Medium Coverage Panty

Medium coverage panties- Love to wear comfy and cute panties? Medium Coverage Panties are super cozy, cute and very comfortable to wear every day. Women’s medium coverage underwear is tailored in such a way that it makes you feel sexy and very soft against the skin and breathable. Grab the latest medium coverage panty collection is a bikini, thong, cotton panty, etc.

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“Opt a good panty because you wear them daily”

We ladies don’t pay attention to shopping underwear as go with other lingerie sets. Undies are considered as every woman’s best thing since sliced bread. It doesn’t matter on what type of body-con attire or pant you are smokin’ with. The right panty will fuse to skin avoiding panty lines and other disruptions. Always wearing those plain shaded Full Covered Panty might be dreary for many girls. Why not seek a change? Well, experiencing new panty styles with medium coverage is lovely to approach. The detailing quality of calming cotton, adoration of lace, smoothing polyamide and widening spandex mix is pretty to talk of. Beyond basis, shyaway brings stylish yet comfortable Medium Coverage Panty assortments that functions your daily delicates with cozy and fashion upgraded.


It’s all about comfort a woman speaks for. Whatever style of dress you wear, the undergarment must protect you from rashes of net and seaming. Wearing a goodie Cotton Panty will avoid you from such a dilemma. This trendy little knicker is not just worn as daily wear but also for your casual beings. The hygiene level is well controlled in this type, as the gusset is sewn with purity of cotton crotch protecting the vagina from infections. This pretty little piece is perfectly named to cover your wardrobe needs. 


Do you know that a hipster pantie also comes in medium coverage section, with lace touch giving a sexy appeal? Daring or dashing, these hip-huggers play a gigantic role in the tummy tucking or tummy flattening modes of girls. Hipster or otherwise known as a hippie is a must pleased lingerie for womanhood because of its comfort and support level. The amusing factor of this hippies is that the designs; prints and lace embellished all over the undie, exposes the real beauty of you. You may well suit them with a trendy T-Shirt Bra for your formal fits and Kurtis. 


Don’t stop at the finish line. We have yet more to go on with. Have you ever imagined that a thong panty will be your best buddy? Women who buy thong panty for the first time might feel anxious, but never give up. Thongs are calming and easy to use. They leave no mark on the skin. This low-waisted medium covered thong panty with little lace embellishments will give you the maiden prettiness ever experienced. Wearing a cotton thong panty as your daily wear is very hygienic as the crotch is safe and secure to use. Go in style, to get the best.


Craving of having transparent bra and panty is inevitable nowadays among womanhood. Looking at the module of the sexy lace panty? This panty comes in seamless manners that provide no visible panty line seen. You don’t need to be uncertain about the elasticity of the transparent panty because the synthetic fabric used is flexibly formulated one that gives you a warm and sensational feel. Be the queen to your partner wearing such a seducing panty and make your bedtime story fluctuating and chic. You will find no crotch in this type of panty. But no need to worry, you can buy a lace panty which has transparency glance and a beautiful cotton thin crotch sewn-in the gusset giving comfy and freshness all day long. You will feel glorious wearing this awesome collection of transparent panty that is available in light colors getting you the delightful peep. You will also find a perfect match to your bottom, from our store. Just have a gaze at our unlimited editions of brassieres. All are made just for u! So take your turn to be the best.