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Plunge Bra - It is also called a U-plunge bra and has Cups with a deep low V-neckline at the center. Plunge bra is suitable for wearing under low neck or deep neck tops. Plunge bra can be used for front deep neck tops. Shop all types of women innerwears from Push up Bra to Babydoll Nightwear at an affordable price.

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  1. Taabu Bay Green Padded Wirefree Bottom Lace Plunge Bra
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  2. Susie Fenugreek Skin Non Padded Moulded Plunge Bra
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  3. Susie White Padded Wired Lace Strap Designer Plunge Bra
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  5. Susie Captain Blue Non Padded Moulded Plunge Bra
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  6. Susie Dark Purple Padded Wired Demi Coverage Pushup Bra
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  7. Susie Dark Purple Non Padded Moulded Plunge Bra
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  8. Susie Green Lace Black Strap Padded Underwire Plunge Bra
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  9. Susie Black Beauty Non Padded Moulded Plunge Bra
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  10. Susie Chocolate Brown Wired Satin Trim Casual Pushup Bra
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  11. Taabu Almond Buff Skin Everyday Plunge Padded Wirefree Bra
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  12. Susie Fiery Red Non Padded Moulded Plunge Bra
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  13. Taabu Dusky Orchid Padded Wirefree Bottom Lace Plunge Bra
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  14. Susie Sangria Red Padded Wired Lace Strap Designer Plunge Bra
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  15. Susie Delicate Blue Non Padded Everyday Plunge Bra
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  16. Susie Ballet Pink Padded Wired Demi Coverage Pushup Bra
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  17. Susie Candy Pink Non Padded Everyday Plunge Bra
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  18. Susie Peach Parfait Non Padded Everyday Plunge Bra
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  19. Taabu Big Dipper Blue Everyday Plunge Padded Wirefree Bra
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  20. Susie Fiery Red Non Padded Everyday Plunge Bra
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Plunge Bra Perfectly Hugs Your Curves

Plunge bras are perfect partners for lower neckline dresses. The low center front and the wider straps of the plunge bra mean to make it the perfect bra to wear under a plunging top or dress. If you are a woman of freestyle- you must own at least a few low neckline dresses, shirts, or salwars and pair these awesome dresses with our perfect Plunge bras. Get out there and start shopping for some plunge.    

Types of Plunge Bra

Padded Plunge Bra

The smooth cups of plunge bra with level 1 push-up padding will gently lift up your breasts. Choose from a variety of styles, colors, and padding levels to match your desire. Own at least 2 padded plunge bras for comfort and style. 

Lace Neckline Plunge Bra

Get ready to slip into style with a lace neckline plunge bra. Lace neckline will give you an elegant look to your appearance, if you are wearing a low neck top-wear this lacy bra and show some style. This thoughtfully crafted bra will give you everlasting comfort and support.

T-Shirt Plunge Bra

A T-Shirt plunge bra is perfect for work, college, party, and all outings. The lightly padded demi-coverage cups are attached with underwires to provide ultimate support from the bottom. This would be comfortable for light-breasted as well as heavy-breasted women. Plunge bra gives you a sexy curve and a glamour look.

Moulded Underwired Plunge Bra

Experience unlimited comfort, support, and style with this moulded underwired plunge bra! This simple garment will make your day bright. Moulded plunge bra gives you a round shape and extra support. Get yourself one and witness the sexiness yourself.

Deep Cut Plunge Bra

The deeper “V” cut in the plunge style bra will actually give you more coverage and thanks to the unique plunge cups, because it will look flattering in a wide-body shape. In fact, if you are large-breasted and worried about cup overflow, this is the best bra you could rely on. The safety mesh will perfectly hug your curves.    

Shopping Tips For Plunge Bra

It’s time to check out the wide range of styles such as front open, strapless, t-shirts, and more. Pick the perfect bra for your skin tone, size, level, and desire. By shopping for the perfect bra you will not experience any discomfort, slipping, sliding, pinching, or pulling. But this is only if you choose the right bra.    

Shop Plunge Bra from Shyaway

What are you waiting for? There are many more styles that will suit your desire and will serve the right purpose. Look into all the collections of plunge bra in a variety of colors, styles, and levels and shop.

