Low Waist Panty For Women

Have you ever faced panty line issues? If yes, go for low waist panties which help you avoid that embarrassment. Try out the low waist bikini panty and pair it with low-hip outfits.      

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  9. Taabu Pale Pink Heart Print Polyamide Bikini Panty
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  11. Susie Stormfront Grey Medium Coverage Solid Bikini Panty
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  12. Taabu Cadmium Green Geometric PrintPolyamide Bikini Panty
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  19. Taabu Coral Blush Geometric Print Polyamide Bikini Panty
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  20. Susie Black Beauty Medium Coverage Solid Bikini Panty
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Low Waist Panty Online

Low waist women panties (please rephrase), providing a sleek and sexy appearance. Low rise panties sit one inch below your waistline and give panty edges a smooth and neat finish. It ensures your underwear is not visible when you pair it with a low-waist outfit. They are ideal for body con dresses and skinny fit bottoms. Low rise panties are seamless, flexible, and soft. Low waist panties are made from breathable fabrics such as cotton spandex, nylon spandex, and lace. These low waist underwear are worn under low-waist jeans and low-waist outfits to avoid visible panty lines under your clothing. Are you looking for a panty to pair with a low-hip outfit? Then, buy a low waist panty at Shyaway low waist panty online shopping to know more styles and trends of a low waist panty.

Different Types Of Low Waist Panty for Women

Low waist panties are classified based on type, style, fabric, and coverage.


Low-rise bikini panties have less coverage, and the waistband sits just three inches below your hip area. These low rise bikini panties have narrow side sections compared to boyshorts and hipsters. Low waist bikini panties have big leg openings as they give less coverage. They can be worn under any outfits like jeans, skirts, dresses, and swimsuits.


Hipster is one of the low waist panty for women, a blend of boyshorts and bikinis. Hipsters feature seamless panties that cover the navel and sit below the navel with a few-inch difference. The wide sides and low-cut leg holes provide good comfort and support. Hipster panties offer full coverage and are paired with tight pants and bodycon outfits.


Thongs are tiny triangular undergarments that cover the front side and leave the buttocks uncovered. Thongs are designed with a narrow waistband with minimum coverage, covering only the crotch area featured with no visible panty lines. The four types of thongs are G-string, tanga, T-back, and micro thongs. They are suitable for both daily use, and also suitable for occasions. Thongs are worn under form-fitting dresses, pants, and leggings.


Cotton Spandex

Cotton spandex is a blend of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. Cotton is eco-friendly, whereas spandex gives good elasticity to the cloth. Cotton spandex is a stretchable cloth with a soft texture and is durable.


Disposable fabric is a non-woven fabric. They are lightweight, waterproof, moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, and non-toxic.


It is a delicate fabric consisting of silk or linen threads, few artisans even use silver and gold threads. Though cotton has become the most important fabric for lace production, some even use synthetic fabrics such as polyester or rayon to make lace.

Nylon Spandex

Nylon spandex has the ability to regain its original shape and size. It consists of 80% nylon and 20% spandex with good stretchability.

Different Types Based on Coverage

Full Coverage

Full coverage panties are very comfortable and provide full coverage by covering your tummy and lifting your butt instantly. They are suitable for every outfit, boosting the confidence of women.

Medium Coverage

Without less or more coverage, medium coverage panties are ideal for women. Medium coverage gives a sexy appearance while also providing long-lasting comfort. These medium coverage panties instantly enhance the butt and can be worn with any outfit.

No Coverage

Because there is no rear coverage, no coverage panties are also known as zero coverage panties. Micro thongs are becoming increasingly popular for their extreme comfort and sexy appearance. Most women prefer to wear these ultra low waist panties for comfort, and lightweight such as thongs and G-strings with no visible panty lines.

Low waist panties come in many styles like casual panties, lacework panties, no VPL panties, plus size panties, printed panties, seamless panties, sexy panties, and transparent panties.

Features of Low Waist Women Panties

  • Low waist underwear lies between your waist and midsection with soft and smooth finishing.
  • They provide the desired coverage on both sides.
  • They are comfortable and convenient.
  • They are versatile since worn under any outfit.

Styles of Low Waist Women Panties

  • Boyshorts - It sits a few inches below the navel with good coverage and support.
  • Low Waist Bikini Panty - have narrow side sections with bigger leg openings and less coverage compared to boyshorts and hipsters.
  • Low Rise Thongs - ultra low rise thongs give full comfort with zero coverage at the front and rear.
  • Seamless Low Waist Panties - Seamless low waist panties provide full coverage with good support and comfort. Seamless panties show no visible panty lines and are suitable under form-fitting outfits and tight bottoms.

Shop a Low Waist Panty Online India

Buy a low waist panty online in India to avoid visible panty lines from your clothes. Shyaway, an online shopping platform for low waist panty, has a wide range of collections with high-quality products at reasonable prices and good combo offers. Choose a product today and enjoy its benefits.