Fully Transparent bras are absolute knockouts, their intricate design and edgy styles will make you stand out in every crowd. Go bold, get sexy and stay on the top of your game.

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You may wonder why there is a Transparent Bra. Isn’t the whole purpose of a bra to cover your breasts?  Maybe that was the case years back but today lingerie and everything else can get a little crazy. Rules have always been boring and limited for mankind, so we made Transparent Bras which can have varying degrees of transparency. Therefore, transparent bras not only refer to transparent cups but also straps.


The purpose of Transparent Bras is not definitive but rather is subjective. That means they do not have specific functions that address the flaws in your body. But they are worn for their seductive nature and for those who want to try out something unconventional. In a Fully Transparent Bra, the cups are completely transparent; this obviously can come off as seductive for some people since everything from your breasts to your nipples will be seen. They are made of sheer, lace or even plastic.


As we already are aware, there are many parts in a Bra, such as the straps, cups, wings, and the band. So, transparent bras are in which anyone or two or all of these parts are transparent. Sometimes the material is not completely transparent, for example; lace. Lace is patterned and they are only partly transparent but they still come under the transparent bra category.


Lingerie and its types seem never-ending, and it’s still a herculean task to find what you need. Well, with Shyaway.com we hope you do. Having said that, there are sub-categories under transparent bras.

Transparent strap bras: This is the most popular type. These have fully transparent straps and even transparent hook & eyes. These transparent straps enable you to wear anything off-shoulder or Low cutbacks without a worry. They are clear straps and are not made of fabrics. This makes it look invisible on your skin.

Underwire: Another fashion upgrade in the lingerie market is the Underwire transparent bra. It is such a classic idea and the design will make you swoon. These are gorgeously crafted with lace or sheer cups (can also have enchanting embroidery on it) and have underwires any like other Underwire Bra. The cups are fully transparent, if that was not enough they have underwires to lift the breasts and give you a dashing cleavage.

Bralettes: Absolute crackerjacks, the bralettes are not always transparent bras but they can be. These are fully made of lace and sit on your skin so well that you hardly feel it. Lace also has the magic ability to conceal your flaws on your curves.

Transparent bralettes are rapidly topping the charts this season, in other words, they are trending. It is becoming a very high-profile choice that many celebrities and fashion bloggers are seen wearing it. Also, it is a suggestion for every holiday look book.


A major changing trend in fashion is quite unusual but it is also exceptionally quirky and thoughtful. The change is this- many Types of Bras can be worn as outerwear. The transparent bra is one of them, not all, but the bralettes yes. Style the beautiful lacy bralettes with a well-fitting pair of jeans or trousers. They are perfect for every season. Buy transparent bras online to bring sexy back. These delicate pieces can turn your workday blues around.