Pyjama Set Sleepwear

Unwind your day lounging around Pyjama Sleepwears with a coffee on hand in divan for the best day-to-go. You may likely pair it up with a soft Cotton Bra and a Cotton Panty from shyaway effortlessly. 

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  1. Shyaway Paisley Purple Floral Print Full Length Pyjama Pants
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  2. Shyaway Fiery Red Check Print Full Length Pyjama Pants
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  3. Shyaway Coral Blush FLoral Print Full Length Pyjama Pants
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  4. Shyaway Ocean Blue Leaf Print Full Length Pyjama Pants
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  5. Shyaway Yellow Printed Nightwear Pyjama Pant
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It’s been a tiresome dayout, wearing fashionable and tight-fitting clothings. It’s even harder going with them as Nightwears. Hmm! You really need a back-up girl! Relax yourself lounging around home in soft loose fitting pyjama sleepwear sets for a warmer styling. Regardless to the shape and style, this cloth is best worn to bed. Hearing the word ‘Pyjama’, many comes with a question, what is it? How will it be like? Pyjama otherwise called as pajamas, pajamas, paejamas and the abridged pj’s, is a leg garment for sleeping or lounging, worn by woman, man and even children. This soft garment consists of one or two piece of loosely fitting pants with comfy sleeve or sleeveless tops. Woman likely wear a soft cotton Everyday Bra and a cotton panty beneath this fashionable garment for the best sleep performance. Imaging the popularity of pajamas nightwear, it is traditionally viewed as a basic functional garment reflecting comfort and fashion enviably.


While looking at the origin of PJs, It was in the year 1870; British colonials adopted this nightwear as substitute to the conventional nightshirts and tight fitting maxi’s. And by the end of nineteenth century, the term pajamas was brought forth in defining the two-piece garment that embrace both pyjama trouser and casing top worn above. These were rolling on modernity suiting the lifestyle of men. It was during the 1920s, the streamline of pyjamas popularized as androgynous fashion with woman in. From that day onwards, this sleepwear made its name popular throughout middle and Far East with varying fabrications. Cotton, silk, rayon, spandex, satin and lace wear teamed up to texture the clothing.

Fashion took it place during the 1940s; woman started wearing shortie styled pajamas with short gown stylings describing the structure of Babydoll. In this typical nightwear, it is crafted with frill at the hem consisting of sleeveless top with robes and ribbon. This stylish pajama type became the summer suitor for millions of ladies. Not adorned just for summering purpose but indeed became a special gift for brides to walk in the maiden blush on special nights with a sexy panty getting that curvy seduction of beauty. 

In Asia, this pajama loungewear is deliberately fashioned with sherwani suit for men giving the idea ‘the sleepwear is as streetwear’. Nowadays, women also dress in pyjama as sleepwear and in trend to street styling as palazzos pj’s.  


The main approach of this gracious nightwear is bringing smile to our face. Apart from providing comfort, tiring pyjamas to divan actually have various beneficiaries.

Acts as barrier against climate - Many researchers have jumped on the phrase, ‘sleep in nude’, announcing pyjamas as the king of loungewear. During winter season, going to bed with blankets is good but with add on to a good quality pajamas is more effective in source. The material used in, keeps us warmer and breathe. Even during summer season, you can go for truncated PJs like a short sets nightwear for the blissful comfort. 

Prevent illness - Covering your legs during sleep-time will avoid getting cold or flu. Wearing pyjamas with add on accessories like socks and eye band will protect you from chill giving a heavenly comfy.

Aid in Hygiene- It is said that our skin gets continuously shedded and renewed during night time. When we don’t change our bed sheets regularly, the dead skin attached to it will cause unhygienic approaches. But wearing a pyjama set with body covered will avoid these stuffs, creating a good sleep mode. It is advisable to wash your PJs regularly.

Say ‘NO’ to disturbance - Being comfortable before wandering off to fantasy world is the most that pyjamas from shyaway can do. The quality and fabric are hi-tech with stages process of silk, cotton, spandex mix caring the beauty and hygiene adequately.

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