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Stick On Bra - Instead of straps, stick-on bras have adhesives on both the cups that stick on to your breasts and provide support. The adhesives are skin-friendly and provide seamless coverage. They also have underwires hence, can stick on to your skin perfectly. Balconette style molded cups type, and front closure type are the most popular styles of stick-on bras. They are backless hence, can be perfect for dresses with no back. Discover a wide and unique collection of stick-on bras here.

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Guide to Buy Stick-On Bra

A stick-on or adhesive bra is an innerwear that comes without a band or straps. You can simply stick it on your breasts. The support it offers you remain invisible. Stick on bras are perfect to be paired with low cut tops or backless outfits. Here are a few tips to shop stick on inner-wear.

1. The Size to Choose    

The main problem of shopping a  stick-on bra would be finding the right size for you. The bra comes with A, B, C, and D cup. If you are having small breasts, A or B cup size will fit you correctly. Women with large breasts may find trouble finding the right fit. The bra cups don’t have to cover your breasts completely as long as you feel secure. The cups give 3/4th coverage or demi coverage. It is best to read the product descriptions to guide you in picking up the right size stick-on bras.

2. Types of Adhesive Bras

Push up Stick On – The push-up style stick on bra is just like your Push up bra. If you need a little lift for your backless dress, buy the push-up stick on bra online. They also available with special lace-up closure, creating a gorgeous cleavage.

Loose Cup  - The loose bra cups can be stick on to your busts and they work best for small-busted women.

Nipple Covers – The nipple covers are alternative to the adhesive bra. You can simply stick these bras onto your nipples maintaining the natural shape of your breasts. Remember the nipple covers don’t support your boobs.

3. Thickness 

The stick-on bras available online remain thin and they provide required support and coverage. While looking for a Stick-on Padded bra, they are easily available to buy.

4. Material

Some of the bras are made with fabric just like the everyday bras. Most of them are made of silicone to give the shape of a natural breast. Decide based on your preference. 

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