Gym Pants & Leggings For Women

Gym pants for women - Shyaway’s gym leggings for women are specifically designed to suit your workout and sports needs. Made up of stretchable nylon spandex, our Women gym tights & sports leggings are your go-to gym buddy, climbing partner, and inner yogi!


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  1. Shyle Paradise Green High Waist Marble Printed Workout Leggings
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  2. Shyle Black Beauty Coin Pocket High Waist Workout Leggings
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  3. Shyle Monument Grey Coin Pocket High Waist Workout Leggings
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  8. Shyle Calla Green Coin Pocket High Waist Workout Leggings
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  9. Shyle Black High Waist Cameo Printed Workout Leggings
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  10. United Classic White Side Seam Workout Leggings
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  11. Shyle Calla Green High Waist Cameo Printed Workout Leggings
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  12. United Classic Black Ankle Mesh Workout Leggings
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  13. Shyle Azurine Blue High Waist Marble Printed Workout Leggings
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  14. Shyle Monument Grey High Waist Marble Printed Workout Leggings
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  15. United Classic White Knee And Ankle Mesh Workout Leggings
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  16. Shyle Grey Coin Pocket High Waist Workout Leggings
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  17. United Classic Dark Charcoal Blue Workout Leggings
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  18. United Classic Violet Side Seam Workout Leggings
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  19. United Classic Violet Knee Crossover Seam Workout Leggings
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  20. United Classic Orange Zig Zag Seam Workout Leggings
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Buy Gym Pants and Leggings Online for Women

Gym Pants to Stay Motivated to Exercise: You can buy gym pants online according to your preferences and requirements. Various styles are available, featuring breathable fabric that offers optimal comfort for every woman. Gym pants are comfortable during your workouts and provide warmth at all times. Explore the latest gym pants collections available in perfect sizes and trendy colours. Go ahead and buy a variety of gym pants that fit you.

What Are Gym Leggings?

Workout clothes for women have seen a tremendous increase in purchases in recent years. As more and more women grow health-conscious, so does the need for fitting, well-designed, and trustable workout clothes for women. Armed with fitting designs and fresh prints, the category - Gym leggings for women are found everywhere these days.

Although being found everywhere and having multiple options, not every legging you come across is gym leggings. For example, Indian women tend to wear a lot of Kurta/tunic tops which are most often paired up with leggings. But these don’t comprise gym leggings or sportswear in general.
Sports leggings/Gym leggings for women are usually sold in individual pieces or as a sports bra and leggings set. Often sold under the sportswear apparel categories, their designs, fabrics, and stitching are specific to withstanding expansion and contraction of the body that wears them. Therefore women sports leggings/ womens gym leggings are synonymous with workouts, sports, and other physical endurance activities.

Anatomy of gym leggings for women

Gym leggings/ sports leggings need to feel like a second skin when you wear them. They should also give,

Support - Your gym leggings should never get in the way of your workouts, so finding one that aids in your workout movements through elasticity and durability is important.

Anti-shake fitting - Your workout gains are much more when using fitting gym leggings. Never wear baggy or loose-fitting gym leggings for your sports activities. The more compressed and fitting your gym leggings are, the better your posture, agility, and overall lower body strength will be.

Sweat-wicking and Breathable - Depending on the activities you do, your sweating increases and decreases in an unexpected way. So having a sweat-wicking and breathable fabric is mandatory for any gym leggings.

Fast-drying - If you are a gym maniac, chances are that you need to do more laundry. Choosing gym leggings with fast-drying fabrics can ensure you are packed and ready to hit the gym, fresh.

The best gym leggings for you would be dependent on your needs. So take time to evaluate your activities and then shop online for women's sports leggings.

What to look for in gym leggings for women?

One might often notice that gym tights & leggings for gym workouts or workout clothes for women, in general, are skin-hugging. This particular characteristic of athletic wear is called compression.

Compression clothing aids in the agility and recovery of the body during and after workouts. They are made of materials like spandex, nylon spandex, etc that have a great stretch to them. They come in different modes of compression too. So depending on whether you are at the gym, rock climbing, or at a yoga retreat, your sportswear compression should be chosen.

Apart from choosing the right compression gym leggings here are a few pointers to ensure you shop for the correct women sports leggings in India.

  • Look for the second skin feeling
  • Seamless stitching elevates your shape
  • The flexibility of the fabric is key to your activities

Types of Gym Leggings

New Styles Designed for You 

Choosing the perfect gym pants assures you better comfort and support every day. Here are some types of gym pants for women: 

Printed Leggings 

Stylish printed leggings are more about fashion. It can be paired with your favourite sneakers and t-shirts for an everyday casual look. For a Western-style look, you can layer it with a scarf and tunic. 

High-Waisted Leggings 

One of the trending leggings comes in various styles in which the waistband sits high on the waist. You can match these leggings with a tunic, tank top, and jacket. 

Zig Zag Seam Leggings

This form-fitting legwear features a zig-zag pattern for a stylish appearance. It offers a modern and dynamic twist to your outfits. 

Ankle Mesh Leggings

The moisture-wicking fabric in these leggings keeps you dry and cool throughout the workout. It features breathable mesh panels for proper ventilation and stylish gaze. 

Side Seam Leggings 

The seams at the sides of these leggings offer a stylish look and don’t irritate your skin. It highlights the dig-free waistband provides the best support for you. 

What are the advantages of wearing gym leggings/ sports leggings?

Wearing fitting gym leggings to your workout sessions has a multitude of uses. It creates compression in the area being worn thereby improving blood circulation, providing extra comfort, and helping in recovery during and after workouts.

Aid - Compression gym leggings provide low-level massage to your body post-workout. They aid in increasing blood flow and oxygen delivery to body tissues and make you feel less tired.

Improve - They improve your posture and movement when working out and help in sculpting your body. For example, high waist leggings for gym workouts come in compression and seamed designs to hold in place your body parts that shake a lot.

Heal - When working out, the body tends to heat up, tighten up, and burn calories. This also will result in swelling, fatigue, and muscle pain. Wearing the proper gym leggings can provide significant relief from muscle swelling and fatigue.

How to find my fit when online shopping for Women sports leggings?

Finding your gym legging fit depends entirely on your personal preference and the types of activity you do. If you are into pilates and yoga, a normal fit, high-waisted gym leggings would suit you. If your preference is running in nature, an ankle fit, high-waisted gym leggings is a must to avoid bruises from bushes, thorns, and twigs. If you are an elite athlete then gym leggings having compression clothing are a must. Therefore before online shopping for womens gym leggings, know your needs.

Shyaway is one of the best online store for women sports leggings. Working out can be even more fun with Shyaway’s range of gym leggings for women. Shop at Shyaway! especially if you are trying to find sports leggings in India. Gym leggings for a workout - Buy gym tights and leggings online at Shyaway. We have a wide collection of gym leggings in different sizes and colors. Explore seam workout leggings, sports pants, print working leggings, seam gym leggings ankle mesh workout leggings, and more. Browse through our colorful sports leggings and add them to your cart now.

Why Shyaway? 

Shyaway is the leading brand for women's lingerie, offering better comfort and support all day. We bring you a variety of gym pants in different colours, styles, and sizes. You can shop stylish gym pants with various offers and discounts from Shyaway. 

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