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Bid goodbye to Panty lines, panty ride ups, and infuriating wedgies; boyshorts are all you need. Swap all that fuss for these ultra comfy boyshorts.  Try something other than your regular Hipsters this season.

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Boyshorts may sound like a strange name for a woman’s underwear, but it has some unco interesting facts behind it.  This well-liked Underwear was actually derived from the boxer shorts the male gender wore and still wear, the style of this panty type was traditionally worn by them. But for obvious reasons, the boyshorts are very feminine in style and functionality. The ones we find today in the market look nothing like traditional boxer-shorts-thank Heavens.

Women in the 17th century wore something called the subligaculum. Sounds more like a word from your biology textbook? Calm down, we are still talking about undies. The word is referred to describe an undergarment ancient women wore as panties. Those days it was really a ‘pair’ of shorts. Sometimes it only used to be a strip of cloth wrapped around their lower body. Also, people who participate in social activities like acting on a stage or any kind of sports were seen using it. This, much to our surprise was worn by both men and women.


So, to actually know a pair of boyshorts look like, what they do is primary. So these panties give full coverage at the front and back and also extends a little down from the hips. They resemble the typical shorts.


You could wear this panty underneath literally all clothing, but wearing it under tight jeans may be uncomfortable and kind of constricting. But it is ideal to wear these under mini-skirts, micro-mini skirts or just any skirt. Most of the newer boyshorts are completely seamless and allow you to wear them under white bottoms or pencil skirts,  which means they give you an unmatched comfort and at the same time show no panty lines. They are a lot more comfortable that others because their leg openings extend longer. These also provide a great sense of security because of the coverage.


High-Waist : One type of panty can come in a number of styles for different functionalities. One such style is the high-waisted boyshort. As the name suggests, the hip opening is a higher and it sits slightly above the hip and extends until the Thighs. This type will shape the tummy and make them look even and toned.

Mid-rise : These are the typical and traditional Boyshorts that sit right on the hips. The length of the extension may vary slightly.

Seamed : The seams or the sticthes are visible in the edges from the outside. While wearing this one can see the panty lines, some people find it embarrassing but it is very normal. Unless you are wearing something figure-hugging, you can afford to wear this.

Seamless : Just like Bras, even panties can be seamless, in these no stitiches are visible from the outside and they are extremely smooth. They literally blend in with your skin. They are also very light; making you feel like there’s hardly anything. This wonder panty shows no panty lines which makes the ideal choice for exercise tights, jeggings, leggings and other body-hugging bottoms.

Currently we have Boyshorts from the leading brand Liberti World in neutral colours like skin,black, white and grey. These will lay the perfect foundation for all your outfits. They are made of pure cotton, it gives a beautiful and reasonable amount of stretch.

Boyshorts are also called granny panties because it completely covers the gential area and is conversative. This may have come about because of the generally notion that feminine clothing must always be revealing to some degree.