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Periods Women’s Panties - Shyaway offers the best period panties with sleek, snug fit, and breathable fabrics. They are 100% cotton to keep you comfortable and stress-free all day long. 

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  1. Susie Black Beauty Full Coverage Cotton Period Panty
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  2. Susie Rustic Brown Full Coverage Cotton Period Panty
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  3. Susie Mauve Pink Full Coverage Cotton Period Panty
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  4. Susie Moroccan Blue Full Coverage Cotton Period Panty
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  5. Susie StormFront Grey Full Coverage Cotton Period Panty
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  6. Susie Petunia Purple Full Coverage Cotton Period Panty
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  7. Susie Sodalite Blue Full Coverage Cotton Period Panty
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Shyaway offers menstrual panties in a variety of colors and styles. You will be kept clean and stress-free in our quality period panties. Browse through the collections of many other panties, bras, sportswear, nightgowns and nightwear online at Shyaway at an impressive price. Head over here and experience the luscious feel in every wear. Enjoy complete comfort during your next period!

How do period Pantys work?

Period panties, also known as menstrual underwear, are designed to provide a leak-proof and comfortable alternative to traditional menstrual products like pads or tampons. These panties are specifically designed to absorb menstrual flow and prevent leaks, eliminating the need for additional protection.

Here's how period panties typically work:

  1. Absorbent Layers: Period panties have multiple layers of fabric, with the innermost layer made of a highly absorbent material, such as a specialized blend of cotton and synthetic fibers or a super-absorbent fabric like microfiber. This layer is designed to quickly absorb and wick away menstrual fluid, keeping you dry and comfortable.

  2. Leak-Proof Barrier: Period panties have a leak-proof barrier built into the fabric, usually in the form of a waterproof or water-resistant layer. This barrier prevents menstrual flow from leaking through the underwear and staining your clothes. It's important to note that while period panties offer reliable protection for most individuals, they may not be suitable for extremely heavy flows or prolonged wear without additional backup protection.

  3. Breathable and Odor-Neutralizing Fabrics: Many period panties are made from breathable fabrics to enhance comfort and prevent odor. These fabrics are often moisture-wicking, which helps to keep you feeling fresh and dry throughout the day.

  4. Multiple Styles and Absorbency Levels: Period panties come in various styles, including briefs, hipsters, boyshorts, and thongs, allowing individuals to choose a style that suits their preferences and needs. They also offer different levels of absorbency, ranging from light to heavy, to accommodate different flow intensities.

To use period panties, you simply wear them as you would regular underwear. Depending on your flow, you may need to change them more frequently than regular underwear to maintain hygiene and prevent leaks.

Which type of panty is best for periods? 

When it comes to choosing the best type of panty for periods, it ultimately depends on personal preference and comfort. However, here are a few popular options:

  1. Briefs: Brief-style panties provide full coverage and a higher waistline, which can be advantageous during periods as they offer more support and can help prevent leaks.

  2. Hipsters: Hipster panties have a lower waistline and provide moderate coverage. They can be a comfortable choice for periods, particularly if you prefer underwear with a lower rise.

  3. Boyshorts: Boyshorts offer a more relaxed fit with full coverage. They can be a good option for those who prefer a boxer-style underwear and want extra coverage and support during their period.

  4. Thongs: Thong panties have minimal rear coverage and a narrow strip of fabric in the back. Some individuals find thongs comfortable during their periods, especially if they prefer wearing them regularly. However, it's important to note that thongs may not offer as much coverage or protection against leaks compared to other styles.

In addition to the style, consider choosing period panties that have a suitable absorbency level for your flow.