Shyaway provides the best collections of bras, panties, shapewear, nightwear, lingerie, and more. Look into the variety of styles, colors, and sizes. All at the lowest price with the best quality, discrete packing, and delivery. Grab them and seal the deal ladies. 


Being beautiful is made real while wearing the stylish and Sexy Lingerie Sets from the best brands at a very reasonable price. Shyaway is one of the best online lingerie stores in India that brings you collections of Bra and Panty in vibrant shades, varying designs and subtle prints to beautify your look. Load your wardrobe with the fantastic collections of online bras from the one-stop destination where you can find a wide variety of lingerie and fulfill your innerwear needs.   Women wear low cut tops while going for parties or wedding occasions, that time they may need a plunge bra or low neck bra to make their bra stay invisible.


While wearing a T-shirt to your office or college you need some support and comfort. A Melange Plunge T-shirt bra is the perfect choice to add beauty and coziness. This bra is crafted with a mixture of cotton and spandex giving you a soft and stretchy feel. It is specially designed with a V-neckline, giving you a chic persona as it improves your structure. U plunge bra neckline is beautifully sewn-in which boosts up your confidence level. There is a huge collection of bras from well-known brands like Shyle, Enamor, and Sonari so that the products are made of high-quality fabric that remains long-lasting. Plunge push-up bra with cups is padded giving your best level of support and comfort. It has soft elastic detachable straps that can be worn as a Backless Bra for your party gowns. The seams on the bra cups are seamless and wire-free giving your bust a smooth shape and upliftment.


Make your day fresh with a Front Open Bra that has a deep Plunge neckline to give you an ideal elegant look. Sonari brings you with the stylish front open bra that will be easy to wear and remove. This is also one of the best holidays wears. You can also wear this as the Everyday Bra that will make you comfortable with its soft touch. Made with cotton and spandex it will make you forget that you’re wearing a bra. The demi coverage bra makes you feel like as it highlights your cleavage. An unpadded bra gives your bust a soft and smooth appearance. The deep cleavage bra neckline is like a designer bra which gives you an enchanting look. The cups feature wire-free support.  These are available with many shades of colors and designs. You can also wear them as swimwear. Match it with exotic Bikini Panties and show off your utmost beauty.  


These bras are specially designed for young souls who love to upgrade their beauty. This bra can also be worn as a Bridal Bra, as the bra is beautifully designed with lace and trims. Young brides go for this type of bra, as it is easy to access while wearing a gown. It has soft detachable straps so that you can use it as a Strapless Bra in a criss-cross manner. It also has a gentle and stretchy elastic band that wraps your body with ultimate coziness. is the one-stop destination for all your inner needs. You can find all collections of lingeries right from Tube Bra to Night Wears at a very affordable price.


1. what is plunge bra meaning?

A plunge bra has cups very low in the center with a deep V-neckline. This type of bra is a must-have for low cut tops. The shape of the cup will push the breasts together and upwards for maximum cleavage in the most natural way.

2. What is a plunge bra?

A plunge bra is a deep neckline bra with clear center gore and is suitable to wear with deep neck blouses, t-shirts, tops, and dresses. It makes your breasts look bigger as it reveals the cleavage.

3. Whats the difference between push up and plunge bra?
Push up Bra Plunge Bra

Lifts breasts up for better shape and cleavage, all push up bras are padded, seamless moulded cups give super extra lift and support.

This bra has a very low in the center and deep v-neckline Naturally shows cleavage.

Best For T-shirt Wears

Useful for all low neck wears.
4. What are Plunge Bras good for?

A plunge bra is to show off cleavage under deep-neck outfits in a natural way. This bra vanishes under low necklines while giving a fuller appearance to the bust and cleavage. They are ideal when wearing low cut round, scoop or v-neck tops or dresses.

5. What is the Purpose Of a Plunge Bra?

The purpose of a plunge bra is to provide a sexy appearance as well as to stay invisible under apparel with a deep neckline. A plunge bra is usually padded and may also have push-up padding. As it has an open-cut neckline it bares the center part of your chest revealing full cleavage.

6. When to wear a plunge bra?

A plunge bra is a very comfortable type of bra and is known as a sexy bra as the neckline runs deep across your breasts. These are special occasion bras and are more suitable to wear with party wear dresses and festival blouses. It is not a thumb rule that it should only be worn with sexy outfits. It is one of the best bras for women with close-set breasts as it prevents the uni-boob appearance.