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Periods Women’s Panties - Shyaway offers the best period panties with sleek, snug fit, and breathable fabrics. They are 100% cotton to keep you comfortable and stress-free all day long. The three layers will keep you clean and stress-free. Take a break from the irritating feeling of odor, leak, and discomfort with our new period panties. Enjoy a completely fresh feel on your next period with our Shyaway menstrual underwear.

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Shyaway’s best period panties are hand washable and machine washable. You don’t have to worry about the material, color, or elasticity. They are made for regular everyday use, so wash them as you please and wear them as you wish.   

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Shyaway offers menstrual panties in a variety of colors and styles. You will be kept clean and stress-free in our quality period panties. Browse through the collections of many other panties, bras, sportswear, nightgowns and nightwear online at Shyaway at an impressive price. Head over here and experience the luscious feel in every wear. Enjoy complete comfort during your next period!

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