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Looking for the best quality sleep bras online? Meet our newly launched ultra cosy and comfy home wear bras that come in various colours and designs. Our comfy sleep bras are lightweight, non-padded, wire-free and have no hook and eyes. Shop sleep bras online that are mainly crafted to wear at home. Find the best sleeping bras online.

Sleep bra
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  1. Susie Green Low Coverage Plunge Moulded Bra
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  2. Susie Black Beauty Non-Padded Full Coverage Sleep Bra
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  3. Susie Molten Lava Red Low Coverage Plunge Moulded Bra
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  4. Susie Delicate Blue Low Coverage Plunge Moulded Bra
    4.4 (6)
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    ₹349 ₹699 (Save 50%)
    (Or) Buy 2 @MRP Get 3 Free
  5. Liberti World Brown Comfort Sleep Bra
    3.7 (6)
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  6. Liberti World Skin Basic Sports Bra
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  7. Liberti World White Basic Sports Bra
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  8. Laavian Black Leisure Wirefree Sleep Bra
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  9. Laavian White Leisure Wirefree Sleep Bra
    3.6 (5)
  10. Laavian Nude Active Wirefree Sports Bra
    4 (1)
  11. Amante Crystal Rose Removable Padding Sleep Cami Bra
  12. Amante Eventide Blue Removable Padding Sleep Cami Bra
  13. Van Heusen Salmon Super Soft Comfort Slip On Bra
  14. Van Heusen Powder Blue Super Soft Comfort Slip On Bra
  15. Amante Hazelnut Skin Removable Padding Sleep Cami Bra

Do you want to sleep peacefully without bra stretch mark and are you searching a perfect bra for nightwear? Then, you should go for a sleep bra. Sleep bras are available in various sizes and designs. To buy the best sleep bra online, ensure you know what a sleep bra is. Sleep bra for ladies is a bra that is unpadded, wire-free, and sometimes with no hooks. You can wear these night bras to feel great comfort. Shop sleep bras online which are exclusively crafted to wear at leisure. A night bra for women helps to sleep in a very comfy position without any disturbance.


Bras are Innerwear that a woman wears to support her breast. There are various types of bras available online such as plunge bra, balconette bra, push-up bra, everyday bra, sleep bra, and so on.

When it comes to features, there exist various categories which include padded, non-padded, wired, wire-free, seamed, seamless, full coverage, demi coverage, and darted.

Sleep bra for ladies

Every woman wants to stay relaxed while they are at home. Your regular t-shirt bra or everyday bras are good choices only when you want good support. Instead of wearing these, you can wear a homewear bra which is a night bra for women to sleep comfortably. Sleep bras are non-padded, wire-free bras that can make you feel relaxed the whole night. Some people prefer not to wear bras at night. But due to some unavoidable situations, they have to wear the same bra which they used for a whole day. Instead of doing that, you can go for a sleep bra online which won’t create any pressure on your skin.

Homewear sleep bras give support to prevent sagging even during the night. For women, sleep bras provide high coverage and prevent nipple show.

Types of Sleep Bra

Sleep bras are available in various categories. Shyaway provides you with two types of "women sleep bras" such as cami sleep bra and everyday homewear bra.

Cami homewear bra for ladies

Cami bras are more comfortable bras to wear at home. Most women feel like not wearing a bra once they reach home after work. But one can’t avoid a bra due to various reasons. Cami sleep bras are designed specifically to fulfill this requirement as they are very comfy and soft. This bedtime bra is available for all bust types. Opt for a sleep bra for plus size to get a night bra for ladies having large busts. Cami homewear bra acts as a night bra for sagging breasts. This type of homewear bra for girls is a slip-on bra and so you don’t need to struggle with your hooks while wearing it. Buy a seamless cami night bra online and enjoy the utmost comfort it provides.

Everyday homewear bra for women

Everyday ladies sleep bra is a type which has different styles in it. You can go for sleep bras online shopping and you will get many styles in various colors. Shyaway has the best sleep bra styles which include plunge molded sleep bra and full coverage molded sleep bra. Buy sleep bra online in India to try out the best sleep bra for your busts. Plus size sleep bras are also available in the everyday sleep bra category. This type is the sleep bra for large busts and one can opt for it if their sizes don’t match the normal sleep bra size range.

Night bra for maternity

Do homewear bras online shopping to get a good comfortable bra during the maternity period. There are many nursing bras available in the market, they can be used both in homes and in other public places. Yet prefer a night bra for maternity which is convenient for sore nipples as the fabric is very soft in nature. You can either choose a slip-on style or an everyday sleep bra. You can easily lift up the slip-on bra cups to breastfeed as the band is soft and more flexible.

Sleep bra for pregnancy

During pregnancy, your breast might get enlarged more than it actually was. Measure your current size and buy a set of new bras accordingly. Your skin might be prone to allergy at this time. Hence, it is always better if you wear cotton clothes and lingerie. Buy a cotton sleep bra for pregnancy to sleep better with no itching problems on your busts.

Types of sleep bras based on features

Women sleep innerwear is available in various styles with different features such as padded, non-padded, and wire-free. Whatever the feature is, the sole purpose of the night bra for sleeping is to make your body feel at ease.


Night bras for ladies are available in both padded and non-padded forms. You can pair the padded night bra set with your casual homewear outfits in the evening. This way you can stay relaxed with no nipple shows.


Whereas, non-padded sleep bras are recommended during the night as they provide a better comfy experience rather than the padded bra. Grab a non-padded sleep bra for nightwear to sleep more peacefully without any interruption.


In general, bras have both wired and wire-free features. Wired bras provide great support for cups by holding them up, while wire-free bras are the best choice for relief. Buy night bras online and you can experience the soothing effect, the wire-free sleep bras provide.

Types of sleep bras based on styles

There exist night bras online shopping options to get different styles such as seamed, seamless, and plunge styles.

Seamed sleep bra

Seamed bed time bras come under the cami sleep bra category. The seams in the cups avoid nipple show and give you confidence while you sit with your friends and family in the evenings.

Seamless sleep bra

Seamless sleep bras are the best homewear bras to sleep. The seamless style gives a molded shape to your busts. Pick seamless for night times to have a cozy sleep.

What to look for before buying a women’s sleep bra?

You have to know certain things before buying any bra especially when it is a night bra, to ensure the fabric is soft and comfortable.


Sleep bras are available in three types of fabric such as cotton spandex, modal, and polycotton spandex. Cotton spandex is a fabric that contains 93% cotton and 7% spandex. Due to the good elasticity and delightfully soft texture, cotton spandex is used in almost all types of lingerie. Modal and polycotton spandex are good fabric choices for the winter season.


Women’s night bras are available in two types of coverage - 3/4th and full coverage. Pick the one which suits your outfit.


Night bras are available for almost all bust sizes. Shyaway provides a wide range of sizes from XS to XXL. You can measure your size and check-in our size calculator to confirm your size category.

Bottom Line

Whether it is a cami sleep bra or an everyday sleep bra, buy sleep bra online in India to experience the utmost comfort you deserve.