phrase. Where to buy pregnancy bra? You may find hesitated to buy bras at a lingerie store, so online sites like shyaway, one of the best online lingerie sites in India for women bring the best-branded Bra, Panty and Nightwears, has come up with comfort-giving soft nursing bras that have style and shades to choose with. One must have at least 2 or 3 sets of the bra so that she can wash and use them regularly. Washing your brassieres in hand gives them a lifelong guarantee. How to buy it? Before shopping bras online, one must go on with the bra size calculator for the perfect fitting band and cup size. Experience the latest mother-comforter bras online at special offers! Enjoy shopping!