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Padded wirefree bra - For the everlasting comfort and beauty shyaway offers woman the best padded wirefree bra for the alluring charm. You may also explore Seamless Bras and Moulded Bras at enviable prices.

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In today’s age there are many kinds of bras out there. But padded and Underwired Bra is the most commonly worn style. You may tell me why they prefer only those not the others, but the fact goes here is fashion and trend. Woman of today’s world only go for a fashion parade but doesn’t come up with their personal impacts that hurt them so badly. But indeed there are many woman who are both stylish and comfort takers, wearing Wirefree Bras with soft foam paddings in an advanced stylings. While searching for the best-selling padded wirefree bras online,, one of the largest lingerie sites in India, comes with the best-branded bra and panty inspiring every woman with comfort, style and seduction. Experience your love for lingerie shopping in our store at desirable and heart-throbbing range.

Have you ever thought of the varying terms, defining wirefree and padded, what does they make sense? How may they be important for our daily essentials?


A beautiful term to define, wirefree otherwise called wireless, which means without a wire. This type of bra is more in differing than an underwired bra. This soft cup bra is rational in comfort and support gaining with light paddings making it best suitable as our everyday bra. there is no rule that only adults should wear a wirefree bra, right from our teenager life, girls are intended wearing soft cotton bras with wireless functionality for the precise comfy. This type of bra is worn under all sorts of attire and occasion such as party, lounging at home, running errands, going out for voyage and party stylings. Just enjoy your day with blushing wireless bras for the natural and potential look. A hipster panty with seamless quality will be best to make up the lingerie.  


A frequent but factual question asked to prove the debate fought between padded and unpadded bra benefits. Bra made of soft foam cup lined in pads or gel or silicone or fabric giving great lift to the wearer in an enchanting way. This type of bra is usually found in many kinds, with seaming, seamless, underwirings and wirefree sustaining. There are levels of padding performing various purposes of comfort for woman. Woman love choosing padded ones because to boost them femininity, shape their bust and lift their confidence level. T-shirt bras, Push up bras, sports bras and lace bras have this function giving smooth beauty elegantly.   


Right from basics to parties, a lace depth is soulfully crafted in shyaway collections. Bralettes comes as all-in-all stunner. The name itself tells us the wirefree structure with soft padding add-ons. This type of bra is sized in small, medium, large and extra large with common shyle brand. This bra is easy to wear with Full Coverage in trend and worn as an everyday styling tend towards more fashion side. The lace fallings are crafted neatly with lace and mesh and spandex fabrics give a rich glance. You will also find many other padded wirefree stylings with match panty available in store in trendy designs and vibrant colors to plush the unrivalled comfort perfectly. It’s all in shyaway! Just get them as desired!