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For the love of off-shoulders and spaghettis, and the frustration of synthetic tight straps biting your lovely shoulder bones, the strapless bra was made to address those and many more of such occurrences. Also try our Everyday Bras and Pushup Bras that have removable straps.  

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Thanks to history, for it has documented numerous ancient women wearing strapless clothes. Back in the days, Greek women covered their chest with bare minimum material that was swaddled around their chest. The material was bands of leather and they were called Strophium, which in Roman means breast-binding. So the strapless bra is no recent invention. It was commercialized only in the late 1950’s. These are also commonly called bandeau bras and tube bras. But there are some obvious drawbacks in the strapless bra; since there is nothing to support the cloth, it often slips off the body and oops! Women bought it and used it but they were never satisfied by it, they never felt secure in one. And this is an on-going problem with strapless bras. Besides all the criticism around it, the bra has some real good benefits. Bra straps can be extremely uncomfortable after a point and while they do support the bra they also limit your clothing options. Wearing a strapless bra permits you to wear almost anything; from low-necks to sleeveless to lovely off-shoulders. A woman once had a permanent plate on her shoulder and couldn’t wear the regular bra, so she was elated to find a strapless bra that would wade off her pain.


Don’t let the misconceptions or one bad experience keep you away from this gorgeous beauty. Every woman deserves a well-fitting strapless bra to ace every outfit. While choosing a strapless bra, the material must be taken into consideration; make sure it is not too stretchy or slippery. Also, avoid wearing lotion or moisturizer on the days you are wearing this bra. The general skeptic is that women with bigger breasts cannot wear the strapless bra. While this is partially, only partially true, it is important to notice the new additions to the market. They are several curvy women who have testified of the strapless bra that it is very comfortable for them. Making sure that your band size is smaller than your regular bra will give you the perfect fitting strapless bra. In today’s times, it is not quite possible to keep aside the strapless bra because it really affects our sense of fashion. Therefore, let’s be bold and experimental. We hope you find this bra to your perfection.


1. Pushup: This makes one hell of a bra; it pretty much covers all the functions one could look for in an undergarment. Experience the versatility, ease and comfort of this amazing bra. The existence of the strapless pushup bra almost confirms how safe strapless bras are to wear, because a pushup bra cannot just slip off your boobs. Wear it underneath a strapless evening gown or a breezy spaghetti top.

2. Underwire: If you ever wished that bandeau bras could have something to hold it up, here you go. We heard ya! The underwire will help the bra stay in place and also keeps you secure. This one is ideal if you have large breasts or saggy breasts. You can now move you arms in confidence and dance around.

3. Slip ons: The slip on strapless bra has no closures or hook & eye; you simply have to slip them a t-shirt. You will hardly feel it being there, they are smooth and soft on the skin and can be worn when you need a desperate break from the snug regular bras. These can also be worn during the sleep as they very minimum support.