Full coverage bra - Welcome to the collection of best full coverage bras. A bra with full coverage is a blessing to women with heavy breasts as it gives extraordinary support. A Full Cup bra gives the best-contoured shape for women. Padded full coverage bras are worn to smoothen the silhouette. Full cup bras are High Coverage Bras and have a high neckline.

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Why Wear a Full Coverage Bra?

A full-coverage bra is one such intimate that encloses the busts completely and offers a secured feel all day long. The cups are designed in a way as to fully cover the upper swell of the bosoms leaving no room for front or side spillage. You can wear this full-coverage bra for all your outfits like Kurti, salwar and western wears. The popularity of this daily wear intimate has made it a much-sought-after style when you plan to buy bra online. It is also a key point to note that when opting for fuller cups, it is essential to grab the one that fits you perfectly. To ease your shopping experience in ensuring the right fit, Shyaway offers a Bra Size Calculator and an efficient size chart. With this sizing guide, there are no more hassles involving over-sized cups or falling straps.  

Evolving Full Coverage Bra Styles

Thanks to the ever-growing market of online lingerie shopping in India, you can find full coverage cups in plenty of bra styles. And Shyaway takes great pleasure in clubbing them all under one roof at affordable prices and pocket-friendly deals. Here is a glimpse of some of the most functional bra types with full cups that take a key place in your lingerie wardrobe.

Super-comfy Full Coverage T-Shirt Dailies

A pleasantly-comfortable intimate and an all-time favorite daily wear, T-shirt bras make the most significant use of fuller cups. Apart from being a secure companion, the breathability factor is never compromised when it comes to tailoring a T-Shirt Bra. With smooth seam-free cups that snug gently, this piece of lingerie is mostly crafted in cotton to ensure a soothing bra-wearing experience. There are zero worries about spillage in a full coverage casually-styled bra and hence it is the wisest option for a busy day at work or to lounge peacefully.  

Extra Coverage with Maternity and Nursing Bras

Another highly functional bra style that carries the health benefits of full-coverage cups are the maternity and nursing ones. To support the heaviness of sensitive bust tissues and to ensure a relaxed feeding experience to lactating mothers, bras with fuller cups are the much-opted maternity bra types. The fabric is also wisely chosen to accommodate the fluctuating bust size at the time of pregnancy and childbirth.

Ample-Support Sports Bra

For an active workout and a physical well-being session, bust health is something that needs to be ensured. A Padded Sports Bra that offers full coverage is your sure shot way to assure bounce protection during rigorous exercises such as jogging, cycling, and racket sports. This feature also helps in maintaining the perfect posture during free-form fitness regimes.

Generous Full-Cupped Plus Size Bras

Generous cup sizes such as C and D often require extra support to handle the heaviness of larger breast sizes. For this reason, there is a separate category of intimates called the plus-sized bras that are crafted in such a way as to secure the busts eliminating the possibility of front and side spillage to a great extent. Fuller cups with a side encircle feature help in holding the busts in place by reducing bounce. Having said this, there is an option to choose between cups that are either molded or seamed. Choose a Seamless Bra with formal and casual wear and in contrast, a seamed one gels well with ethnic wear.

Wedding Bras with Perfect Closure

Wedding gowns are indeed the ones that demand sexy bra styles. But, on the other hand, full coverage bras are a wise fit with high/ turtle-neck outfits. Moreover, today, full cup bras come in a variety of rich fabrics making it a desirable option with your D-day dresses. 

Full Coverage Bras for All Cup Sizes

There is often a misconception that full coverage bras are meant for larger bust sizes. But in reality, it is a feature that is universal to all measurements. For instance, developing breasts during the teen years require support and extra coverage for proper shape, posture, and bounce protection. In this case, a full coverage Teenager Bra does the magic. Various new-age styles such as bralette, cami bras, and cage bras come with ample coverage for similar benefits as above.


1. What Does a Full Coverage Bra Mean?

A bra with full coverage is a blessing to women with heavy breasts as it gives extraordinary support. The full-coverage bra is a piece of lingerie with a high neckline that is designed to offer maximum coverage and support for every breast size. These bras also give good contouring. 

2. Who Can Wear a Full Coverage Bra?

Anyone can wear a full coverage bra. But, mostly, women with fuller busts would want to wear it because of the support and closure it offers. Full coverage bras also help you keep away from side/ front bust spill. 

3. What Is the Difference Between a Demi Bra and Full Coverage Bra?

Demi Coverage Bra

Full Coverage Bra

Low-cut cups

Full closure cups

Covers half the volume of the breasts

Covers entire volume of the breasts

Exposes upper bust swell

Eliminates side/ front spill

Best suited for plunging/ V-necklines

Best suited closed/ high necklines

4. What Is the Best Full-Coverage Bra? or Best Bras for Larger Breast?

 Five best full-coverage bras for larger breasts are 

1. Laavian Red Full Coverage Bra

2. Cross & Pearl White Animal Printed Cotton Everyday Bra

3. Laavian Black Full Coverage Bra

4. Enamor Sweet Bow Cotton Everyday Bra

5. Susie SPECTRA White Criss Cross Neckline Cotton Unpadded Everyday bra