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Level 3 Push Up Bra - A Push-Up Bra from shyaway lifts you up and remains close to your heart. Hard to find supportive comfortable innerwear, shyaway has a different level of Padded Bra to create more cleavage. 

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  1. Shyle Golden Baby Pink Bridal Lace Push up Bra
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  2. Shyle Golden Turquoise Bridal Lace Push up Bra
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  3. Shyle Golden Blue Bridal Lace Push up Bra
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  4. Shyle Lavender Lace Adorned Push Up bra for Ultimate Lift
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Accentuate cleavage with Push Up Bras from Shyaway

Finding out a way to look sexy on your date or Valentine ’s Day, Push Up Bras are available with a high level of padding to make you look extremely sexy. They are powerful enough to increase the volume of your breasts. No doubt you will get full, round shape breasts by wearing the innerwear. But this style was not in earlier. If you look into the American fashion style, the breast shape changed just like hairstyles and skirt lengths. During the 1950s the popular style remained in pointy and 1970’s the desired look remain natural shape. By the 1990’s the “bombshell” style took over. They came with full cleavage and took the center stage. Searching online to buy push up style innerwear, visit our site shyaway, you will find a lightly padded bra to heavily padded one with just one click.

Why wear a Push-Up Bra?

The innerwear creates more cleavage so it is not suitable for those who are looking to minimize their boob size. On the other hand, if you wish to add your bust a little bit more, the push-up level 3 bra is for you. Remember women having soft breast tissue, should avoid using them. We have a great collection of Lace Bra, highly padded one that you can pair it with a babydoll for special nights. Those with shallow breasts would love to have an extra volume, of course, this style of bra is for them. It is really fun to change up your style when wearing a special outfit. It is a myth that push up style innerwear is for small breasts only. There is some Full Coverage Bra available in push up style that can help those full busts look even fuller. Wear the bra with cleavage showcasing tops like plunge or deep V neck outfit. Don’t hesitate to buy them, visit our website shyaway and place the order online.

Kinds of Push Up available at Shyaway

Molded Style – The Moulded Bra is a common type of push up style you will find online to buy. The moulded cup shapes your breasts into round shape. Shyle brand has moulded bra in different sizes and prints. Have them at least one in your closet.

Wire-Free – It is a common choice for someone who is looking for a bra to make them feel comfy during summer. A beautifully crafted Wire-Free Bra is waiting for you at our site shyaway to make a purchase.

Strapless Bra – Strapless remains a balcony cut, so you will find a push up effect at the bottom of the cup. The pushes will straight your breasts creating a fuller look.

The purpose of any bra is to shape, lift and decorate your breasts to get the desired look. If the desired look is achieved from our push up bra, go ahead and wear it. 


1. What's a 'push up' bra? When is it used?

A push-up bra is crafted with wedge-shaped built-in foam or silicon padding at the bottom and side of the cups. When you wear a pushup bra it will lift your breasts up and together to give fullness to your bosom and form a natural cleavage. A push-up bra is used when you want to volume up your breasts and to enhance your cleavage.

2. What are the benefits of Push up Bra?

• Push up bra gives lift to bust and by that make the curves look attractive. It improves your posture.
• Push up bra adds volume to the cups and make your breasts look bigger. It can make your bust size look bigger up to 3 cup sizes.
• It creates natural cleavage for small-breasted women and enhances cleavage for women with big breasts.
• It gives a great fit.
• It is seamless and gives a smooth look.

3. Are padded bra different from Push up bras?

Padded bras come with foam padding in which the padding is distributed evenly all over the cups. In push up bras the padding is thicker like a wedge at the bottom and at the sides of the cups. A padded bra will add fullness to the cups and make your breasts appear bigger. A push up bra will lift your breasts and bring them together to create ample cleavage. Pushup bras also add volume to your breasts.