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What is a padded bra? - A bra that is fitted with pads to enhance the size or shape of the wearer's breasts is called a Padded Bra(गद्देदार ब्रा). We have a wide range of sexy padded bra Collections consist of lightly padded bra to heavily padded bras for Customers to choose your perfect fit padded bras online. We bring you sexy lingeries of various styles and comfort right from sports bra to plus size bra.

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Padded bra cups contain padding or pockets for padding. The padding brings the breasts up and often bring together to create well-defined cleavage. It is designed to make the breasts appear big. Padded bras typically come in two styles - with removable cookies or the ones in which the pads are stitched together. If the padding is attached in, it tends to be thicker at the base of the cup to provide lift and give the breasts a more natural, rounded look.

Types of Padded Bras:

  • Heavy padded bra 
  • Lightly padded bra                    
  • Pushup padded bra              
  • Sports padded bra

Heavy Padded Bra: 

An average heavily padded bra will have super thick foam pads that will double up or triple up your breast size. These bras can be used by women with smaller breasts to increase even up to 2 or 3 cup sizes.

Lightly Padded Bra: 

Bras with light padding at the cups are called lightly padded bras.  These bra cups can be smooth and seamless and hence makes an ideal pick for body-hugging clothes. 

Push up Padded Bra: 

The pushup is generally designed in such a way to provide a gentle push to the breasts upwards and closer together to provide a perfect Cleavage. It is generally worn with low neck dress, tees and Sarees. They are padded for extra support and provide an exaggerated appearance of bigger breasts.

Sports Padded Bra: 

Sports bras are designed to provide support to the breasts while doing physical exercise in the gym and outdoors. Sports bras with padded cup will provide extra support by reducing the bouncing or sagging of breasts during heavy workouts.  

Padded Bra FAQ's -

1. What Is the Use of Padded Bra?

A padded bra offers better shape and bust support when compared to an unpadded one. Apart from the nipple coverage that it provides, the foamed padding also restricts bounce and eliminates sag to a good extent. Moreover, these bras also save the day from bust spillage by accommodating the flabby skin within the cups. Today, right from a daily wear t-shirt bra to heavy push-ups, almost every bra style comes with padded cups because of its practicality.

2. Is It Good to Wear a Padded Bra?

There are plenty of age-old myths and misconceptions involving the use of padded bras and we’d like to clear the air on the most common ones. No, padded bras aren’t going to restrict blood flow or cause breast cancer. These notions are mere tales and have no logic or science behind them. And, hence, padded bras are safe and cause no harm to your breasts. Similarly, these bras do not stunt your breast growth in any way. This is one other piece of information we’d like to share.

3. Is Padded Bra Good for Sagging Breasts?

First of all, saggy breasts are a result of various factors which may include age, genetics, biological attributes, prolonged usage of the wrong-sized bra, etc. Whatever be the reason, a good padded bra offers a gentle lift by pushing the flabby breast tissues to let it remain within the cups. This makes your breasts look firm and perky, thus eliminating a saggy look. Padded bras with underwires are more preferable for better support.

4. What Is Padded Bra? Is It Better Than a Full Cup Bra?

A padded bra is either molded with foam padding or sewn together to offer better shape and support to the busts. On the contrary, a full cup bra focuses on coverage rather than support for voluminous or big bust sizes and it could be either padded or unpadded.

So, instead of merely choosing a full cup bra, it is wise to choose a padded bra with good coverage. This not only ensures bust support but also eliminates bust spills.