Full Coverage Padded Bra

Full coveragre padded bra - Treat your wardrobe with the trendiest n’ heart-throbbing collections of Full Coverage Padded Bra that offer comfort, fit and breathability beyond anything. Adding an element of style and creativity, shyaway brings you the latest Padded Lace Bras and cotton Dailywear Bras in full and demi covering styles. 

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Women move around many stores and sites to find her ideal-fitting bra but end up in failure. So, they just run in better-going lingerie covering up their desires of comfy and feature. Being a buxom lady, we do find hard getting the apt brassiere. So, shyaway brings you the classy collection of Full Coverage Bra that supports and comforts your needs and make you look perfect in every way. It is proved that wearing full-coverage bras solve a lot of boob-related troubles. This pretty pleasing lingerie has wide cups that cover up the breast tissue avoiding cleavages. Being not that boring this amazing coverage bra comes with soft foam or padding technology offering soothe with wire-free support. To say about the neckline of this full coverage padded bra, it is plunged or round suiting your fabulous dress codes. While shopping at shyaway.com, you will come across many types of bra right from soft casual bra to blushing lace cami bra in trendy shades and designs.


Make your every day begin with the fine and soft padded daily wear bra that pampers your body with comfy and beaut. The cups are neatly sewn with soft double-fabric of pads inseamed giving apt fit during every mode of the day. Not just for lounging at home, but also this Padded Bra can be worn with casual outfits. Going in for more shape and coverage for formal costumes, the trend some T-Shirt Bra with seamless featuring contours the day making you the center of attraction. This candid companion is made of cotton, spandex, polyamide and nylon fabrics making a bold statement with cosines. Designed to surplus excellence, this elegant piece comes in flashy and fabulous prints of floral, abstracts, stripes and animal giving a groovy look. You may also love tune your style with soft Hipster Panties in teaming prints and lace.


Having a big or petite chest is not woman’s fault but nature’s gift. So, make them attractive with the right lingerie. Shyaway brings you the striking plus size bras that come as a savior for many saggy or big breasted women. Not just going with full coverage styling but also the cups are padded. After hearing the word padding, many used to think, this brassiere will hurt me. It’s not true; women experienced in this padded bra have given many positive views. Padding is not trimmed like a push-up bra cup level, because this cup is soft lightweight and fine in view. The neckline and cup are molded in machine offering a smooth silhouette with no lumps or bumps shown. Showing in a genuine glimpse, this alluring bra comes with underwires beneath the cups in support to the breast; uplift them giving a beckoning beaut.   

Not just over, we do have some sexy n’ striking lace bra collections that come with soft padding such as Bralette and camis offering full coverage and charm enviably. Explore more on our site and be the queen of your wardrobe.