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Dailwear bra - Check out our relaxed Dailywear Bras. These low-key wardrobe staples are the perfect foundation for your outerwear. Explore irresistible styles in a motley of colours and trendy prints. Make an impact in our awesome Lingerie.

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You’ve most likely wondered what exactly it is that people are referring to when they say ‘dailywear bras.’ Any Bra that is easy-to-maintain and keeps you comfortable all day, qualifies as an everyday bra. Don’t be distracted by marketing ploys and assume that only certain bras are good for regular wear. It all boils down to the right fit and purpose.If you’re looking to buy dailywear bras online, you’ll indeed be extremely happy with the variety you find on Shyaway. We’re listing down some Types of Bras that you can wear every day.


For those whole like to keep it simple we have basic, Non-Padded Bras. The polka-dotted, cotton, dailywear bras from Liberti World are very highly rated. These seamless bras are good for use with saree blouses and kurtas. The brand also has seamed bras that provide fine support. Shyle has some fantastic bras that are non-padded but underwired. So if you want good shaping for your breasts without the bulk that padding adds, these are perfect for you. Susie has some non-padded bras whose cups are moulded. They come in trendy prints that are sure to satiate the tastes of fashion-forward folk.


Yes. These are dailywear bras too. Women these days are health-conscious and are quite active. Working out, running, zumba, yoga, pilates, dance – you can enjoy any activity of your choice in absolute comfort. Just slip into our sports bra. They are specially tailored using compression and encapsulation technologies to minimize breast movement. Shyaway’s Sports Bras are designed for low-medium impact and medium-high impact. Pick yours based on the activity. We also have active wear bras from Jockey.


Most of us have owned at least one padded bra in our lives! Foam is the most commonly used material for padding and it  is moulded with heat to take the shape of cups. The moulded foam is then lined with fabric on either side. All our padded bras are moulded, which means their cups retain the shape even when not worn.

Our padded, cotton bras are the most beloved in India as they are perfect for everyday wear. To keep up with the changing trends and demand, we bring in new colours, prints and designs frequently. You’ll find unique prints like the kaleidoscope and brilliant colours like Mykonos blue. We understand that the aesthetics of a bra are just as important to a woman as its functionality.


“Underwired bras are bad for breast health. Underwires are pokey and uncomfortable. Underwires cause damage to breast tissue.” Before you further vilify underwired bras, we’d like to assuage you by saying the above are not true. The key to being comfortable in any bra, not just the underwired variety, is to find the right fit. Underwired bras have many benefits. Don’t miss out on them out of fear from hearsay. The underwire is basically a thin, semi-circular, rigid material inserted at the bottom of cups to improve shaping, contouring and support functions of bra.  It could be made of plastic, metal or resin and is encased in thick fabric which is then sewed on to the bra cups. Once you find your correct size and a well-fitting bra, you can wear underwired bras regularly. Many women prefer to wear underwired dailywear bras to work for the sleek silhouette they get.

Check out our super-contouring, padded, underwired bras.

NURSING BRA – A boon for new mommies

Nursing bras are used by women who breastfeed. They are special-function bras that enable feeding without having to undo the entire bra. Women just need to unclasp the cups while feeding.  For new mothers, these are dailywear bras. Our nursing bras are lightly padded, which means any leak will be promptly absorbed and won’t transfer to your clothing causing embarrassment. They are made with super-soft cotton fibres. Explore the entire range now.