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Push up bra -Shop a wide range of sexy push-up bra online, everything from a subtle padded push-up bra to a high-glam level 3 padded pushup bras for women to captivate your special moments. Explore the wide collection of Push Up bras for ample cleavage at amazing deals & offers.

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Frequently Asked Push-Up Bra Questions

1. How to buy a push-up bra?

Discover the euphoria of well-fitting bras! Grab that inch tape and find your exact bra size with Shyaway's Bra Size calculator. Once you’ve determined the size, decide what you type of push-up bra you want. If you are looking for contouring and a subtle lift, explore our Level 1 push up bras. They have light angular padding at the bottom of the cups to help you achieve this effect. If you want to give your bust a boost and make it look rounder, pick our Level 2 push-up bras - the padding at the bottom of the cups is thicker than in their Level 1 counterparts. Level 3 push-up bras are crafted with very thick angular padding that pushes your breasts up to make them look larger, even up to two cup sizes. Choose from stunning styles: racerback, front open, lace, prints, solid colors – you name it and we have it.

2. Can push up bras prevent breast growth?

No. Brasseries are not designed to aid in the growth or decrease in the size of breasts. The function of a push-up bra is to push your breasts up, making them look fuller, rounder and in some cases, bigger. A push-up bra does not prevent or promote breast growth.

Women with small breasts will find push up bras to their advantage. However, they need not fear that the use of push up bras will arrest the natural growth of their bust. The importance of buying a well-fitting push-up bra cannot be emphasized enough. While this is a very flattering style, it might be a good idea to use push-up bras in rotation with other types of bras. This has two benefits:

(1) It ensures your breast tissues are not stressed. 

(2) It gives the bra some rest and helps it retain its shape longer, increasing its life. 

3. What is the use of a push-up bra?

A push up bra contours and lifts your breasts, making them appear curvier. By pushing your breasts up, it creates an appearance of a deeper cleavage. A valuable inclusion in the push-up bra is the underwire which provides necessary breast support.

The common misconception is that push-up bras are meant exclusively for women with small bust or cup sizes. While this is an excellent design for small breasts, there is no reason why women with bigger busts cannot enjoy the benefits of a push-up bra. It gives beautiful definition to cleavage, keeps the embarrassment from sagging at bay and provides outstanding support.

Choose from the three levels of padding to find a product that matches your needs. Be it a gentle lift, deepened cleavage or extreme push up, there is a bra created just for you. These days, even sports bras and swimwear with push-up padding are quickly becoming commonplace.

4. How to wear a push-up bra correctly?

So, we already know that a push-up bra gives your little girls lift, cleavage and more volume. They are crafted with molded cups that carry angled padding to push up the breast tissue. Push-up bras are usually preferred for special occasions or date nights when you wear low-cut blouses or dresses. You can also wear these for work under western formals or with deep-neck tees. This is a great style for brides and bridesmaids, making their curves look flattering on the momentous day. 

Though many bra styles come with detachable straps, once you remove these, you’ll find that they don’t support your breasts. If you take the straps out of a push-up bra though, you will notice that your breasts are beautifully supported by the underwire, bra band, and the padding. You could wear your push up bras with confidence under strapless or off-shoulder gowns and tops.

5. How are push up bras made?

Push-up bras are constructed with angled demi-cups which carry the pads that push breasts up. The special padding in these bras varies in intensity from light to heavy. In addition to this, the fabric, material, and degree of the bump padding can be different. Lined with very light pads, Level 1 push-up bras are perfect for everyday wear. You would be comfortable in these all day long.  Level 2 push-up bras are molded with extra padding at the bottom of the cups. This gives a modest lift and gives a sharper definition to your cleavage. Ultimate lift and definition can be achieved with Level 3 push-up bras. These heavily padded beauties give a dramatic lift to the breasts and make them appear one or even two cup sizes larger.

The most common padding material is foam, however, some brands offer push up bras with silicone, water, and oil padding also. 


Push up bra, a perfect savior to every woman’s wardrobe staple. The purpose of the bra is literally to ‘push up’ the breast enhancing the cleavage, thereby you could also call them a cleavage bra. This designer bra is stylish creating larger cup sizes, popular in choice, not just for small-busted ladies but also for fuller ones. A pushup bra is very well known for its paddings that are made of soft foam, water, gel or silicone. The padding feature in cups designed to enhance bust comes in three parts, angled or seamed giving the apt silhouette. Making the bra slog perfect and accurate the cups are shaped or cut in demi, plunge or balcony. Added to woman’s convenience, in shyaway, certain types of bra has removable padding quality availing you to add or remove as per required. Thinking of which padding bra? Usually, a sports bra from shyle brand has this trendy access.


The advent of a women pushup bra has helped ladies modify their weird expectations about the underwear. It was during the 15th and 16th century, women moved into the origin of girdles and corsets that promoted push up stylings. Street dancers, drama queens, and actresses started posing their bosom beautifully in those blushing gowns. These corsets are connected to waist and stockings like belt and have demi angled cups pushing the bust upward evoking the captivating look. Later fashion took its step in creating the first brassiere in the year 1930s, to provide support and comfort to breast. The most comfortable conical bra made its popularity among the Victorian era. In this period, came the much supportive option of underwire and paddings. Years then, in 1964, a Canadian named Louise Poirier designed the wonder bra replacing of girdles. Extremely got its name fashionable, promoting women's inner confidence with chic charm.


Some women think that this type of brassiere is only worn by a small bust woman, but it is wrong. Ladies of all sizes and ages can go for this supportive pushup padded bra for the ideal comfort and shape, especially a cotton push up bra. There also some women, who lose their breast firmness after pregnancy or aging, for those this enhancing bra becomes the best lingerie buddy. Show off your assets in diverse styles of sexy pushup bra suiting your outfits. Buy push-up bra online from Shyaway.com. We have an exclusive range of push up bras in India for women.  

V-neck tops - Many of us face the problem of having a plunge neckline top and lehengas at home. No need to stock them anymore, make them alluring with push up plunge bras that are perfect for your V-cut tops. The neckline is low with center front openings and cup paddings giving great comfy and curve. There are also racerback stylings in this sexy padded bra that makes your low cut tops and tank tops gracious. 

Finally, to say, make your outfits look awesome with the ideal-fitting bras from our online site shyaway.com.